Shopping for Fall Decor – 3 Methods that Save Me Money!

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Tips and tricks on shopping for affordable fall decor

Shopping for fall decor can be overwhelming, but I hope these three simple methods can help you save!

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Hey friends! I recently went shopping for fall decor with my Mom and sisters, and I thought it might be fun to take you guys along like I did last year

I so enjoy shopping for decor as the seasons shift from summer to autumn – something about the smells and samples and store displays just gets me in the mood for fall! 

Shopping for affordable fall decor
Tips and tricks on shopping for affordable fall decor
Methods to help save money when shopping for autumn and fall decorations

The only problem? 

You’re sometimes tempted to buy all the things, and spend a lot of money that you could be saving. Today I want to share a few methods that I use every year before shopping for seasonal decor. 

Shopping for Affordable Fall Decor – Take Inventory of What You Have

Before you head to all the beautiful stores filled with fall decor, grab that bin in your basement and take inventory of what you already have! That way you won’t end up buying things that you don’t really need. 

Fall decor displayed in cottage style sunroom

Do you already have 39 faux pumpkins? Then yea…you probably don’t need to buy anymore! Haha!

Taking inventory also gives you an idea of what to look for when you’re shopping. It keeps you focused so that you aren’t distracted or confused about what you should be looking for. 

Shopping for Affordable Fall Decor – Shop for Inspiration

Sometimes shopping for me isn’t so much about buying everything new, but rather to be inspired and excited about the shifting of seasons. 

As you shop, focus on store displays and look for ideas for your own home. I am always so amazed by small shop owners. They are truly so talented!

How to save when shopping for fall decor

Shopping for Affordable Fall Decor – Ask Yourself if You Can Create it for Less

Before you buy, take a moment to think – can I create this look for less?

I was so tempted to buy new fall stems for my dining room this year, but I decided to reach out on Facebook and ask if anyone had hydrangea stems that I could dry for decor instead. 

I couldn’t believe it, but two friends reached out immediately! Now I have beautiful green hydrangeas drying in my dining room!

Saving money on fall decorations in home by asking on facebook

And one last bonus tip – 

Shopping for Affordable Fall Decor – Use Pinterest to your advantage! 

Have an idea of what you’re looking for so you’re not easily overwhelmed by all the choices. What inspires you? Is there a home or a photo that really draws you in? 

Details of fall decor in cottage style sunroom and how to save when shopping for decor

Take some time to research before you shop so that you have a clear vision of the colors and textures you’d like to achieve in your own home. 

Inspirational fall photos of sunroom area and how to shop for fall decor

Be sure to watch the video linked above all about shopping for affordable fall decor! I take you shopping along with me as we visit several small shops, Joann Fabrics and Marshalls! At the end of the video I also share my finds. Swing by YouTube and say hello! I love connecting with you guys through video. 🙂

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Tips and tricks on shopping for affordable fall decor


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  1. I saw the video too, I appreciate your videos so much because I you show how you can decorate without spending much money! I am trying to be careful about who I watch and follow on YouTube because a lot of times i just feel frustrated because I would love to spend that kind of money on decorating but I can’t. I need to be resourceful with what I have and be content! The problem is that some of what I have isn’t the current trend anymore, but it can still be pretty 😊

  2. Love your tips! We all need a reminder to reuse. Hope you’ll do a 5×7 neutral Christmas print or winter. I have all your other seasons in print! Cherish them!

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