7 Simple Steps to a Cozy, Beautifully Layered Bed

7 Simple Steps to a Cozy, Beautifully Layered Bed

There is nothing more inviting in a bedroom than a cozy, beautifully layered bed! Today I am sharing the 7 simple steps I follow to achieve this look!

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Every time I share my bedroom space here on the blog or on YouTube, I get asked to share how I make my bed. Today I’m finally taking the time to share exactly how I make it, step by step! If you’re a visual person like I am, be sure to watch the YouTube video linked above!

Layered cottage style bedding with a touch of blue added
How to beautifully make your bed with layers in a cottage style bedroom

Before I begin, let me just say that I have no idea whether or not this process is correct by design standards. I mean…is there a right or wrong way to make a bed?! I have no idea! 

All I know if that I want my bed to feel layered, cozy and inviting, so this is how I achieve that look! Hopefully it will inspire you and give you some ideas. 🙂

Cozy, Beautifully Layered Bed – Step 1 

First, I start with my sheets. I can’t recommend the specific brand I used in this photo to you, because honestly I’m not very happy with it! I picked these up at Home Goods and while I love the ruffled detail, the fitted sheet began to tear only four months after having them. 

Either way, I like to lay my flat sheet on the bed up side down, because I always fold it back and the top side it what I want to see. 

How to make a cozy bed step by step with the sheets

Cozy, Beautifully Layered Bed – Step 2

After putting sheets on my bed, I place four pillows at the head of the bed – two on each side. These stacked pillows will serve as a wall to lean my decorative pillows against later on!

Layering with different styles of pillows in master bedroom

Cozy, Beautifully Layered Bed – Step 3

Next, I layer my wonderful muslin blanket from my friend Rhonda over at Hallstrom Home. I shared her beautiful bedding in my summer bedroom tour earlier this year, and so many of you loved it just as much as I do. I wish I could share a link to this exact set, but they are no longer available. Here is a very similar muslin set from her site though, that would still layer beautifully!

Steps to making a cozy and inviting bed in your bedroom

This blanket is honestly so soft and cozy, and literally the perfect weight. Not too hot or cold – we just love it so much! I like to fold it back so that you can see the pretty oat color on the other side of the gray. 

Cozy, Beautifully Layered Bed – Step 4

My decorative pillows come next. I like to use three euro sized pillows that are covered with beautiful linen blend shams that I got from Ikea three or four years ago now.

Textured linen floral design against solid white sham pillows for perfect layered cottage style bedding

Cozy, Beautifully Layered Bed – Step 5 

On top of the Euro pillows, I like to lean two king sized pillows that are covered with block print shams from my friend Rhonda. I love the extra pattern that these bring to the bed and that they add even more depth.

Cozy, Beautifully Layered Bed – Step 6

At the end of the bed I add a fluffy comforter, but in order to really make your bed feel cozy, I like to fold mine over three or four times. The duvet cover that I’m currently using is also from Ikea, and I love the wrinkled texture it adds to the bed. 

Adding a comforter to the edge of a bed to add depth and layers

Cozy, Beautifully Layered Bed – Step 7

Finally, I add a throw blanket to the bed as well. Right now I’m currently using a blue, cotton blanket that I got at Home Goods for a pop of color. It adds one more layer and even more interest to our bed. 

Blue throw blanket as an added layer on master style bed
Antique baby basinet basket for simple and beautiful cottage style decor
Beautiful simple and minimal cottage curtains

And that is it! Simple and easy, with a cozy, beautifully layered bed as the inviting centerpiece it should be in your bedroom. Do you layer your bed? Do have other tips to share? Let me know in the comments!



7 Simple Steps to a Cozy, Beautifully Layered Bed


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  1. I do similar, however, I don’t care for the pillows laying behind the euros. I stack my euros against the headboard and then use regular size shams (in a different fabric/print) in front of those. I top it off with a long pillow in front.I feel like the pillows laid behind the euros make the pillows come down to far on the bed.

    I use a cream colored cover and euro shams always – plus my bedskirt is cream. Our other shams and whatever coverlet/quit/duvet I use on bottom get swapped out.

    Here’s a little tip – in our guest room (where the bed stays made up pretty all the time and I do n’t have to make every day) I use a body pillow tucked in the coverlet that is folded at the bottom. Puffs it up nice and pretty and fluffy looking. I no longer buy comforters; always a duvet, coverlet or quilt.

    I’ve seen lots of instagrammers and bloggers using the blanket at the bottom, but that is a trend i have gotten on board with.

    Love those printed pillows!!!

  2. This is a great idea to share your blogs with us because your Article helps us to learn so many things through your blogs. Thank you so much admin for uploading such amazing content with us your blog is really helpful for me. wish you all the best for upcoming comments.

  3. HI Andrea,
    Your bed-making blog post gave me such a new appreciation for texture and neutrals. Thank you for the details on how you did it and something about the various pieces. I need a dust ruffle or something to hide my box spring. Can you tell us more about what your bed has on it in that department? It’s been so long since I outfitted a bed I don’t know what’s in style right now. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for keeping this so simple! Are your 4 pillows behind the euros (aka ‘the wall’ of pillows) standard/queen size, or king size?

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