Decorating our Galley Kitchen for Spring!

Decorating our Galley Kitchen for Spring

Hey friends! Even though we had snow this week in the Midwest, I am still so excited to share how I decorated our farmhouse style kitchen for spring!

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Last week over on YouTube, I took you all along with me on a simple spring home tour as I decorated my dining room space. 

I didn’t share that space here on the blog, simply because I’m still not sure about it. If you watched the video, you already know why. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect chairs for the table that my husband built for me recently, and I haven’t found them yet. 

Creating a home that you love takes time and inspiration! And although I’m tempted to just purchase something new and get the space finished, my frugal self also continues to hunt Facebook marketplace and nearby thrift stores just in case I stumble upon the perfect set. 

Anyway – let’s talk about my spring kitchen decorating! 

Spring English Cottage Style Kitchen Inspiration

It was snowing so hard while recording this YouTube video, ha! I realize that spring isn’t quite here for some of us. But I also know that for many of you, the weather is beautiful and you’re ready to shift into spring in your homes. 

I’m right there with you! Here in Michigan, I usually wait until the leaves are falling before I pull out any pumpkins or fall decor. But when it comes to springtime, I welcome breaking all the rules!

I shared some English cottage inspired spring decorating ideas on the blog recently, if you’d like to check them out! I used a lot of those spring kitchen decor ideas in this post I’m sharing here today. 

Decorating a Small Kitchen for Spring

Clean and Declutter

Before decorating for spring, I LOVE to give my kitchen a good deep clean. I cleaned my kitchen with you guys back in January and it was so much fun taking you along and showing you the natural cleaning solutions and soaps I use! 

My absolute favorite cleaning cloths save you time and money!

Later that same month, I decided to organize all of my kitchen counters and cabinets and we got rid of so much stuff. Extra coffee mugs, Tupperware, and baking dishes that I rarely used (if ever). 

I think it’s always good to start with a clean slate before switching your decor over to a new season!

Keep It Simple

I want to be careful here, because I don’t feel as though my kitchen is small by any means. I love our kitchen and I’m SO thankful for it!

But because of it’s galley style layout, it can be tricky to add spring decor without our kitchen feeling cluttered and overdone. 

At this point in my life, I like to keep things on the counter that I use on a daily basis. Glass storage containers with flour and oats, salt and sugar, and sometimes a glass cake stand. 

Glass Storage Containers with daily used kitchen staples

Then, I work around those items that are already on the counter and see where I can add a pop of spring touches. 

I regularly use my cast iron skillets, cutting board, and tea kettle, so those stay out as well. 

Simple white vase with flowers decorating kitchen for spring

A simple white vase with fresh flowers and blossoms was really all I needed  to instantly make the space feel like spring. 

Small kitchen with spring decor elements

Fresh fruit is another great way to brighten up your space. It’s practical, and ready for the taking whenever my boys get hungry and want a snack! A bowl of lemons or limes really adds a nice pop of color.

Fruit and flowers displayed in english cottage kitchen

Look Up!

In an effort to keep my counters as clear as possible, I often look upwards when considering seasonal decor in the kitchen. 

Wall decor in English cottage kitchen

Examine your walls and think about areas where you can add vintage art, peg racks or even a chalkboard. 

I love the simple DIY chalkboard that we made with our old storm door and some chalk paint. My eight year old made a countdown for our family vacation, but I’ve used it to write down verses, summer bucket lists, and grocery needs!

Wall decor to incorporate into your english cottage kitchen for spring

Is there space above your cabinets or fridge? How could you utilize your peg rack or open shelf with decor items to make your home feel like spring?

In our kitchen, I love to add flowers in a giant vintage basket above our fridge. Hydrangeas are my one of my favorite flowers and really add bright colors and texture to this space. The contrast between the flowers and the stone accent wall is so beautiful to me! 

Basket with flowers for spring cottage kitchen decor

Switch Out Linens and Rugs

I love bringing in fresh towels, napkins and washcloths whenever I switch up seasonal decor. 

Aprons and fresh linens to lighten up decor

You can also switch out kitchen rugs! I like the rug I have now, but I’ve been on the lookout of another one that’s maybe a bit more simple for spring and summer. 

Simple decor touches in English Cottage Home
Light seasonal touches to add to English Cottage Style Home

Decorating your kitchen for spring really doesn’t have to be overwhelming or fussy. Simple changes are sometimes the very best. 

Do you have a galley style kitchen like I do? What are some ways that you like to decorate your kitchen for spring? I’d love to know in the comments below!



Decorating our Galley Kitchen for Spring


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  1. Love your kitchen so much!! And how have I never noticed you display your vintage copper on the wall above your chalk board?! GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Andrea,
    You are my favorite of all I watch. I so love your style and how you share your life! Enjoy your vacation!

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