The Ultimate Cozy Cottage Sunroom Makeover

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The Ultimate Cozy Cottage Sunroom Makeover

For the longest time, I have wanted to do a cozy cottage sunroom makeover and recently I finally took the plunge! I am so excited to take you along and share all of the details!

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When we refinished our red oak floors, it gave me inspiration to change so many other cottage-style decor details in our home including paint. I repainted several rooms throughout our first floor. This included our living room, dining room, entryway and ever since I have been considering different cozy sunroom ideas.

I not only painted the walls, but painted all of the mould work and trim as well, and absolutely loved the way it turned out. For a while now, I have wanted to continue this look and give our cozy cottage sunroom a makeover.

The weird thing is, I have put off this enormous task for a while now, but as we head into the cooler seasons, I really wanted to finally tackle this space and transform it into the cozy retreat I knew it could become. Many consider the porches or deck in cottage-style homes the “sunroom”, but we put a lot of work into insulating this space and I love how we’ve been able to use it!

Stunning cottage sunroom update with beige paint colors
Hidden Storage areas of sunroom
Gorgeous cozy cottage sunroom

Cozy Cottage Sunroom – Choosing the Right Paint Colors

Once again, I loved how my painted trim came out in the other areas of my home and I knew I wanted to continue this look in my sunroom. I decided to paint all of the built-ins, trim and mould work.

With all of the windows in this space, I am sure you can imagine what a task this was. At first I was considering using the same trim paint I used in the rest of my home, “Stingray” by Benjamin Moore lightened by 50% pictured below, but my DIY desk built in in the sunroom was a different shade.

Entryway into cozy cottage sunroom retreat

If you can remember, we finished this DIY desk built in project a few years ago, and it is a very important part of this space. This was a very affordable project, in fact we completed it under $50! It is simply an old fixer upper repurposed desk. We use this built in desk area often as a home office. I use it for blogging, and my husband loves this space for his sermon preparation.

The desk and area surrounding it are painted “Stone Hearth” by Benjamin Moore, another beautiful beige shade pictured below. I was worried that this shade and the lightened shade we used on the trim throughout the other rooms, “Stingray” would not go together, but after I began painting, they complimented each other beautifully.

I even shared the process on Facebook and Instagram, and had a poll asking for your thoughts. I always love to know what you think, and this was such a fun poll that confirmed that the paint shades “Stone Hearth” and “Stingray” both by Benjamin Moore, would work very well together.

Painting the sunroom was by far the most tedious part of this makeover, but it truly transformed the space entirely and I could hardly wait when I was finished to begin decorating.

DIY Home Office Desk Built In Space

Cozy Cottage Sunroom Decor Challenges

I am still torn on a few areas of this space, one being the piano on the left side of the room. The piano was another DIY project I tackled a few years ago and the chalk paint has held up extremely well. Especially with four boys banging on it daily haha! I am just torn if it’s too light now, or if it should stay the light blue shade it is currently. I have thought about a few different colors, but still have not made a decision.

Another area I am torn on is the ceiling. It is just a standard ceiling, but I just feel like it needs something – I can’t figure out what though. I have considered asking my husband to add gorgeous wood beams, and I have even considered a cottage inspired wallpaper! What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Finally, I am unsure on the light in this space. There is currently a small ceiling fan that my husband wants to keep based on the size of the room, but I am not sure it really goes with the cozy cottage look we are hoping to achieve. We couldn’t have a regular size fan due to the space being so small, but I am still thinking about other lighting options.

Beautiful DIY painted piano in cottage sunroom space
Ceiling Space against painted beige built ins

Like I said, painting and prep for painting definitely was the most time consuming part of this project. I feel like many of you think I enjoy all of these DIY projects- the painting, staining, etc. but I have to admit, I really don’t haha. While they are always some type of adventure, they are a lot of work.

I almost always love the finished project, and love when my ideas pay off, but I would have to say my favorite part is re-decorating the finished space. I love to rummage through my decor in my storage closet in the basement, and repurpose different items to refresh the space.

Stone Hearth Built Ins Decorated for Fall in Sunroom
Painted Beige Sunroom Cottage Style Shelving

Cozy Cottage Sunroom – Decorating with Vintage Pieces

Once the painting was complete, my husband reinstalled our gorgeous blinds from Select Blinds and I was able to start decorating with the items I found in my storage closet.

I started with a beautiful basket full of dried hydrangeas in the top of the built in to the left and I loved the way it looked. I love this view from our living room space into the sunroom and having beautiful shelf decor always makes me so happy.

Beautifully painted cozy cottage sunroom elements
Sunroom Built In Decor in Cottage Style Home

I decorated the other shelves with wood tones to pull in the blinds, whites, vintage artwork, stems and a few pops of black for depth. I also added a few touches of fall decor, pumpkins and dried fall blooms for the season. I love using natural materials in a space to make it cozier.

The built-ins on the other side are more practical, they hold homeschool supplies and other office supplies. I have an entire blog post on practical ways to organize in a small space that can still be beautiful that you can read here.

Hidden Storage areas of cozy cottage makeover in sunroom

As you can see in the corner of the photo above, I moved my existing side table (that I used previously as a coffee table) into this space for even more storage. I love using vintage and antique pieces whenever I can. 

I decorated the window bench area with new Kilim Rug Throw Pillows. I wanted this to be a comfortable area and the pillows really help this spot to be a gathering spot in this room! They are made from rugs and there are so many unique and beautiful designs. They add texture as well, and I love the simple patterns in this space.

DIY Window Bench with Kilim Rug Pillows
Kilim Rug Pillows displayed in cozy Cottage Makeover Style Sunroom Space

My area rug is new as well and I found it on Amazon. It has the vintage feel I was looking for, and looks beautiful against our medium wood tone floor, but it is a little thinner than what I was hoping for. There is something about a comfortable thick area rug that helps bring coziness into a space and makes it more inviting. I plan to either add a pad underneath, or possibly get a new rug but right now I am happy with how this one looks.

Area Rug in Cozy Cottage Makeover Sunroom Space
English Cottage Shelf Styling Tips for cozy cottage makeover

And these are all the details behind our cozy cottage sunroom makeover that completely transformed the space! Painting everything this gorgeous beige shade “Stone Hearth” by Benjamin Moore was definitely the most dramatic change and I absolutely love how everything came together with it!

What do you think of these cozy sunroom ideas and the overall style of the new sunroom? Do you think the space is completed in our cottage style home or still needs a few more details? What would you do with the ceiling and the piano? I would love to know your cottage sunroom decorating ideas in the comments. Thank you sweet friends!


The Ultimate Cozy Cottage Sunroom Makeover



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  1. I love every detail! I think the piano’s current color gives a nice contrast. The ceiling fan serves a good purpose so may want to keep? I’m intrigued by the idea of a wallpaper ceiling, but love the simple beauty going on now and maybe that would detract …. not sure. Enjoy your videos so much!

  2. Gorgeous paint colors! And the sunroom looks beautiful! I wallpapered the ceiling in our little “piano room,” and I really love it! I think wallpaper would look terrific on the ceiling in your sunroom, too.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. It looks fantastic! I would vote for taking out the fan and putting up some kind of gorgeous chandelier! I’ve been looking at hundreds of cottage style rooms over the past month and I’m always drawn to a room with a chandelier (particularly a vintage style chandelier)! As for the ceiling I love the look of a room with simple white wood paneling on the ceiling. I’d love to have that myself but I’m unable to do DIY’s and the cost of hiring someone is more than I can afford.

    1. Yes, we did that in our boys bedroom on the ceiling and loved it! The room is small for a chandelier, but I am still wanting something else, we will see what end up doing!

  4. I’m ALWAYS inspired by you! Absolutely love your home and creativity! Beams, that would be soooo pretty and tie your home together, but maybe wall paper would be a nice change!? Absolutely would take out the ceiling fan! But if your husband wants a fan, maybe have a retro fan on the table?

  5. Andrea, your hard work paid off. The colors are all so beautiful together.
    We are considering building an addition onto our living that would look similar to yours.
    May I ask do you have HVAC venting in this room or does the insulation and the AC/heat from the living room suffice?
    I also want to the dimensions of this room if you would share that.
    Thank you so much. I love following your journey seeing what next you will do!

  6. I think you’ve got a wonderful corner! I really like this palette of colors and the combination of items that you have created. It’s very cool that you yourself were engaged in furnishing this part of the house, and it turned out perfectly, I think. I was also thinking of arranging one of my empty corners in the house, maybe I should also put a piano or a desk there. It’s very cool to have such atmospheric places in the house, because that’s how a part of you is reflected in the design of that will allow you to call it “home”.

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