Styling Your Home with Green for Fall

Styling Your Home with Green for Fall

I have always loved simple, neutral fall decor in my home and this year is no exception. I am excited to share how I have decorated our dining room this year, and how beautiful styling your home with green for fall can be.

Styling Your Dining Room with Green for Fall
Styling Your Home with Green for fall and autumn
Cozy and Warm Green Fall Decor Touches in Your Home

Styling your home with green for fall may seem like a new concept for some. Those who are drawn to all of the beautiful autumn shades of oranges, yellows and reds especially. Let me start by staying, there is NOTHING wrong with decorating your home that way for fall.

All of the warmer autumn shades are very, very beautiful and I love them both outdoors and when used indoors for fall. Personally, though, I love using simple touches of whites and greens mixed with natural tones.

Now, it is finally starting to cool down here in Michigan, and my house is all decorated for the fall season with all of those beautiful green, white and natural tones I just described. I can’t wait to share my entire fall home with you soon, but for now I just wanted to show you some of the changes I’ve made in the dining room.  

Dining Room shelves decorated with green touches for fall
Fall Dining Room Decor Touches

This space has changed so much over the years, and it will continue to change I’m sure. I love playing with my dining room shelves and switching up the buffet decor pretty often depending on the season. 

This fall is no exception of course, I love switching up all of the decor on my buffet. But this year I have a brand new console table that I will be sharing all about in this post! It is the perfect addition to our dining room, especially this fall.

Styling Your Home with Green

DIY Furniture Finishes

If you follow me over on Instagram, you might already know that we have a new console table in our dining room that we are using as a buffet! We have had dressers in this space to serve as buffet tables in the past, but with our dining room being pretty narrow, the space always felt tight. 

This past winter I found this smaller console table on Facebook Marketplace that wasn’t as wide as the dressers we’ve had before, so we thought we would try it out in the dining room between the shelves. 

Styling Your Home with Green for Fall DIY Furniture

It was wood when we purchased it, so at first we tried to strip it. That turned into a bit of a mess, so we opted for paint instead. In my recent fall thrift haul video on YouTube, you might have seen that I first tried a lighter blue color with an antique wax. Something about that finish wasn’t working for me, so I switched it up and painted the table green, instead. 

I did not just choose the color green for fall. I have seen so many inspirational photos on Pinterest of gorgeous furniture pieces, trim and even kitchen cabinets recently – all painted gorgeous shades of green.

I wish I knew the specific green color that I used, but sadly this paint was one that I found in the “oops” section of our local hardware store. Basically what that means is that someone didn’t like it and returned it, or the color came out wrong, etc. 

The can doesn’t even have a label so that I can share the formula with you, but I will say that it looks very similar to Sherwin Williams “Evergreen Fog” – a very sage-like, gray green. 

DIY Green Fall Furniture Touches

As soon as I started painting the table this color, I absolutely loved it for the fall season and could not wait to decorate with other shades of greens and white all around it for fall.

Not that this table wouldn’t be pretty in the spring or summer, but something about the muted green really spoke to me this fall and made our entire dining room area feel warm, cozy and inviting.

Other Fall Touches I Added

Fall Home Decor Accents

In order to style our new green console table for fall, I decided to keep things very simple and minimal. I didn’t want the space to feel too busy or cluttered, so I took a lot off of the shelves and kept only white pieces, glass, and touches of wood in the form of spoons and butter paddles, etc. 

Dining Room shelves decorated with green touches for fall

I loved the combination of our DIY window mirror with the new green painted table, so I kept the mirror there and worked with those beautiful wood tones. 

Dried Green Stems and Faux Greenery for Fall

I love the look of dried stems in the fall, and I used them to decorate my home both this year and last year. Since I didn’t have any more dried leaves to work with in this space, I decided to mix some faux fall stems with fresh greens. 

Mixed real and faux green stems for simple fall decor
Styling your home with green for fall using green stems

I love this look for early fall decorating, and I decided to use an old crock to place the stems in. The creamy stone color was a beautiful contrast with the green paint.

As the weather continues to cool down, I would love to use more dried leaves in this space. But for now, the creamy white stems are speaking to me! 

Warm and Cozy Fall Decor Touches

In order to pull in more warmth for fall, I placed some rustic wood bowls on the table as well. This green gray color pairs beautifully with wood tones, and I love how they look with a small white pumpkin placed inside.

White and Green simple and neutral fall decor touches

I decided to stack some of my favorite bread boards in a woven basket next to the table as well. Again, I love the warmth of the wood tones next to the green color for fall! I think it’s such a pretty combination. 

Dining Room shelves decorated with green touches for fall

One thing I really loved about this table is the secondary shelf it has on bottom. I placed another stoneware bowl filled with my collection of antique wooden mashers on there, as well as a stack of white thrifted scalloped plates. 

using green stems for fall decor

Plus, the open design allows you to see our neat wall registers that are original to our 1930’s home that I love so much.

I also added some clear glass bottles that could be used for water or cider, and that was it! Like I said, I kept the decor very simple which is SO easy to do when styling your home with green for fall.

Mixed real and faux green stems for simple fall decor

I can’t wait to share the rest of our fall home with you guys, but for now, what do you all think of the new green color on this table and the other simple green tones I used throughout our dining room? I love them so much!

Beautiful Warm and Inviting Fall Green Decor Touches
Simple and Beautiful Warm White and Green Fall Decor Touches

Isn’t styling your home with green for fall so simple, yet beautiful, warm and inviting at the same time? I just love it and I hope you do too. Thank you for stopping by friends!


Styling Your Home with Green for Fall


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  1. I just redecorated to a green, white, and tan look. I have a lot of houseplants, and it only took a small handful of items to draw out the green tones even more. Green is one of my very favorite colors, and it is so peaceful and beautiful looking. I am going to extend it into fall this year. I love my houseplants, and I use a mix of real plants, fake stems, and dried stems. With plants, you get a gorgeous accent color and the unique beauty of something God created!

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