Budget Friendly Spring Decor Ideas

Budget Friendly Spring Decor Ideas

We have had a beautiful April so far here in Michigan, and I am finally ready to decorate! Today I am sharing several budget friendly spring decor ideas I hope are a help to you!

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About a month ago I shared a blog post including several spring inspiration photos I loved from Pinterest. I still haven’t decorated, but after hosting Easter dinner and enjoying a very warm April week in Michigan, I am finally ready! In this blog post I am sharing all of my budget friendly spring decor ideas I love to incorporate each year!

Reclaimed Wood Dining Room Table
Fruit and flowers displayed in english cottage kitchen
Reclaimed Wood Beam Accents in Cottage Inspired Entryway

Budget Friendly Spring Decor – Straw Hats

I absolutely love incorporating straw hats throughout my home in both the spring and summer season. They just scream springtime to me! They are so beautiful and easy to hang or stack throughout your home.

Reclaimed wood beams in entryway makeover
Paint colors used in shaker style mudroom entryway makeover in cottage style home

Straw hats are extremely budget friendly as well. Almost every time I visit a thrift store I can find straw hats. They are always priced very well, I just found two for just a few dollars!

Affordable Spring Decor – Galvanized Metal

There are so many ways to incorporate galvanized metal into your spring home decor. From buckets of flowers, to trays, to bins, it looks so beautiful in your home. Galvanized metal brings a hint of the outdoors inside.

Cottage Dining Room Refresh

Galvanized metal can also be very budget friendly. It is easy to find thrifting and I have also found several items at garage sales! Try to be creative with ways to use it and you will be surprised at how much it can add to a room.

Thrifty Spring Decor – Watering Cans

Watering cans will always be on my spring decor idea list. When you see a watering can, you think of gardens, flowers and all of the beautiful bright green plants that usher in spring.

Cottage inspired summer decor ideas with fresh flowers
Kitchen and dining room home interior design based on english cottage elements

Once again, I can almost always find watering cans thrifting. I have also had a lot of luck finding them at antique stores, as well! Having different sizes is perfect, whether they stand alone or are filled with flowers! I stick them everywhere I can throughout the spring and summer seasons.

Budget Friendly Spring Decor – Lighter Fabrics

Throughout winter, I love to decorate with heavier cozy fabrics – from throw blankets to pillow covers. The same is true for spring! I change out all of my cozy warm fabrics to lighter choices like linen.

Cozy Warm Blankets for Home in Wintertime
Summer Cottage Kitchen with fresh lilacs

This includes my towels, pillowcases, blankets and even curtains! You can exchange your curtains for sheer panels that provide the perfect airy and light spring decor.

Before you go out and purchase new, be sure to check the linen section of your thrift stores for these items as well! As long as they can be washed, there are so many beautiful things to be found!

Thrifty Spring Decor – Garden Tools

Antique and vintage garden tools look so beautiful on display in your home for spring. They also once again bring the outside in and are so easy to find thrifting or antiquing!

Shaker mudroom area inspiration

Simply hang them or display them on shelves, around your watering cans or anywhere that needs an extra spring touch! I have a few hanging in my back entry pictured above and I love how it brings the outside, in.

Simple Spring Decor – Terracotta

Terracotta pots are perfect to incorporate into your spring decor. You can use them for indoor plants throughout your home or simply stack them up and style them!

They bring a nice warm earthy tone and make you think of flowers and plants which is exactly what you want when thinking of spring decor. I love to find older pots while thrifting that have an aged look as well!

Affordable Spring Decor – Artwork

One section of the thrift store I never used to pay attention to was the art section, but recently I really have loved incorporating artwork throughout my home. I have found so many beautiful pieces thrifting and antiquing at great prices with gorgeous vintage frames.

Vintage Artwork Simple Home Decor

Even if the piece doesn’t have a beautiful frame, you can always reframe it as well. Frames are so budget friendly at thrift stores! Just know the size you are looking for ahead of time and you will be sure to find a perfect fit.

Budget Friendly Spring Decor Ideas Artwork

When shopping for artwork, I look for anything with a beautiful summer or spring scene. Several of my downloadable prints (which you can find here) display landscape scenes full of greenery. They are an easy, affordable option, especially with a thrifted frame!

Decorating on a Budget – Hang Clothing or Accessories

Just like we love to hang scarves, stockings and beautiful mittens on display during wintertime, we can do the same for spring! Any clothing or accessories that you use often throughout the season can be easily displayed as spring decor.

Springtime cottage entryway

I love to hang my jean jacket in my entryway along with a market basket, both things I use throughout the season. The jacket adds a beautiful pop of blue as well! Anything you can think of – from jackets to rain boots – all look great displayed for spring!

Thrifty Spring Decor – Glass Pitchers

Another section of the thrift store that always has so many options is the glasswares section. At first it can be overwhelming (especially if your store has a large selection), but if you take the time to look through this area you can almost always find beautiful glass pitchers and vases.

Living room cottage decor including antique coffee table with lilacs displayed for spring

These look absolutely beautiful in the springtime with fresh flowers. I love seeing the stem and water through the glass as well!

Budget Friendly Spring Decor – Baskets

If you have been following me for any amount of time, you know I can’t share a decor idea list without including baskets. Baskets are so functional as decor throughout any season, in any room of your home!

Lilac basket display in entryway of english cottage style home
Stacked baskets english cottage style decor

I always shop the basket section when I thrift. Almost every basket in my home was purchased second hand. I just love the warmth and texture they bring. In the springtime, they look absolutely beautiful filled with flowers!

Thrifty Spring Decor – Flowers

Fresh or faux, flowers are always a must for your spring decor. Before lilac season here in Michigan, I use a lot of faux flowers throughout my home and there is nothing wrong with that! There are honestly so many beautiful options and the pop of green in your home just ushers in the new season.

Paint Colors used in Living Room

I have so many different blog posts and YouTube videos on faux greenery if you need any help or guidance in that area!

Of course whenever I am able, I love to incorporate fresh flowers. Like I said above, I LOVE lilac season. I clip as many as I can, and have them all throughout my home! They are absolutely beautiful and something I look forward to every season.

Antique wooden butcher block decor in english cottage style kitchen decorated for spring
Entryway with watering can and lilacs used as spring decor

Budget Friendly Spring Decor Ideas

  • Straw Hats
  • Galvanized Metal
  • Watering Cans
  • Lighter Fabrics
  • Gardening Tools
  • Terracotta
  • Clothing/Accessories
  • Artwork
  • Glass Pitchers
  • Baskets
  • Flowers

Well friends, I hope all of these budget friendly spring decor ideas have you as excited about decorating for spring as I am! I would love to read any other ideas you have in the comments!


Budget Friendly Spring Decor Ideas


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  1. These are great ideas! Thanks for the budget friendly inspiration. I love the jean jacket and straw hat!

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