My Dream Cottage Inspired Laundry Room Reveal: A Project 4 Years in the Making!

Cottage Inspired Laundry Room Reveal

I am so excited to share our cottage inspired laundry room reveal with you today! This has been a dream in the making for over 4 years now, and I am so thankful to have this completed space in our home!

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Yes friends, you read that right. This project has taken us over 4 years! We started working on our basement space in 2019. Now that this cottage inspired laundry room is finally completed, I can finally share all of the details with you!

English Cottage Laundry Space
Laundry Room inspiration in basement
Basement Laundry Room DIY

I want to begin by saying, this was a very weird basement space. There were several pipes, and furnace ducts we had to work around and I remember getting easily overwhelmed thinking about what we were going to do in this space to make it work. I really hope if you are in this situation in your own home, that you are inspired by this post!

I also want to say that this was a long process. As you face your own home renovations, I hope to encourage you to be patient. Four years is a long time to wait for a space to come together, but when you are working on a budget and doing everything yourself, sometimes that can take a long time. And that is okay!

Washer and dryer area of basement and renovation progress
DIY Finished Basement Progress with Beadboard

As I always love to say – little by little, inch by inch. Our society is always seeking instant results with everything, but patience always pays off in the end and can save money, too!

Now – to share all of the fun details in our cottage style laundry room! In my basement update post, I shared how we decided on beadboard for the walls and ceiling. My husband had to get very creative as we had so many things to work around. The beadboard was easy for us to work with and I love the cottage look it always gives as well.

Basement Space Corner Inspiration
Bead board walls in cottage basement

Moving over to the sink and washer/dryer area, you can see that we really had to get creative. We have a sump pump under the window well, and still needed access to that space. My husband built the step up and sink area to hide both the pump as well as the pipes.

Washer and dryer area of basement and renovation progress
Cottage Laundry Room Utility Sink

He built the window well out with bead board, and also dropped the ceiling to hide some of the plumbing as well. He did an amazing job and I love how this area came together right off of my washer and dryer.
Originally we were going to use a beautiful vintage sink I found, but we had too many issues trying to make it fit the space. We ended up working with Vintage Tub & Bath again, the same company who sent us the gorgeous vintage sink we have in our kitchen upstairs. I love that this company recreates vintage inspired sinks, tubs and hardware that is new but made to look old. 

Vintage Tub & Bath sent this beautiful farmhouse utility sink that is absolutely gorgeous and so perfect for this space. It is nice and large for scrubbing stains or brushes, and it was very easy to install as well.

Beautiful Farmhouse Sink in Cottage Style Basement
Farmhouse Vintage Sink in laundry space

My husband made the stand for this sink out of four legs. We purchased the two decorative, front legs from a home improvement store. Then he cut out some wood to match the bottom of our pine hutch in order to create this beautiful, yet simple stand for the sink. 

Cottage Laundry Room Utility Sink

We chose to leave it open under the sink, and simply hung fabric that can easily be moved to have access to the sump pump whenever it is needed.

For the cabinets and trim in this space we chose one of my favorite paint colors, Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore lightened by 50%. I love the contrast against the white and the simple warmth it brings to this space.

The brick in this space is actually ceramic tile. We used the same tile in our back mudroom area, which you can view here!

Paint colors in cottage inspired basement
Laundry Room inspiration in basement

Another favorite DIY in our new laundry space is this drying rack my husband built for me. It covered an awkward gap between the wall and counter and he did such an amazing job with it! I love that I can show my husband any inspiration photo and he can recreate it for me. I am so very thankful for him!

We may eventually end up making this rack taller, since we won’t be able to hang things on the bottom, but for now I think it’s a perfect fit!

DIY Laundry Drying Rack in cottage basement
Drying Rack in Cottage Style Laundry Room

Recently on YouTube I shared a laundry room “style with me” video which you can watch here, and I have also shared this space on Instagram stories a few times to get some input.

I appreciated all of your feedback so much. I listened to several of your suggestions, including having the laundry soaps and clothespins near the washer and dryer.

Laundry Essentials in English Cottage Basement
Beautiful cottage style details and decor

I am not sure if you remember this pine hutch from my dining room. I refinished this piece and loved it so much, I just felt it competed with my beautiful dining room table upstairs. I was so happy to be able to use it down here. It ended up fitting perfectly in this laundry space, and I love the character it adds. 

Antique Pine Hutch for Cottage Style Decor and Storage

I styled the hutch with different baskets and linens to add texture, along with a few beautiful glass bottles and spring flowers to bring a little life into the basement. I love the wool dryer balls and cleaning supplies I doubled as decor on these shelves as well.

Pine Hutch cottage decor touches
Cottage Style Laundry Room with Pine Hutch

We ended up using two stock cabinets from Home Depot and painted them Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore lightened by 50%. We decided to leave two spaces open between the cabinets for a few different reasons. We would love to eventually use this space for guests that stay, and I wanted to leave room for a mini fridge and a little kitchenette area.

My husband also added feet to the cabinets which adds so much character to stock cabinetry in my opinion. I sketched a design that he cut out and simply nailed them on and painted them. I love how they came together!

English Cottage Laundry Space

I ended up using this neutral gingham table cloth from Target for the curtains in this space. I simply cut it to size and used hemming tape and hung them up on simple tension rods! I love how gingham always looks simple and cottagey. 

I wanted a neutral fabric for the curtain closures because I wanted to use this beautiful rug from my grandpa in this space and I didn’t want the fabric to compete. They go together perfectly and I am so happy I get to have yet another piece from my grandpa in my home.

Gorgeous vintage rug in cottage style basement

I did tweak the shelves in this space since my “style with me” video. We made these shelves similar to the ones in our dining room which I have a whole tutorial about here. We added simple pegs underneath that were perfect for a few antique decor touches.

Shelf decoration in cottage style laundry room space

I tend to love a simple, minimal look. I am sure I will continue to play with this space until I feel like it’s perfect, but for now I love the decor touches in this space.

Simple nuetral decor touches in cottage style home

I ended up keeping the baskets in the windowsill. They are all a little different, but since they’re woven they feel the same. I love baskets so much, and they make a bigger statement when they are gathered together.

Stacked baskets english cottage style decor

Below the baskets I have a pretty galvanized bucket with more beautiful faux spring flowers. Greenery always adds so much to any space and I love this pop of green and white flowers.

Beautiful spring flowers in cottage style basement

I also brought in the bench you see above that was next to our garden outside. I picked it up at a tiny little antique shop and I love it here so much. It adds the perfect vintage touch and is a perfect spot for the boys to come in from outside and sit down to take their shoes off.

My husband added the same wooden pegs to the 1×4 that goes down the stairs, and for now I filled it with pretty baskets. I am sure the baskets won’t stay long – there will be towels in the summer months and coats in the winter. For now though, I love how the baskets look.

Basement Laundry Room DIY

Eventually I would love to use the closets that we created down here for all the winter stuff and towels once we finish them. For now, one is finished and one is not. I toured and organized one closet with you recently here and the other is filled with Mike’s tools.

Basement closet doors with trim painted

I still love the tile we chose for this space so much. The herringbone pattern is so beautiful to come downstairs to, and I absolutely love the color.

Herringbone tile in cottage style basement

I think that is everything for this cottage style laundry reveal! I promise the reveal of the rest of our basement space will come soon! If you want a sneak peek of the TV area, you can watch our “Christmas Surprise” video on YouTube!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. And remember, there is always hope in any space that seems scary. You can absolutely turn it into something beautiful! Little by little, inch by inch.


Cottage Inspired Laundry Room Reveal


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  1. Okay!!!!! This is amazing. Thank you so much for including before images because my basement looks so similar and I wasn’t sure it was possible to make it so beautiful. So inspiring. You have been blessed with so much talent so glad you share it all with us!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!❤️I love the warmth and how cozy it all feels!! You two did an amazing job!!👏👏I would love doing my laundry in this beautiful room!!😁

  3. What a beautiful laundry room! I love a big laundry but have never had one. Yours is wonderful. One of my favorite things is the hutch. The tile looks like brick, great serene colors and your styling is so on point. certainly made a silk purse from a sow’s ear 😁

  4. I’m so happy for you to have the space completed. Patience is a virtue but I’m sure with those darling little boys you are doing lots of laundry and it makes it more fun to have a lovely space to do it. What a blessing to have a handy husband to dream up and do such projects together with! It’s a wonderful space!

  5. To say I love everything about this room is an understatement, Andrea!! I adore it all and all the details. Between you and your husband, you have created an amazing and inspiring space to do your laundry. I would be looking for things to wash if I had this space to do my laundry in! The fabric is perfect under the sinks and counter. I am looking with anticipation to see the family room reveal (other than the Christmas surprise!). Thank you for sharing your home with us. God bless you!

  6. Andrea,
    your laundry room is gorgeous. I too would be literally looking for reasons to do laundry if I had a room like that to escape off to…… 🙂 Your home is truly lovely. Thank you for inviting us in and sharing tidbits with how to make our homes just as comfortable. The best of wishes to you and your beautiful like family.
    From one Michigander to another……

  7. absolutely gorgeous transformation! the braided rug oval – did you thrift? looking for something similar but haven’t found the right fit yet.

    a long time inspired reader

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