Antique Shopping in Southport, North Carolina!

Antique Shopping in Southport, North Carolina!

Today I’m sharing my adventures antique shopping in Southport, North Carolina with my Mom!

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Our family has been coming to Oak Island, North Carolina every spring since my Dad was a baby. My great grandfather bought property on the island back in 1962, and when he retired in 1966 he and my great grandmother began the process of building a home to escape the harsh Michigan winters. 

As the family grew, eventually great grandpa’s house wasn’t large enough to accommodate all of the grandchildren, their spouses and children. We started renting a house on the ocean, and today over 40 members of the family come every year and stay in two rentals during a two week period. 

A beautiful sunrise in Oak Island, North Carolina

It’s such a special time for us all, and the memories we’ve made every year “at the beach” are priceless. We try to soak in as much ocean time as we can get, but if there’s a rainy or chilly day my Mom and I always take time to go antique shopping in Southport, just 10 minutes from where we stay in Oak Island. 

Southport is the most charming town, and it’s actually the filming location for the movie “Safe Haven”, based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. We love visiting Southport for the beautiful scenery, the historic homes and the awesome food, but we also enjoy all the antique shops! 

Charming Southport, North Carolina

Some of our favorites include the Northrop Antique Mall, NC Plantation Antiques, Old Elegance Antiques, Timeless Treasures and Unique Gifts, and The Painted Mermaid. Of course there are several thrift shops that we enjoy as well, both in Southport and on Oak Island. But antique shopping is always special for my Mom and I! 

Believe it or not, I didn’t find a single thing while antique shopping this year! I was a little bummed, but there was nothing specific I was looking for so it wasn’t a big deal. I decided to take you guys along anyway, since I did see a lot of neat stuff. My Mom found a mortar and pestle that was only $22 which you’ll see in the YouTube video, it was an awesome find! 

I did find a really neat blue enamel pot that I thought would look so pretty filled with flowers on my coffee table. It was priced a little high at $39, but the shop owner said they would go down to $29. I’m still thinking about that pot, which means I should probably just splurge and buy it haha. You guys will have to let me know what you think once you watch the video!

Anyway I don’t have a lot of photos for you guys of our antique shopping trip, but I hope you guys enjoy the YouTube video I put together! It’s always fun taking you all along. If you enjoy antique shopping with me, I have a blog post for beginners, and I actually just recently created a post sharing the difference between thrifting and antique shopping!

Here’s a view of our beach, it takes my breath away every evening when I watch the sunset! 

A beautiful sunset in Oak Island, North Carolina

Thanks again for shopping me with today friends! Do you have a place that you like to visit every year? Have any of you ever visited Oak Island or Southport? I’d love to know in the comments below!


Antique Shopping in Southport, North Carolina!


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  1. Hi Andrea,
    That was a fun video. I kept stopping it to look at things on the shelves. I live in Canada but have been to most of the states in the USA, including Alaska. My favourite parts are North and South Carolina. I love the Outer Banks, the water, the sand, the vegetation, the sunsets. The people are pretty special also. Your family reunions sound like like a wonderful time.

    I just wanted to tell you that your videos brighten my day. Please tell your mother that she doesn’t look old enough to be a grandma.

    1. I love to antique and treasure hunt at thrift does my daughter and granddaughter.We live in Ocean Isle Beach and Shallotte,N.C.weare surrounded with thrift stores,and antique shops..have found some great stuff.thanks for sharing with us all..Dianne Stephens

  2. I’m another Canadian enjoying the beautiful seaside scenery you provided! We got a sprinkle of snow overnight, so it was lovely to see the sand, sea and beautiful blue sky! And yes, you need to go back and buy the metal pot! You’ll be mad you didn’t buy when you go home, and it will always be a lovely reminder of your trip. And it will be a little piece of history for your new addition to the family, “this was bought the year I was expecting you!”
    Enjoy your holiday with all your family. 💕

  3. Oh yes, my sweet family enjoys our times spent at Southport when we ride the ferry over from Fort Fisher.

  4. When we were in Georgia I so wanted to go shopping!! But we had so much beaching and pooling to get in before coming back home hahaha Watching you shop for goodies is the next best thing!! Its so fun!

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