Summertime Cottage Bedroom Inspiration

Summertime Cottage Bedroom Inspiration

Today want to share some summertime cottage bedroom inspiration with you!

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I finally found the perfect bedding! I am so excited to share it along with some other summertime cottage bedroom inspiration! 

Summertime cottage bedroom inspiration
Beautiful and simple cottage bedroom style decor
Layered bedding and texture details in cottage style bedding

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that the past few bedroom tours I’ve shared with you guys have featured thrift store duvet covers. And while I have no shame in using second hand finds throughout my home, bedding is one of those decor items that I’ve finally decided to just invest in. 

Not only that, but the covers I’ve tried never fit my insert right. They are always too large or too small, probably because the duvet was from Ikea and it’s not a standard King size. 

Summertime Cottage Bedroom Inspiration – What to Look For

Now if you find your dream bedding second hand, that’s one thing. But the past few duvet covers I’ve purchased were sort of “make do” until I found something I really loved. And since I will be spending a lot of time in my bedroom space once the baby is born, I really wanted our room to feel like a retreat. 

Summertime cottage inspired bedroom retreat for new mother

I was hoping to find bedding that felt relaxed, but something I could layer as the weather changed. Something light for summertime, but with texture and warmth for cooler evenings. That’s when I discovered my friend Rhonda’s amazing small shop – Hallstrom Home

I love supporting small business, but even more so when shop owners strive to curate unique items that are special and collected. Rhonda’s shop offers items like one-of-a-kind, handmade pillow covers to French made soaps

But when I saw her Abby Collection, a lightweight muslin bedding set, I fell in love. 

Beautiful simple and minimal cottage curtains

The gorgeous, floral block print on the shams was simple yet perfect for summertime cottage bedding. I love the fact that the small gray flowers tie in perfectly to the muslin blanket, which I was so impressed with. 

Small grey flower details in summertime cottage bedding

Guys, this blanket is soooo soft and cozy, but not too heavy for warm summer nights. It’s extremely large for king size bedding, and almost touches the floor on either side of my bed. I also love the fact that it’s reversible! One side is gray, but the other is a neutral cream. 

Cottage style layered bedding techniques and ideas

Summertime Cottage Bedroom Inspiration – Creating Layers

In order to make your bed look like the ones you see in catalogs, it’s important to create layers. I decided to start by adding some simple, white sheets that are a linen blend with a ruffled edge. I scored mine at Home Goods on clearance, but I’ll link some similar ones for you here

Summertime cottage style bedding with linen ruffled sheets

After adding Rhonda’s bedding, I really wanted her floral shams to pop. I decided to keep my three white Euro pillows, but I’m not sure if the covers are available still. I got them at Ikea years ago and I love the peek-a-boo stripe on the inside of them. 

Textured linen floral design against solid white sham pillows for perfect layered cottage style bedding

For my duvet cover, I decided to look for a cover from Ikea so that I would finally get an exact fit. My hope is that white will never fail me, and I’ll be able to use this cover no matter how I end up switching up my bedding. 

This is the Ofelia Vass cover in a king size, and once I finally decided to purchase it, it was unavailable online. Since the nearest Ikea is over three hours away from me, I just assumed that I would have to keep looking. 

Duvet cover for cottage style bedroom inspiration

After sharing my bedroom dilemma in my Instagram stories, I could not even believe it when a sweet follower reached out and told me that this cover was not only at her store, but that she also wanted to buy it and send it to me. 

Beautiful cottage style bedding set

I am still so blown away by the kindness and love that my sweet readers have for me. I don’t deserve it, and it brings me to tears every time I think about this community and all the love and support I’ve been shown. 

I’m not anyone special, just a busy mom sharing her love for all things home. Such a kind and thoughtful gesture like that one won’t ever be forgotten. Every time I look at my bed now I can’t help but smile. God cares about every detail and works even the silly things out in the most special of ways. 🙂

Cottage Style summertime bedroom inspiration

The very last touch on my bed was a bit of blue, and I added it using a cotton throw blanket tucked into the duvet. All of these layers and textures feel so cozy and inviting to me, and I look forward to plopping down into this bed every single night!

Layered cottage style bedding with a touch of blue added

Summertime Cottage Bedroom Inspiration – Simple Surroundings

The Rug

Not much has changed in the rest of our bedroom space, but there are a few new items I wanted to share!

The gorgeous Denim Fog rug is by Loiloi rugs, and I love the blue it adds to our bedroom space. 

Neutral and beautiful Cottage style bedroom area rug

It’s literally the softest rug ever, and I love the way it feels under my toes in the morning when I get out of bed! It adds just the right amount of color and pattern without feeling too busy for the space. 

Vintage Finds

You may have noticed a few new vintage finds in our bedroom space, including the rustic ladder that I shared with you in my garage sale haul a few weeks back! I love it up here and I may use it for blankets as the weather cools down!

Vintage Antique Ladder used in cottage inspired bedroom
Vintage ladder garage sale find in simple cottage style bedroom

Another fun find that I haven’t shared here yet on the blog is this baby basinet. I got it while thrifting with my mom for just $20! It’s so perfect up here in my bedroom and I love the texture it adds. 

Vintage thrifted baby basinet to add texture to cottage style bedroom decor
Antique baby basinet basket for simple and beautiful cottage style decor

I also incorporate one of my vintage mirrors on my nightstand, I love how it looks next to some simple greens that I got from Target.

Vintage antique hand mirror used as nightstand bedroom decor

I already shared about my nightstands in this post, if you’re interested. I took both pieces down to the raw wood finish and I love how they look in our bedroom! 

Simple raw wood pine nightstand bedroom decor

The Curtains

Earlier this year I shared an Ikea shopping trip with you all, and these gray Hannalil curtains were a part of my haul. I love how they pop behind my headboard, and they tie in so well to the new bedding! 

Beautiful simple and minimal cottage curtains

The remaining decor has all stayed the same, I even brought out my spring artwork that I painted over a year ago. They are pretty rustic and I think my painting has improved since painting those, but I love knowing that they started me off on my painting journey!

Spring painting for a simple decor touch as summertime cottage bedroom inspiration

I hope you guys enjoyed this summertime cottage bedroom inspiration! I have big plans for our bedroom one day, but for now I’m so pleased with the direction that it’s headed. Do you love creating layers and texture in your bedroom as much as I do? Let me know in the comments below!


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Summertime Cottage Bedroom Inspiration


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  1. I love everything you did for your update, but I am a huge fan of everything you have done in your home. I love that ceramic vase on your side table. It looks like it might be a greenish-gray, but that could be my screen. Where did you find that?

    1. I actually purchased it a really long time ago, I think I bought it at Gordmans, and I am not sure they are still open. I hope you can find one similar!

  2. Love this post! And your blog is so inspiring. I wanted to know if you had a post on the DIY headboard. Looks so classic and cozy!

  3. Where did you find those wall sconces? I think my son would love those for reading at bedtime. Beautiful home, by the way.

  4. Hi Andrea! I’ve been trying to look for pictures of your interior doors and haven’t been able to find any. Are yours just painted white?

    1. A lot of my doors are different colors, so it depends which one you mean. In our bedroom we don’t have a door to it, so just let me know which one you mean and I am happy to help!

  5. Hi Andrea, I am redoing a bedroom at our Air BNB Cottage inspired by this room. The color on your walls and wainscot are perfect. Can you share that please.

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