How to Turn an Old Window Into a Mirror!

How to turn a vintage window into a mirror

Today I’m going to explain how I turned an old window into a mirror!

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Hey friends! I have a fun project to share with you guys today. A few weeks ago I shared an “unofficial home tour” with you guys on YouTube

It was my first time sharing our home since we refinished our floors and painted all of our trim in the living and dining room, and I had so much fun giving you a peek at the changes I’d made. 

When I shared our dining space in that video, I shared some of design decisions that had me stumped, as well as some items I was simply waiting to find. 

Well, one of those items was a mirror for in between my DIY shelves. After shopping at three different antique stores as well as a few thrift shops, I hadn’t found the perfect piece for this space. 

Then it hit me – why not try my old window that I scored a few years back on Facebook Marketplace? Do you guys remember it?

I used to have it hanging above one of my chairs in the corner of our living room. Since I decided to hang some artwork there instead, this neat window was just sitting in our basement. 

Vintage window thrifted find

I had my husband hang it between the shelves and I immediately like it, but other than being decorative, it didn’t serve much of a purpose there. 

Installing the mirrored old window as wall decor

We talked about the idea of turning it into a cabinet for a while, but I wasn’t sure we’d be able to pull off something that looked authentic. 

Then I wondered – could we turn it into a mirror? 

Hung mirror in dining room between shelving

I realize that the bottom pane was missing, but I figured we could still do something with the top panes and if we loved it, maybe we could get some glass cut for the bottom of the window. 

Turning an Old Window Into a Mirror – The Product 

I started doing some research and came across this neat product by Rustoleum called Mirror Effect. It was a spray paint that essentially creates a reflective surface with several coats. 

Spray paint to give the effect of a mirrored surface

I immediately ordered it here and decided to give it a try. If we hated it, I figured we could always scrape it off. 

Turning an Old Window Into a Mirror – The Prep Work

When the spray paint arrived, we read the directions and they seemed simple enough. Clean the surface, back and forth motions, several coats – similar to what you see on any spray paint. 

We cleaned the window with a Norwex cloth, and Mike took it downstairs in our basement and set up an old sheet to spray the window on (be sure to watch the YouTube video linked above for the full process).

Cleaning and prepping old window to turn into a mirror

Turning an Old Window Into a Mirror – The Process

My husband gave the back side of the window two coats of the paint using a back and forth motion, making sure not to spray an area for too long to avoid drips. 

He let the first coat dry before applying a second, and brought it upstairs to see how I like it since he could already see his reflection. 

Turning an Old Window Into a Mirror – The Result

Now the directions say to use five coats, but we stopped at two! The paint almost created an “antiqued” mirror effect that was just beautiful, and we loved the way that it looked! 

Seeing reflection in the mirror effect on old window
Reflection in Mirrored Glass Effect on older window
Mirror in dining room between corbel shelves

You can still see your reflection (again, be sure to watch the YouTube video to see how reflective the surface is), but the window doesn’t look like a brand new mirror. I sort of love that. 

Now we are trying to decide if we should get some glass cut for the bottom portion of the window, and spray that as well! What do you guys think? 

Turning a vintage window into a mirror final product
Old antique window frame wall decor
Turning an old window into a mirror as wall decor

Should I turn the bottom portion of the window into a mirror as well? I’d love to know what you think in the comments below!

This was seriously one of the easiest DIY projects I’ve ever completed. Technically, my husband did all of the work haha. But still, if you’re looking for a simple way to add a ton of character to a space, look for some old windows at nearby thrift shops or garage sales and get yourself some of this spray paint! What a cool project. 

Using an antique frame as wall art
DIY window to antique mirror effect

Turning an old window into a mirror was way easier than I thought it would be. I hope this project inspired you today, friends!



How to turn a vintage window into a mirror


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  1. Well done. Wondering if you might consider hanging it horizontally and putting a blackboard on the other side. Might be a fun place to display inspirational quotes or a menu. You have inspired me to consider a raw wood finish on some of my pieces.

  2. :Your window redo is wonderful! You definitely should put a mirror in the bottom also. Love all the inspiration I get from you.

  3. Would you consider hanging it higher and displaying a platter or maybe a wreath in the open area 🤔🤔🤔

  4. What a miracle product to turn glass into a mirror. I am confused as to why the window is hanging below the chair rail/ wainscotting. I think the window needs to be hung higher.

  5. I think it would be great to have the bottom turned into a mirror and I would definitely hang it higher so it’s above the chair rail. The other suggestions given are also good ideas.

  6. It looks great! I think one of your landscape paintings would look beautiful in the bottom portion of your mirror/window or any piece of artwork that you like. I enjoy watching your house evolve.

      1. I agree! My sister did a similar window and she put glass and a landscape print behind it. It looks great.

  7. Yes, the bottom needs a mirror, and it definitely needs to clear that rail. Love your house…how do you do it with 4 cute little boys!

  8. What a cool product! So glad to know about this mirror making spray! Yes, I would turn the bottom into a mirror as well and hang it a bit higher. Love your inspiration and energy, all while being a great mom to 4 sweet little boys!!

  9. Some good suggestions already posted. Another idea is to fill the bottom with chicken wire and pictures, art, Momentos with vintage clothes pins

  10. Lovely! I think yes turn the bottom into a mirror also!
    I myself liked the unexpected of having the raw wood sit below the chair rail! 👍🏻

  11. Don’t listen to anyone saying you need to hang it higher or add something to the bottom pane. These commenters do not have a sense of design, as you do. It’s perfect as is.

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