10 Thrift Store Kitchen Staples


Today I’m sharing 10 thrift store kitchen staples! There’s no reason to purchase these items brand new – in most cases these second hand staples are in perfect condition! 

Today I’m sharing 10 thrift store kitchen staples! There’s no reason to purchase these items brand new - in most cases these second hand staples are in perfect condition!

My kitchen has become my favorite place in our home, and these 10 Thrift Store Kitchen Staples were so simple for me to come up with! I just went on a little kitchen tour, opened my cupboards and pantry, and started looking at what I have. I hope that after reading this post you will be inspired to start looking at your local thrift store or Goodwill next time you need kitchen supplies. Thrift stores, estate sales, or even yard sales are a great source to find a high-quality item for your kitchen at a fraction of the price of big box stores.

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Thrift Store Kitchenware Staples

Wooden Spoons

The first thrift store kitchen staple I’d like to share with you today are wooden spoons! Almost all of my wooden spoons were purchased at thrift stores, and a few of them have become some of my absolute favorite tools in our kitchen. Plus, they are beautiful to put on display in jars or crocks on kitchen appliances or counters!

Wooden spoons are a thrift store kitchen staple!

My friend Sarah over at Rocky Hedge Farm has a great post all about caring for wooden spoons, it’s an awesome resource if you’ve got some spoons that need new life.

Mixing Bowls

I love purchasing glass mixing bowls at thrift stores! They are usually in excellent condition and they have so many purposes. My favorite thrift store bowls have spouts for easy pouring. You can find quality stainless steel bowls as well.

Rolling Pins

If you love to bake, rolling pins are essential! I see rolling pins at thrift stores all the time, and I like to keep some of mine right out on the counter because they are just so pretty!

Rolling pins are a thrift store kitchen staple!

Dinnerware and Glassware 

I suppose dinner an glassware are more so dining room staples, but I wanted to include them anyway since my kitchen cupboards are filled with these items! Thrift stores are usually so overloaded with dinnerware that they often price plates and platters very low…like 25 cents low! How can you beat that?!

Neutral accents in our cottage dining room

The same goes for glassware. I have found the prettiest glassware at thrift stores, and again, they are just so affordable. Glassware can be tricky because it all seems to blend together on the shelf, so be sure to look closely!

Dinner and glassware are at the top of my list whenever I'm thrifting!

Cutting Boards

You guys know how much I love cutting boards, and so many of mine were thrifted. I love looking for unique shapes, signs of ware, and soft wood hues that aren’t too orange or yellow. I’m always on the hunt for a unique find when searching for cutting boards to add to my collection!

I love using faux stems throughout my home, and today I'm sharing all my styling tips and sources!

Copper and Cast Iron Pans

Copper is usually pretty pricey at antique shops, but thrift stores are a whole different story! Dig through those pots and pans and look for gorgeous copper pieces. A Cast Iron skillet is more affordable second hand as well!

Copper pans pop beautifully against our stone accent wall in our kitchen!

Baking/Cooking Supplies

Measuring cups, food processors, cake stands, bread pans and casserole dishes – I could go on and on! I love browsing through the kitchen section at thrift shops for miscellaneous kitchen supplies. 


Glass canisters with lids are perfect for storing oats and flours, and while one of mine was purchased brand new, the other was a $3 thrift store find! Crocks are the perfect containers for utensils, and baskets are great for storage as well! I love the thrifted basket I have on top of my fridge!

Canisters, crocks and baskets are must have kitchen staples that can be found at thrift stores!

Peg racks and Hooks

Peg racks add cottage charm to any kitchen! Mine was a $3 thrift store find, I just gave it a coat of paint. Hooks are essential for hanging towels and aprons! 

Peg racks and hooks are thrift store kitchen staples!

Vases/Vessels for Flowers

In my opinion, cottage kitchens aren’t complete without flowers somewhere!! 🙂 I love thrifting for unique vessels to hold flower arrangements near the kitchen sink. White pitchers, vintage pottery, even old watering cans make for gorgeous vessels!

English Cottage Elements - Incorporating Stems into English Cottage Style

I hope these thrift store kitchen staples inspired you to look a little closer next time you go thrifting!! Which kitchen staples do you like to thrift for? Let me know in the comments below!


Today I’m sharing 10 thrift store kitchen staples! There’s no reason to purchase these items brand new - in most cases these second hand staples are in perfect condition!


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  1. I have found hand towels, pot holders, mitts, and cloth napkins in the linens. I also have found cookbooks, cast iron pieces, candles, and other odds and ends. I Think people should not overlook thrift stores for all types of things they may think they have to buy new. I check for cracks with mixing bowls and things we will eat out of. But I think there are such great things to be found if you do check the thrift stores.

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