Cottage Style Finds from Ikea

Cottage Style Finds from Ikea!

Today I’m sharing some cottage style finds from Ikea!

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This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit one of my best friends, and she asked if I would like to take a trip to Ikea so that she could pick up some things for her nursery. I am always up for a visit to Ikea, so it didn’t take much to convince me!

Ikea is always surprising me, I honestly could not believe all of the beautiful cottage style finds that caught my eye while I was there! Last year I put together a post sharing all of the Ikea decor I have throughout my home, so you’ll have to check that out if you haven’t already!

Today I’m simply sharing a grouping of items that I saw this last time I was there, some of which I purchased but most of which I just admired, haha. Be sure to watch the YouTube video above to see all the footage of my trip and check out most of the items below in the video!

Living Room Furniture 

Thrift Store basket decorating ideas

Ikea really has some beautiful cottage style furniture options. You guys know that I have the Ikea Farlov Chairs in my living room and we really do love them. You can read all about our chairs here if you’re interested! 

One sofa that really stuck out to me while I was there was the Sandbacken Sofa. I thought the lines of this couch were so pretty and the style looked like something you’d find at Restoration Hardware. 

Cottage Decor Finds from Ikea!

Storage and Bookshelves

I was so impressed by some of the cabinets and bookshelves we saw on this last trip to Ikea. The color options were so pretty, I especially loved the Lommarp Bookcase in the beautiful beige color Ikea had to offer. 

Cottage decor found at Ikea!

I couldn’t help but think about our built in bookshelves that we added to our sunroom this past spring. If you aren’t handy but you’re looking to add some character with shelving, check out the storage options at Ikea!

Speaking of storage, I fell in love with this large basket that we spotted in the showroom upstairs! It’s called the Lustigkurre basket and I think it has the prettiest vintage feel. 

Ikea Basket

Cozy Bedding and Pillows

Ikea has some beautiful cottage style bedding options that I really loved. I was on the hunt for a duvet cover and ended up purchasing this comforter set that was on sale for $35!

Cottage Style Bedding from Ikea!

I loved the classic stripes and I thought the set would be perfect for this summer when the weather warms up. All of the large white Euro pillows on our bed (both the inserts and shams) are from Ikea, and I talked about those in my last Ikea post. 

We made our headboard for a whole lot less!

Another section I love to visit in Ikea is the throw pillow and cushion cover section. I already have some beautiful cushion covers from Ikea but I decided to grab this one on this last visit – 

Cottage cushion covers from Ikea

Cottage Style Lighting

Ikea’s lighting section is amazing. There were so many gorgeous options for so many different decor styles. One lamp that really spoke to me was the Barometer Work Lamp in Brass. It had a classic cottage feel and while I didn’t end up purchasing it, I most definitely will keep my eye on it!

Lighting from Ikea

Affordable Curtains

Guys, I cannot believe how affordable Ikea’s curtains are! I purchased two sets while I was there, and both were $24.99! Yes, that’s two panels for twenty five bucks. That’s usually how much just one panel costs at most other stores. Here are the sets that I grabbed – 

Ritva Curtains in White

Ritva Curtains from Ikea

Hannalil Curtains in Beige 

Hannalil curtains from Ikea

Faux Greenery and Florals

Finally, the last thing that I want to mention is the variety of faux stems and flowers Ikea has to offer. I think I mentioned this in my last Ikea post as well, but I love their eucalyptus greens with the thick woody stem. 

Cottage decor finds from Ikea!

Like I said before, there are so many things I could talk about in this post, but these cottage style decor finds from Ikea were some of my favorites on this last visit. Have you been to Ikea before? What do you like to shop for when you’re there? Let me know in the comments below!


Cottage Style Finds from Ikea!


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  1. Hello Andrea! I don’t live near any Ikea stores. I’ve been needing to buy some curtains. Now I know what to purchase on line! Thank you!

    1. You are very welcome, I actually don’t live near any either, but I love to make a trip once in a while! I am so glad this helps!

  2. I was just there the other night. I’ve wanted white dishes for quite awhile . I work in a tearoom and we had several sets of the 365 open stock and they wore like iron. I purchased 2 sets of those and a gorgeous oval green leaf serving platter. I could have kept looking.

  3. We have the Ritva curtains on the two dining room windows, and all three bedroom windows upstairs. I think it’s been about eight years since I bought these, and have never regretted it. Have hung them with the back loops, and also pinch pleated them & hung them on rings. They have washed beautifully & I hang them to dry. Other people have used dryer method and said they are fine also.

    I love going to IKEA, but since Covid, I haven’t been in over a year…and do I have a list made for when I finally get there, lol! So looking forward to seeing the new colors and furniture. Pillow covers are at the top of my shopping list…you can change the whole look and season with a few covers.

    Looking forward to your next visit in my mail, stay safe and get lots of rest!

  4. I love how you so effortlessly describe all the ideas you have for use!!
    We have an IKEA just a couple of miles from us, and I forget it’s there!
    Thanks for reminding me and I’ll be checking it out very soon!

  5. Hi! I hope all is well! I wanted to ask! I fell in love with a duvet you have in one of your pictures. Are you by chance able to tell me where you purchased? Thank you so much

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