7 Easy Swaps to Add Spring Charm to Your Kitchen

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7 Easy Swaps to Add Spring Charm to Your Kitchen

Today I’m sharing 7 easy swaps to add spring charm to your kitchen! 

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There is something about spring and warmer weather that makes me want to do a total refresh in every room of my house! I have shared my dining and living room with you guys, and today I’m sharing 7 easy swaps to add spring charm to your kitchen!

Spring Cottage kitchen refresh tour
Linens displayed in kitchen that add spring charm to the decor

Earlier this year I shared different ways to add to charm to your kitchen, but a lot of the ideas included in that post were DIY Projects like adding faux beams or incorporating a feature wall

Stone wall in cottage style kitchen decorated for spring

Today I want to focus on everyday items – things you use daily that you can easily swap out in order to add more charm to your kitchen space. 

Cutting Boards and Wooden Spoon add charm when displayed as kitchen decor

It’s not always possible to make major changes in your home, especially if you’re renting or financially unable. But these simple swaps are for everyone! 

Vintage inspired stainless steel scoops that double as charming kitchen decor

I truly believe that mundane tasks can be made beautiful! If we have to look at these things every single day, they might as well bring us joy. 


The first item swap you can make to add more charm to your kitchen is to switch up your linens. Think about your kitchen towels, oven mitts, and aprons. 

Using linens as spring decor and a refresh in cottage style kitchen

I love shopping at Marshall’s and Home Goods for beautiful, vintage inspired linens. You can usually find a pack of 3 for five or six dollars! If you don’t have either of those stores near you, I’ve linked some similar to mine, here

Dishwashing Tools

If you have to wash dishes, it might as well be a beautiful experience, right?! Haha! There are so many ways you can add vintage charm to your dishwashing station. 

Simple and beautiful dishwashing tools that double as kitchen decor and add charm

Rather than leaving a bottle of dish soap next to your sink, consider purchasing a pretty soap pump like this one to add more character! 

Beautiful kitchen dishwashing tools that add charm to your decor in a simple way

My pretty wooden scrubber is from Marshall’s, but I’ve linked a similar one here

Beautiful wooden handle dish scrubber displayed next to kitchen sink in cottage style kitchen

You could also consider a pretty soap dish to set your sponge or scrubber on. The white one I have was my Grandfather’s, and it’s the prettiest little ironstone dish. 

Salt and Pepper

If you cook often like I do, you probably use a lot of seasoning! I keep two small, marble jars out on my counter for both my salt and my pepper. It makes it so much easier to season veggies, soups and sauces, and I love how handy these are! 

Salt and pepper displayed beautifully in cottage style kitchen

My salt bowl was thrifted, and the pepper dish was a gift from a friend. Again, I’ve linked some similar for you if you love the look of mine! 🙂

Mixing Bowls

In most cases I’m using my Kitchen Aid mixer for things like cakes and breads, but once in a while my beautiful stoneware bowls come in handy and I love leaving them out on my counter. 

Beautiful mixing bowls displayed as charming kitchen decor in spring cottage style kitchen

They have so much charm and character, and they are perfect for storing fruits and veggies or for allowing your bread to rise. 

Cutting Boards, Wooden Spoons and Rolling Pins

Last year I had a post all about my thrifted kitchen items, and I’m pretty sure I included all of these things in that post. Cutting boards, wooden spoons and rolling pins are all everyday items that can be swapped out for something more charming. 

7 easy swaps to add spring charm to your kitchen using beautiful cutting boards

I love to look out for these items at thrift stores and garage sales, but if you would rather purchase them brand new you can find some lovely options at…you guessed it! Marshall’s or Home Goods! 

Wooden spoons displayed in cottage kitchen for spring decor

Glass Canisters

It’s temping to go for plastic when it comes to storing things like flours and oats, but consider leaving some glass canisters out on your counter, instead. 

Glass canister as one of 7 easy swaps to add spring charm to your kitchen

There is something about glass that adds so much more character, and whenever I go to get ingredients out of them they put a smile on my face. I actually purchased mine at Walmart if you want to grab the same ones!

Gorgeous glass containers to store kitchen items that add charm

And while we’re talking about glassware, think about glass cake stands as well! Whenever I bake homemade breads or cakes, I love to be able to leave the fruit of my labor out on display. There is nothing more homey and lovely than fresh baked goods sitting out on the counter! 

Gorgeous Glass Cake Stand used as charming spring kitchen decor

My cake stand was a thrift store find, but I have you covered if you’re looking for one similar


The last swap I have for you today goes along with the glass canisters, but consider adding some scoops to your jars. There are so many amazing options that have that wonderful vintage feel. 

Vintage scoop displayed in glass container used for kitchen decor

My stainless scoop came from Amazon! I love it and I really want to purchase a few more. But keep an eye out at thrift stores for vintage scoops, as well! This charming copper cup measure was a gift from my mom, and I love how it looks in my kitchen.

Charming copper measuring cup displayed in spring kitchen one of the 7 easy ways to add spring charm to your kitchen

Here are the 7 swaps listed for a quick reference for when you are wanting to refresh your kitchen space like me:

  1. Linens
  2. Dishwashing Tools
  3. Salt and Pepper
  4. Mixing Bowls
  5. Cutting Boards, Wooden Spoons and Rolling Pins
  6. Glass Canisters
  7. Scoops

I hope these 7 easy ways to add spring charm to your kitchen were inspiring to you! Are there any other ideas that you personally use for your kitchen? If so, I would love to hear them below!



7 Easy Swaps to Add Spring Charm to Your Kitchen


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