Thrifty and Simple Ways to Add Charm to Your Kitchen

Thrifty and Simple Ways to add charm to your kitchen

Today I am sharing thrifty and simple ways to add charm to your kitchen!

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Before I begin sharing the budget-friendly and simple ways to add charm to your kitchen, let me share pics of our kitchen from when we moved into this house. The previous owners had installed new kitchen cabinets, appliances, countertops and floors and for that we were so thankful.

Before photo of our kitchen

Over the years, however, we have made some simple cosmetic changes that have really helped to add more cottagey, farmhouse charm. I am excited to share the transformation with you all and hopefully give you some inspiration for you to make a few thrifty and simple decor changes to your own kitchen as well!

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Add corbels under your cabinets

One of the first things we did in our kitchen to add more charm was to add corbels under our upper cabinets.

High back sink and copper faucet

The price on them has gone up since we installed ours, but they are still very affordable and they add a built-in feel to your cabinetry. We simply spray painted ours with white paint that matched our cabinets and added them to the end of each cabinetry section. 

Install a timeless backsplash

When we moved in, our kitchen didn’t have a backsplash. We chose a classic white subway tile that fits well with the counter and the year in which our home was built. Although it is currently trendy, subway tile is a timeless option that I know I won’t regret in 10-15 years. And it was much more affordable than we thought it would be! 

Our hidden dishwasher is one

Keep an eye out for sales, our subway tile was clearanced when we purchased it which saved us a lot of money. 

Consider switching out your hardware

Hardware can make such a big difference! Our kitchen had sleek, stainless steel handles when we moved in and, while they worked well for someone with more modern farmhouse kitchen, they didn’t fit the vintage charm vibe I was going for. 

Thrifty and Simple Ways to Add Charm to Your Kitchen with new hardware

I have since gone through two sets of hardware, and my first set was actually purchased from eBay! You can find some great deals if you are willing to search. My current hardware was purchased here

Install faux wood beams

DIY Faux Wood Beams for a Thrifty and Simple Way to Add Charm to Your Kitchen

Have you checked out my DIY faux wood beam step-by-step tutorial? Wood beams don’t have to cost thousands of dollars, in fact we spent less than a hundred on ours. Beams add so much warmth, character and rustic charm. Plus, they are much easier to install than you think! 

DIY some cabinetry feet

Consider making your own cabinet feet! My husband made ours with 1×4’s, I simply drew a picture on some paper and he traced my design onto the wood.

Adding cabinetry feet to add simple charm to you kitchen

After cutting them out he spray painted them and nailed them to the base of our cabinets. They make SUCH a difference and give our cabinets a custom feel. A little creativity to diy beautify your kitchen goes a long way!

Look for an antique sink or switch up your faucet

Looking for an antique sink that is both affordable and in good condition could take months. I check antique and thrift stores, or even Facebook marketplace often – I see them all the time!

My friend Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone has a great podcast all about what to look for in an antique sink, check it out for some amazing tips!

If you have the money and you are low on patience, you can always buy a vintage inspired sink that is brand new. 

White high back antique sink is an easy Thrifty and Simple Way to Add Charm to Your Kitchen

I had the opportunity to work with Vintage Tub and Bath last spring, and we ended up getting a brand new high back sink that is meant to look old. I absolutely love it and you can read all about that here. 

If a new sink is altogether out of your budget, you can always just switch out your faucet! That is exactly what we did during those years of waiting for my dreamy white sink. I simply purchased an affordable faucet with a copper feel and it added loads of character to our kitchen!

spring decor in the kitchen

Incorporate a DIY chalkboard

Do you have some wall space in your kitchen? Think about incorporating a chalkboard!

DIY chalkboard in our kitchen

To me, chalkboards add a vintage feel and you can make yours even more unique by creating it yourself. I used a vintage frame and some chalk paint and I just love the charm it adds to our kitchen space. You can see how I made ours, here!

Hang a peg rack

A super simple and thrifty way to add charm to your kitchen is by hanging a peg rack. Tea towels, herbs, measuring spoons, twine. There are tons of treasures and thrifted finds you can hang from those pegs that will instantly add character to your space!

How to add charm to your kitchen!

Hang a pot rack

Another easy way to add charm – hang a pot rack! I love to collect copper, and it makes such a statement when it is all grouped together. I use this rack from Ikea to hang mine, and I love the extra storage and how all my copper pots look hanging above my DIY chalkboard. 

Chalkboard Decor in Christmas Kitchen

Add faux grids to your windows

Window are often an area that is overlooked. In order to add more charm to ours, we installed some faux window grids (or panes, or grilles…whatever you want to call them)! This was such an easy, affordable project and I love the character that these grids add to our kitchen! 

Our diy AirStone accent wall now feels complete after trimming out the window!

All of these small little changes really bring an overall look and feel to my kitchen that makes me enjoy being in this space more. I really hope these thrifty and simple ways to add charm to your kitchen inspired you! I would love to hear what you have done in your own kitchen in the comments below!


Thrifty and Simple Ways to add charm to your kitchen


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  1. Such a dramatic change you have made to your kitchen. Your selections in the design are beautiful. It just goes to show what you can do with your space.

  2. Beautiful space Andrea and I love how these ideas are practical. I always enjoy studying your spaces for inspiration. 🤍


  3. WOW! What great ideas…I really enjoyed your post. Wondering about the wood cover you have on your dishwasher….do you mind sharing where you found yours?? Also, wondering how you attached the corbels on your upper cabinets?

    Love your home!

    1. Hello Brooke! My kitchen cabinets were already here when we purchased our home, they are just a shade of bright white. I hope this helps!

  4. Hi Andrea,
    Love your home so much….can’t stop looking at it:)
    Can you tell me what type of countertops you have?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you so much! They were already installed when we moved in to be honest, so I am not 100% sure what they are. Sorry I couldn’t help more!

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