5 Sections of the Store I Never Pass by When Thrifting

5 Sections of the thrift store I never pass up

Shopping at thrift stores can be overwhelming, but there are so many treasures to be found! Today I am sharing 5 sections of the store I never pass by when thrifting!

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Today I want to share 5 sections of the store that I never pass by when thrifting, even if I’m in a hurry! I don’t always find treasures when I thrift, but no matter what I’m sure to check these five areas whenever I’m on the hunt for home decor. 

Simple and neutral fall decor touches in cottage style living room

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know by now how much I love to thrift! So much of my home has been purchased second hand, and shopping at thrift stores is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add character to your home. 

The Basket Section

Baskets! I love baskets so much. They add texture and warmth, and I use them all over my home for decor and storage. 

The basket in my entryway was a $15 thrift store find, and so were the baskets on the wall in my living room. 

Cottage style fall entry way with neutral decor touches

The large basket in my dining space was also thrifted for just five dollars! If you’re looking for more ways to decorate with thrift store baskets, I have a whole post about them, here!

Fall dining room with dried hydrangeas and white pumpkins

The Furniture Section

Most thrift stores will group all of the furniture together in one area, and I’m always sure to take a quick look! 

The little dresser off of my kitchen is one of my thrift store finds. It was only ten bucks and it’s the perfect place for napkins and linens!

Small DIY and thrifted pieces pulled together in cottage style home for fall

The pine washstand next to our bed was another thrifted find at just $15. We sanded it down and gave it a raw wood finish, and I love the way it looks in our bedroom. 

Simple raw wood pine nightstand bedroom decor

Using second hand furniture will not only save you money, but oftentimes you’ll find unique pieces that will add so much more character to your home than newer pieces. 

The Kitchen Baking Section

Vintage measuring cups, old wooden spoons, stoneware mixing bowls and breadboards…you name it! The kitchen/baking section of the thrift store is where it’s at. 

Pumpkin fall decor in kitchen

I am at a place in life where I want everything I use to bring me joy and have beauty, it’s so amazing how a simple wooden spoon can change the entire cooking experience and put the biggest smile on my face. 

I actually wrote an entire post all about my favorite thrifted kitchen items here if you want to see all the treasures I’ve scored throughout the years, and I’m sure I’ve collected even more since writing that post!

The Dinnerware Section

I love love love digging through vintage plates in the dinnerware section at the thrift store! My dining room shelves are home to so many thrifted dinnerware pieces. 

Fall dining room decor with dried hydrangeas and white pumpkins

Blue and white Currier and Ives cups and saucers are a favorite of mine to collect, and most of the time I pick them up second hand for just .25 cents each!

I also love collecting the white Heritage Pfaltzgraff pieces, in fact my corner cabinet is full of this beautiful set and most of it was purchased at thrift stores! 

Corner hutch in cottage style dining space decorated for fall

The Book Section

I love checking out old books at thrift stores. First of all, they are wonderful to decorate with. The books on the shelves next to our fireplace were all thrifted, and I love the texture they add to space. 

Mantle and built ins

I also used vintage books in our boys’ bedroom makeover, and I love the titles and colors I found for their space!

DIY shelves and corbels in vintage sports themed boys bedroom

And by the way, I know this post is all about decor – but we purchase all of our children’s books at thrift stores, too! You can’t beat the prices, they are usually just .25 cents each! Check out the books highlight in my Instagram stories to see some of the books we have scored! 

In summary, the 5 sections I never pass by are the:

  • Basket Section
  • Furniture Section
  • Kitchen Baking Section
  • Dinnerware Section
  • Book Section
Simple & Neutral kitchen fall decor touches

And those are the 5 sections of the store I never pass by while thrifting! I hope this helps you on your next thrifting adventure, and I would love to hear about the treasures you find in the comments!

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5 Sections of the thrift store I never pass up


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  1. Loved this post Andrea!!! I LOVE the kitchen and dish ware sections as well! The smalls and home decor sections are my absolute favorite..you can find SO many amazing treasures at thrift stores! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a great idea to share your blogs with us because your Article helps us to learn so many things through your blogs. Thank you so much admin for uploading such amazing content with us your blog is really helpful for me. wish you all the best for upcoming comments.

  3. I like the linen section, too. I have found vintage aprons, useful clean hand towels and potholders, napkins, and other pretty things like my vintage quilts. It is not decor, but I also find great jewelry that is sterling silver and gorgeous. Jewelry is one of my favorite vices to splurge on. Thrift stores are wonderful sources for all sorts of great items. It feels good to get away from an overly “mass produced” generic look, too. I do not want a “cookie cutter” look, but my budget is not huge for decorating. Shopping at the thrift store is the game changer for me.

    Often I have found that I love the home I live in more by decluttering and donating than adding. :). I add pretty selectively. I do not add by impulse anymore. I learned from that mistake, just “ending up with things” rather than thinking it through. I regularly just grab a cardboard box and collect things in it to donate, even just a few small things. It is so easy to end up with clutter or unloved items that I know someone might enjoy , even though I do not want them. I avoid cluttery knicknacks at the thrift store. Too many tiny things just look so messy here. I do try to avoid that.

  4. Everything about your home is beautiful and cozy. Is that real stone or something similar on your kitchen wall? It is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your thrifting tips!

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