Reclaimed Beam Christmas Mantel

Reclaimed Beam Christmas Mantel

Today I’m sharing our reclaimed beam Christmas mantel with you guys! I’m also sharing the step by step process if you’re looking to create a thick, beautiful, cedar, and eucalyptus Christmas garland like this one!

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Last week I shared a little reel on Instagram of our reclaimed beam Christmas mantel. I had some questions come in about how I hung my garland and what I used, so I thought I would write up a blog post for you guys and answer all of your questions! I hope these Christmas mantel decor ideas gives you some inspiration and holiday spirit!

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Reclaimed barn beam Christmas mantel
Do it yourself rustic Christmas mantel!
Our reclaimed beam mantel all decorated for Christmas!
Stone and Beam fireplace with Christmas Decor!
Our rustic stone fireplace is all decorated for Christmas!

This is my very first time decorating our barn beam mantel. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that we installed the beam this past spring, and I absolutely love the dimension and texture it adds to our living room. It’s always been a dream of mine to have a rustic farmhouse beam in our living room, and sometimes I still can’t believe that we finally have one! I was so excited to add Christmas decor to the fireplace mantel this holiday season!

Reclaimed Beam Christmas Mantel!

Since the cabinet above the fireplace holds our television, I didn’t want to block the doors or lanterns with greenery. We aren’t big TV watchers, but we absolute love Christmas movies during this time of year. Rather than a layer of garland on top of the beam, I decided to hang it below. I added twinkle lights to the diy garland, and hung some white stockings on the side of the mantel. I love the fresh greenery look in my holiday decor, and the pop of color and charm it adds to this space!

Our Reclaimed Beam Christmas Mantel!

Reclaimed Beam Christmas Mantel Step by Step

Step 1 – Cup Hooks

How to hang a heavy Christmas garland!

The first thing I did to create this beautiful Christmas mantle was screw in some small gold cup hooks directly into the beam. Since they are underneath my mantel, no one will ever see the holes. Plus, my beam is a bit rustic anyway so even if you could see them, I’m sure it wouldn’t matter much. 

Step 2 – Cedar Garland

The next thing I did, was hang some cedar garland I got at Marshall’s. I splurged and spent more than I normally would ($39.99), but since this is a focal point in our home, I wanted it to be substantial and more on the thick side. 

I do have other cedar garlands throughout my house, but they are much more skimpy and I spent a lot less. While I can’t link the garland I found at Marshall’s, I did find a similar one here if you’re interested! 

Christmas garland step by step!

Cedar is something I truly love using during the Christmas season, but it really is sooo pricey. I try to buy a little bit every year, in hopes that one day I will have enough lovely cedar to hang all around my home. I feel it fits my personal style so well, and really gives the neutral and natural Christmas vibe I’m going for.

Cedar and eucalyptus Christmas mantel!

In the meantime, I love to use real cedar branches that I clip for free and tuck them all over my home, in vases or on a shelf with velvet fabric ribbons. You may have noticed that I hung my garland a bit off center. I did this for a few reasons. 

First of all it helps to balance the stockings that are hanging on the opposite side.

Rustic Christmas mantel!

And second, having my garland trail off allows me to hide the extension cord that is tucked behind the stone and down the wall. 

Christmas mantel tips and tricks!
How to hide the cords on your Christmas mantel!

Step 3 – Pine Picks

How to beef up your Christmas garland!

After hanging the cedar garland, I like to beef it up even more by adding some pine picks that I got at Hobby Lobby years ago. I love that they look like real pine, and the wire allows me to bend the stem and hang them right on the cedar garland. 

Before adding anything else I like to string my lights throughout my garland, that way I can hide any wires with the additional picks that I add.

Tips for creating a thick Christmas garland!
Step by Step Christmas garland!

Step 4 – Eucalyptus 

I used two variations of eucalyptus for my Christmas mantel, and unfortunately I can’t link the darker shades because it came from a small shop that no longer carries it. The lighter variety, however, is available pretty much wherever flowers are sold, even Walmart!

How to create a beautiful Christmas garland

I don’t use wire or floral tape or anything for the picks, I simply shove them into the garland and they stay perfectly all season long!

Step 5 – White Berries

DIY Christmas garland step by step!
How to add dimension to your garland

Finally, I add some beautiful stems with berries for a pop of white to go with my color scheme. I like the rustic touch it adds and I think the berries tie nicely into the white that’s on my Christmas tree this year. 

Our reclaimed beam Christmas mantel!
Our mantel is all ready for Christmas!

And that’s about it! Creating this reclaimed beam holiday mantel was much more simple than it looks. I hope this Christmas mantel idea inspired you to create your own custom garland. Pine cones, ornaments, magnolia leaves – whatever elements you love can be added to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind garland!

Rustic cozy Christmas mantel
Reclaimed Beam Fireplace all decorated for Christmas!
How to decorate a rustic mantel for Christmas!

Have you decorated your home for Christmas yet? I’d love to know in the comments below! 


Reclaimed Beam Christmas Mantel


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  1. It looks beautiful, Andrea! I don’t think I’ve ever noticed your celling fan before. I really like the style of it!

  2. Andrea, Your reclaimed beam mantel is beautiful; made even more so with your creative decorating touches. Your room is the definition of cozy, peaceful Christmas. I love every detail. I’ve unpacked my Christmas decor, exchanged a few new pieces for some tired ones and plan to decorate next weekend. Your Christmas decor is particularly close to my heart; I’ve decorated our home with a green and white Christmas color palette for 25 years. Some years I use silver metal accents, other years I use gold or brass. Changing out metal colors from year to year keeps me inspired for new touches to add here or there. Happy, Peaceful Christmas!

  3. Hi Andrea,
    I absolutely adore your decor style! You did such a beautiful job with your mantel! Your house is so inviting and cozy! I’m in love with your wooden horse by the way! Where did you buy it? It’s so original and gorgeous! Wishing you & yours a very Merry Christmas 🎄!

    1. Thank you, it is from Marshall’s, but I did buy it a few years ago. Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement!

  4. What a beautiful home!!! Your Christmas mantle has inspired me to do a garland under my mantel too! What a great idea.
    Also, where did you get your plaid rug? Love it! Thank You for all your beautiful inspiration!

  5. Where did you get your mantel?Love the color tone of it and the finish as well as the fireplace finish. Did you do the fireplace finish?
    Thanks, Mary

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