Cottage Style Pantry Makeover with Open Shelves

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Cottage Style Pantry Makeover with open shelves

This cottage style pantry makeover is one of the projects in our kitchen I have been excited to share with you!

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I’ve mentioned in a few previous blog posts that our kitchen is getting a little refresh, and while it’s not quite finished, today I thought I would give you a sneak peek of our cottage style pantry makeover! 

Cottage Style Pantry makeover

One of the things we did in our kitchen was paint all of the trim Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. There are so many factors that lead to that decision, and I promise I’ll explain why once we share the full kitchen with you. 

Pantry with pewter colored trim paint and accents

Basically, after incorporating some barn beams that we rescued earlier this year – all of the wood in my kitchen looked too new and very orange. I can’t wait to share all the details with you soon, but I just love how this gray looks against my kitchen cupboards as well as our stone feature wall

Cottage pantry open shelving in kitchen

After painting all of the baseboards and window trim, the pantry area really stuck out and I wanted it to flow with the rest of the space. We installed some basic pine boards using metal brackets about 6 or 7 years ago, and my husband built a platform for chopping veggies complete with a hole for scraps. 

Kitchen Pantry Makeover in cottage style home

It seemed genius at the time, but I never really ended up using that area for chopping. The hole became more of a nuisance than a help, so before painting this whole area we just decided to wrap it with more pine boards for a more usable surface. 

The shelves got a little makeover as well, we decided to switch the metal corbels out for these beautiful wood ones instead. I love these corbels so much and have used them all throughout my home, including my kitchen, sunroom, dining room, and even the boys bedroom

Cottage style pantry with pine and stone features

Since the corbels were a bit larger than the old ones, my husband just ripped some wood and nailed it to the edge of each shelf in order to extend their width. Once all of the new wood and corbels were in place, I caulked everything. 

Open shelving in cottage style kitchen

Like I said before, everything got a fresh coat of Revere Pewter and I just love the cottage style vibe that a warm gray paint instantly gives. 

Cottage kitchen pewter trim paint color

Another thing we decided to do was add an affordable curtain rod and some curtain rings underneath the pantry in order to hide our trash can. I love the texture that the fabric adds – its just a curtain that I found at Goodwill, brand new from Target! I cut it to size and I love the linen feel. 

Pewter trim paint color accent in cottage style kitchen

I kept the pantry area pretty simple, because as much as I would have like to decorate this area – it really needed to be functional for our family. I chose to use the same glass canisters that I had before, both from Walmart! I love these large ones with glass lids, and the smaller ones with metal lids are perfect for ingredients that need to be kept air tight. 

Glass canisters for storage in cottage style kitchen

Be sure you watch my YouTube video above for my labeling method! I used dry erase stickers inside the lids to keep track of expiration dates! 🙂

The metal baskets on the top shelf are from Target, believe it or not I found them in the dollar spot for $3 each and they fit so perfectly up there! You can find some similar here

Glass canisters and metal baskets for storage in kitchen pantry of cottage home

Of course I had to incorporate some vintage pieces, so I brought in that awesome drawing board that I shared in my garage sale haul a few weeks back! I wanted a pop of white, so I had to bring in some beautifully Pfaltzgraff and fresh stems. 

Pantry decor accents to add charm to cottage kitchen

I also decided to store some marble cutting boards in this space, and I brought in some vintage copper for warmth. 

Marble cutting boards and copper accents in kitchen pantry area

And that’s it! I love how it all came together. 🙂 What do you guys think about my cottage style pantry makeover? I’d love to know in the comments below! 


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Cottage Style Pantry Makeover with open shelves


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  1. It’s just beautiful! You are blessed with knowing the exact designs to go with. You are my favorite blogger. Not overdone, just enough.

  2. Really nice makeover. Thanks for sharing it! I love that you changed out the metal for the wooden corbels. I think it made a huge difference, really adds to the cottage feel. The rock wall adds a lot of atmosphere and the paint color you used coordinates nicely.

  3. I absolutely love what you’ve done, it speaks to the secret ‘farmhouse’ girl in me. My home is more of a modern transitional style but I really appreciate living out my fantasies through your beautiful decorating videos. Stay safe and well

  4. Thank you Andrea for this beautiful pantry inspiration. In my parents’ kitchen, there is a built in desk and two shelves where their antique phone is hanging. It is basically dead space..but will be no more, for I am inspired to put pantry and baking supplies in this area. While it is not a preparation area, it will work harder holding flours and sugars in pretty containers within easy reach. I enjoy your blog and snippets of your lovely family very much! Thanks again.

    1. This sounds like such a great idea for the space, so happy for you and I hope that it turns out perfectly!

  5. Thank you Andrea for this sneak peek into your kitchen changes! I really think this simple change with color and new brackets makes all of the difference! The hidden trash can idea is awesome! I have a small nook in my kitchen that could use some open shelving. This may be just the solution that I an looking for! Thank you for always sharing and inspiring me to try new things! Cynthia

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