Woven Roller Shades – Bring Warmth and Texture into Your Space

Woven Roller Shades - The Perfect Window Covering

Today I’m sharing all about our new, Select Blinds Woven Shades! Man, what a difference these have made in our home! Our windows feel so much lighter and brighter, and these natural shades were so easy to install. I think each window took less than five minutes!! 

For a full 5 year update on these woven shades please watch the video here or read here!

This post contains affiliate links. For my full disclosure, click here. This post was sponsored by Select Blinds. All opinions are my own.

There are so many different types of woven wood shades out there, and to be honest it can get overwhelming deciding the perfect fit for your home! Once you decide on which window shades to use in your home, you then need to figure out minimum width and minimum height, product specifications, liners, etc. so I hope that this post sharing what we chose in our home is helpful to you!

Woven Shades – The Before

When we moved into our home five years ago, we knew we wanted blinds for privacy in the evenings. I love the look of natural materials, and found faux wood blinds that I liked at the time; however, the longer we had them, the more I felt that they just weren’t my style. The selected color I had chosen was actually a dark brown color, but in most photos they almost look black.

The blinds we had before switching over to Select Blinds Woven Roller Shades!

These blinds also showed dust very badly and were very difficult to keep clean and neat looking. I knew we needed to avoid darker colors and styles when choosing new shades for our home. I began the hunt for new blind upgrades that brought in plenty of natural light while still giving us privacy.

Woven Shades – The Inspiration

The previous owner had installed bamboo blinds in our sunroom and kitchen and to be honest this style isn’t something I ever would have expected to love as much as I did.

I just loved the texture and warmth of that style and what they brought to the room so much! The only thing I didn’t really like, which seemed to be an issue with most styles I found was the continuous cord loop that hung down.

The blinds in our sunroom were here when we purchased the home. I love the texture, just not the cords!
The blinds in our sunroom were here when we purchased our home. I love the texture, just not the cords!

Kids, especially boys are always playing with things and cords hanging from window shades are just too much of a temptation for them. The cords originally on the bamboo shades in our sunroom proved that, the boys couldn’t stop touching them and I was constantly tucking and hiding the cords up to hide them. I really needed to find something that had a cordless lift!

Woven Shades – The Solution!

Enter Select Blinds. This company has so many options and varieties for woven roller shades and blinds, it was honestly so hard to choose for our home! When I saw their new Designer Series Light Filtering Roller Shades line, I was intrigued. This series offers a variety of colors and options in terms of shade position and mounting, and I loved the fact that you can choose to have a cord free lift system for our boys!

One thing I love about Select Blinds is that they offer free samples. This enables you to see the colors in your home and feel the material before making a purchase. Here are the (woven roller shades) samples that I ordered before making my final decision –

These are the Woven Roller Shades samples I ordered from Select Blinds - they have so many beautiful options!

So many amazing choices, right?! For those that might be interested, we ended up going with the color “Camel” – the sample on top all the way to the right in the photo above! I am so happy that I had samples to choose from, it really made a huge difference!

Woven Shades – The Reveal!

Once we decided on the color we were going to go with, we placed our order. They came in just a few business days, were SO easy to install and I just love how they look in our home…

Woven bamboo window shades in english cottage style living room
Our woven roller shades tie in so nicely to all the wood and rustic elements we have throughout our home.
Woven roller shades in english cottage style living room
I get asked about these white chairs quite often, so I devoted an entire post to them!

We also went with the exposed roll option, but you can choose to have it covered with a fabric wrapped cassette if you’d like. They honestly have so many different options to choose from, it’s like getting custom window treatments! They are so easy to roll up as well – just pull from the bottom up and the mechanisms roll the shades back into place.

Woven Bamboo Window Blinds in English Cottage Style Home from Select Blinds

We went with the light filtering option because I still like to have some light shining in when our shades are pulled in the evening and early morning. You can see that while they don’t completely block out all of the sun, they still significantly help to darken the space.

Here's a closeup of our new shades!

I personally love the fact that theses woven shades filter the light. At the time that we eat dinner, the sun is blaring through our dining room windows and blinding us. So pulling these doesn’t completely darken the space but definitely makes dinner time more enjoyable.

In the past, we always had to close our blinds or pull the curtains and the dining room instantly felt dark and cold. Now we can pull our new window shades down and the harsh sun is blocked, but it’s bright enough so that we don’t have to turn every light in the house on!

Woven window blinds in dining room
Our new shades add texture without blocking too much light.
I shared all about this corner cupboard here if you’d like to see the transformation!

If the light filtering option isn’t for you, no worries. Select Blinds has so many gorgeous blackout options that are similar in style and color! I am confident you will be able to find a combination that will work perfectly in your home just like we did!

The shades tie in nicely to all the wood elements in our dining space!
For the color of this cute little dresser, click here!

We even decided to add a similar style of these woven shades to all of our sunroom windows which I shared in our sunroom reveal last summer! I am in LOVE with these gorgeous shades and I cannot believe the difference they made in this space! The natural texture and warmth brings so much depth and elegance into my rooms!

Sunroom reveal with bamboo window shades from Select Blinds
Our Roman Shads are perfect about our DIY Window Bench
Sunroom with bamboo window shades in our cottage style home

Woven Shades – The Negative

I said I was going to be honest with you, so here’s my only negative – sometimes it can be tricky to get the roller woven shades level with each other when they are pulled down. What I try to do is pull both shades down at the same time so that they aren’t uneven, but even when I do that there are times I have to mess with them a few times before they match.

Our Select Blinds Roller Shades were the perfect solution for our home!

Once again I do love the warmth and texture that these shades bring to our home, though. I especially love how the shades tie in to all of the other wood tones in every space.

You can see more of these in my recent spring living room tour – where I take you on a video tour and feature several of these woven roller shades throughout our living room space!

So what do you guys think? I am so in love with these beautiful woven shades!


Woven Roller Shades - The Perfect Window Covering
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  1. Greetings from California! I’m bored at work
    so I decided to check out your site on my iphone during
    lunch break. I love the info you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home.
    I’m surprised at how fast your blog loaded on my cell phone ..
    I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways,
    awesome blog!

  2. Hi! I came across this post when searching for window coverings. Love these! Can you tell me what color that is on the far bottom left of the samples? The very light one. Is that Natural?

    1. Hi Allyson! I believe that color is called “sand” but I’ll have to double check once I’m home! We are out of town at the moment. Thank you so much for stopping by and feel free to follow up if you don’t hear from me soon! 🙂

  3. I am redoing some window treatments and love the look of a woven shade with curtains. I really like your curtain rods. Could you please tell me where you got them?

    1. Linda thank you so much! This is so funny but the previous owner actually left them here! I happened to like them so I just kept them haha. I know that doesn’t help you, but I have seen similar ones at Walmart! 🙂

  4. I found your blog via a review you left at Select Blinds on your roller shades. I am considering getting the very same ones you picked. Now that you’ve had yours a few years, I ‘m wondering how have they held up and how you feel about them. You mentioned that it was a challenge to open them each to the same level. Has that been something that has continued to bother you, or did you figure out a work-around. Would you pick them again? Thanks for your time! You have a beautiful home, and I’ve enjoyed discovering your blog!

    1. Hi Sherry! I will be completely honest with you and say that I still love these shades. The only negative thing I can say about them is that they sometimes are tricky to get level because of the spring action element. Looking back, I sort of wish I had gone with the the roman shade cordless option instead, just because I think they may have been easier to open at the same length, if that makes sense? Since I have double windows it’s more of an issue for me probably than for someone with single windows. I hope this helps!

    1. Yes, they are definitely “light filtering” but they still provide privacy. If I pull up to the house at night and the shades are closed, I can tell that lights are on but I cannot see inside of the house. I hope that helps 🙂

      1. So you can’t see if someone is sitting by the window? I’m thinking about getting new window treatments in my new little mobile home, which is in a park. ( There are older Mini Blinds, there, now), and people walk by and walk their dogs… If I’m sitting in front of the window, watching tv, in the evening, with them closed, would you be able to see me? I live by myself, and this is a New Place, for me…..

        1. It depends on which option you choose, they have privacy options on their site that can make them less see through. I hope this helps!

    1. Thank you Kelley! Goodness, to be honest I have never cleaned them! Maybe that’s a bad thing..but I really haven’t seen the need!

  5. Hey there! Just came across this as I’m looking to replace curtains in our guest bedroom. I love the look of light gray curtains with natural shades underneath. Can you tell me what the brand/style/color of your curtains/drapes are?

    1. Hi Nicole!! Sadly I got those curtains on clearance at Hobby Lobby for just $5 a panel! I have no idea if they even sell them anymore. I have seen similar curtains at Target, though! I hope this helps. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! 🙂

  6. Hi, I’ve been looking at select blinds but can’t seem to decide on a color. Can you tell me the color of the ones in your several pictures? Thank you! Appreciate it!!

  7. Hi Andrea !! After months of pondering woven wood blinds, I found your blog !!!!! I love these and am purchasing as soon as you tell me if you remember whether you did the standard roll option or the reverse roll option ? Thank you so much for this unique product !!!

    1. Hi Shelley!! Thank you so much!! When I ordered the blinds they were standard roll, inside mount, with an exposed roll selected for the headrails. I hope that helps, it means so so much when you use my links to order! 🙂

  8. What color is on your walls? It’s beautiful! It seems to change from light tan, buttery yellow, then a silvery grey green behind you. Love it! What paint brand and color name did you use?

    1. Hi Tonya! So they used to be Repose Gray, but in 2019 I repainted the living room Halo by Benjamin Moore, which is what you see the most of in this post. My dining room is sadly a color that I made using paint I had on hand, but I think it might be similar to Edgecomb gray by SW. I hope this helps! 🙂

  9. Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for this review! I was looking to get roller shades as well. I believe I even chose the same color Camel. Did you consider adding valances? I am debating whether to get them or not.

    1. Hi Jyes, thank you for reading!! Yes I did consider it, but I sort of like the way the exposed roll looks. It’s a tough decision I know!!

  10. Hi Andrea, how is your hardware mounted for the roller shades? It looks like the brackets are turned? (Can you share a close up photo?) And are they corded or cordless? I am in the market for rollers and am struggling with inside v outside mounted due to some windows being slightly too shallow…

  11. Hi- when looking at the site to order the shade it says that the shades will be
    1 1/8” smaller than the measurement of the window and to NOT adjust for this when ordering. So- do they completely cover the window or do yours have light coming through the sides?

    1. There is just a very small gap between the shade and the sides, they fit very very well and cover the entire window, I hope this helps!

  12. Oh my goodness! Thank you for posting all about your shades! I LOVE them and have been very curious about where they were from. I’m fixing to hang drop cloth curtains and really want these shades to layer underneath for texture and a bit of added privacy to our 1907 home located on a corner of a little downtown area in Oklahoma.

  13. Hi! We are on the market searching for roller/roman shades and haven’t decided yet which ones. But I came upon your blog by accident and love the look of your woven shades. That is exactly what we want in our new apartment! I would like to know what is the name of the color of the Roman shades you put in the sunroom and also I wanted to ask you if the light filtering choice offers any privacy, for example, are people able to see inside the house at night if you have the lights on or do they just see light? We live on a fourth floor but have other buildings very close to us on the sides and have one big window in a bedroom that faces the walkway to our front door. I use that bedroom as an office and sometimes I work till very late and would not feel comfortable knowing that someone can see me. I don’t mind anyone seeing the lights are on as long as they don’t see me!
    Your home is beautiful and thank you for sharing!

  14. Can you send me the exact link for the camel color shades? I am struggling to find those on the website. Thanks

    1. Hello! My affiliate link doesn’t go to the exact product since this was so long ago, I apologize! But if you click this tkqlhce.com/click-100739422-15326646 and then search premiere woven rollers, you will see the exact shade we purchased and the camel color as an option!

  15. I really love how you showed off how humble woven window shades can look like. Having those could be an amazing way to add some extra style to our home without having to sacrifice the very calming design we’ve already managed for this home. I’ll ask for these kinds of models for sure when I find a window shades provider in the area that can supply me with some.

    1. The online ordering process wasn’t bad at all either if you wanted to try out the same company we went with, the link is in the blog post. We love ours!

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