Thrifty Dining Room and Kitchen Christmas Decor Tour

Thrifty Dining Room & Kitchen Christmas Tour

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing my thrifty dining room and kitchen, all decorated for Christmas! 

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I thought I would combine both of these rooms since the dining area moves right into the kitchen. If you missed my Christmas living room tour, be sure to check it out here

Thrifty dining room and kitchen Christmas Tour
Gallery kitchen decorated for Christmas cottage style home
Thrifty Christmas Dining Room and Kitchen Tour
Dining room decorated for Christmas simple and nuetral

I thought I would start by focusing in on my buffet. This beautiful dresser was my Grandfather’s, and this year I used my collection of bottle brush trees again, but wanted to give them some height. 

Thrifty Dining Room and Kitchen Christmas Decor Tour

Some thrifted glass cake stands were the perfect solution! I placed the stands on a bed of fresh cedar and small ornaments that I painted in order to give them a mercury glass finish. You can find that tutorial over on my Instagram stories!

Thrifty Christmas Dining Room decor in cottage style home

I also surrounded the trees with some thrifted blue gray candles that were only .25 cents each. They are the prettiest color, and they look so lovely in some vintage brass candlesticks that are also secondhand finds! 

Thrifty and simple Christmas decor in cottage style dining room

I topped the mirror above the buffet with some more greenery – a mix of real and faux cedar. I tied it all together with some pretty ribbon, and decided to tuck cedar in different places on my dining room shelves, as well. 

Dining room shelves decorated for Christmas
Cottage dining room mirror decorated with cedar for Christmas

One of my favorite touches on our shelves is the little silver Santa mold that was my Grandma’s. I have his front side on one shelf, and his back on the other! That little mold makes me smile. 

Antiques used as thrifty Christmas decor vintage santa

Another area that I added greenery was on the lantern above the table. Some fresh cedar tied with ribbon gives it a festive feel. 

Thrifty dining room decor on lantern above table in cottage style home

I added another Christmas tree to the right of the buffet – this cute little tree is from Walmart! It’s so realistic and very affordable. I love the twinkle that it brings to the dining space, and I decorated it with some ribbon that I tucked imperfectly all around the tree. I also added my favorite thrifted golden star ornaments that I scored last year secondhand! The whole bag was only $2. 

Simple Christmas tree in dining room cottage style Christmas
Thrifty and Simple Christmas Kitchen and Dining Room

The cutting board wall is another favorite area of mine! I hung more faux cedar garland with lights, and I added the bell garland that I shared with you guys last week in my Christmas haul! A simple Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the basket below brings me so much joy. 

Thrifty budget friendly Christmas decor

I was excited to decorate the kitchen this year since it’s changed so much! Our new range has a beautiful rustic beam above it, so I decided to add some greenery to the top of it which I love so much. It’s a mix of faux pine and real cedar, and I attached it using twine and a cup hook!

Rustic reclaimed wood range with Christmas decor

The vintage Santa print was my Grandfather’s. I seriously love it SO much – the blues and greens go so well in our kitchen. Other than the print, I didn’t want a lot of extra decor on the counters. 

Minimal and natural Christmas decor in cottage style kitchen
Antique vintage Christmas print for Christmas Kitchen

With all the baking I do at Christmas time, I didn’t want a lot of extra decor to have to clean and wipe around. A few fresh cedar branches was really all I added to the counters. Instead, I focused my efforts upward! 

Neutral and minimal countertops for Christmas cottage kitchen
Simple and clutter free kitchen countertops at Christmas
Simple minimal christmas kitchen decor

I created a swag for the window above the sink, again with real and faux greenery. Tied up with ribbon that I made by cutting fabric, it adds the perfect holiday touch to the sink area. 

Cedar swag above sink in Christmas cottage style kitchen
Simple and beautiful thrifty cottage Christmas decor in kitchen

On the stone wall, I added some garland that I attached to our new (old) beams using more cup hooks. I love the way the greenery wraps around my copper, it looks so festive and warm! 

Simple and thrifty cottage Christmas decor
Cottage stone wall with Christmas decor in kitchen

Instead of filling my basket with more greenery, I decided to fill with it boxes that I wrapped in simple white and brown craft paper! I love the way it looks – like I have a basket of presents all ready for the post office! The craft paper creates an old fashioned feel – “brown paper packages tied up with string…” I love it!

Thrifty faux packages used as Christmas decor in kitchen

And that is it for my thrifty dining room and kitchen, overall very simple, but as I have mentioned, I am going for a very minimal and neutral look this year for decor.

Neutral and Minimal Cottage Christmas dining room and kitchen
Easy and minimal Christmas decor in Dining Room

I also, I wanted to let you all know that I have two new devotionals available for Christmas! One for women, and one for kids. The one for women is called “Pondering the Holy Season”, and it’s a six day study that my Mom wrote. The devotional focuses on why Mary pondered, and why we should ponder during this time of year, as well. I know it will be a blessing to so many of you! It’s available as both an e-book, and a printable 21 page booklet!

The second devotional we have available is one near and dear to my heart! My Mom and I wrote “The 12 Days of Christmas for Children” with my boys in mind. I wanted a devotional that I could read to them each day on the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Each day centers around the true Reason for the season, and it’s designed to help children understand the true meaning of Christmas!

If you purchase the printable packet, there are Christmas activities on each day for your children as well! I am so excited for families to use this devotional during this holiday season.

You can check out both devotionals here if you’re interested! There is also a sneak peek of both devotionals in the YouTube video linked above.

Well I hope you enjoyed my simple and thrifty dining room and kitchen space all decorated for Christmas! Thanks again for stopping by sweet friends!



Thrifty Dining Room & Kitchen Christmas Tour


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  1. I do love the way you decorate. It always looks lovely and not overdone. Thanks to you I’ve paired back my holiday decorations and am so happy for your inspiration. Thank you.

  2. I love the way you decorate your home. It is so tastefully done, relaxing and calm no clutter. I’m trying to go less is more, but it is hard. Hopefully I will keep watching your videos and be inspired. Right now I’m putting extra decor in a box and if I don’t look for anything in that box for a year it is given away.

  3. Your home looks lovely and I love how you used all the greenery. Your grandfathers old pic of Santa is so sweet!

  4. Hi Andrea! Love your clean style of decorating. It’s so peaceful and inviting. Do you mind sharing how you attach your garlands above your doorways? I am such a weenie about poking things into the walls but your house has to work for you and I think I need to get over it!

    1. Thank you so much, I use hook screws and then just spackle the holes afterwards! It works well for me, I hope this helps!

  5. I have three boys with special needs..7-21 yes old. I can’t wait to purchase the devotion printable for Christmas. It will really help add the spirit to our Christmas. I ♥️Your home so much and you have the sweetest spirit.

  6. I’m amazed at how greenery can spice up a space so well! My decor budget is a bit smaller this Christmas since we just got our floors refinished, but I’m excited to see how I can make the most of it like you!

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