6 Easy Ways to Landscape with Stone

6 Easy Ways to Landscape with Stone
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Here are 6 easy ways to landscape with stone! These simple, DIY projects will add so much character to your home exterior, and I’m excited to share these stone landscape design ideas with you!

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Hello friends! Another warm day in Michigan has me thinking about outdoor projects. Before I overwhelm myself with all that needs to be tackled, I love to take time to reflect on all we have accomplished while living here. I am excited to share a few of my favorite outdoor DIY projects which all involve ways to landscape with stone! 

Stone border on flower garden home exterior inspiration cottage style
Come tour our pea gravel patio in the summer!
Perennials for a Cottage Garden

Outside Patio Idea – DIY Pea Gravel Patio

I honestly love all of these projects so much, but want to start with one of my favorites – my pea gravel patio. This is probably one of the only projects in this list I have an entire dedicated blog post on, which you can read about here

Come tour our pea gravel patio in the summer!

I love pea gravel for so many reasons. As most of you know, I love English Cottage Style. A few years ago my husband and I had the opportunity to visit the Cotswold Cottage (brought over stone by stone from England) in Greenfield Village here in Michigan, and it had a lovely patio that was all pea gravel. 

Low budget patio ideas - pea gravel

I fell in love with the space and wanted to do something similar in our own backyard! I love how low-maintenance this landscaping rock is, surrounded by decorative stones and pavers. It’s the perfect stone pebble accent to withstand the varying weather conditions of Michigan.

One of my favorite views is when I’m standing near the redbud tree and swing playground looking at our patio and shed. I just love the character and charm that our patio adds to our outdoor space and lawn.

DIY back patio area in backyard of english cottage influenced yard and garden tour

Front Yard Landscaping – Stacked Stone under Porch 

Adding stacked stone under our front porch instantly added so much character and texture to our home exterior, as well as enhancing the curb appeal. I love the different shades of natural stone and how well it seamlessly blended with everything.

Cottage Porch Refresh - Our New Arch Top Storm Door!


Stone is such a timeless feature, and something you see often in cottage style homes and rock gardens. I know this sounds crazy, but we actually purchased our stone in bulk at a garage sale of all places, so I’m not able to link the exact stone we used.

Purchasing the stone second hand saved us a lot of money, and using it to surround the porch was a simple weekend project. Adding the stone walls also helped to enclose our porch underneath and add depth. I just love the way it turned out! 

Cottage style home exterior

Backyard DIY Projects – Dry Creek Bed with Fieldstone

We were having some moisture issues in our basement, mostly in one area where the ground would just get saturated after a rain storm. Instead of installing gutters which can cause issues in the long run, my Dad came up with the idea of creating a dry creek bed

That way, when the rain water runs off the roof, it will hit the stone bed and run off away from the house rather than saturating the ground. 

DIY Dry Creek Bed!

For this project we laid plastic sheeting, then covered it in fieldstone that we got for free. We live in a rural area surrounded by farmland, and oftentimes farmers will pile the stone up that they pull out of their fields. We asked a farmer that attends our church if he had any stone he wouldn’t mind us taking, and he sent us to a massive pile on his property and said “take as much as you’d like!”

Easy DIY dry creek bed made of stone

River Rock Landscaping Ideas – Rock Borders

If you are looking to add charm to your home, try adding rustic rock or stone throughout your property. Stone goes with any style – country, cottage, farmhouse, modern, you name it. It can be used either on the border of your flower garden, or in the backyard around the fire pit, patio or garden area. Consider lining pathways or a driveway with stone, or even starting a little stone garden!

How we installed a pea gravel patio

A tip when using stone is to ask around for help! My mother in law actually helped me with the border of my front flower beds and it was such a fun day. Together we were able to work quickly and come up with a curved design that is so charming. She also got the stone for free from a friend, which kept the project super budget friendly.

Cottage home exterior makeover adding charm and character
cottage garden flower beds

Raised Flower Beds Along Fence -Around Beds 

Rock also looks so beautiful spread around raised garden beds and helps to separate the space from the rest of your yard. Stone compliments flowers beautifully, and it will really help your gardens pop!

Cottage flower bed inspiration
Tickled Pink Veronica works well in our raised flower beds

We used a simple white rock around our flower gardens and I love both the character it adds and how it separates the space in a neat and uniform way away from the grassy areas. 

The white also really accentuates the reclaimed wood garden boxes, and when all the gorgeous perennials are in bloom they are such a beautiful backdrop! 

Tips for raised flower beds
Planting an English Flower Garden in raised beds
Our DIY Flower Garden in raised beds!

Walkway Landscaping – Stacked Stone under Picket Fence

When we installed our white picket fence along our property border in the back of our home, there was a large gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground. Rocks were once again the perfect filler! 

Cottage garden inspiration

I simply stacked flat pieces of shale that not only filled the gap, but added a beautiful feature under our charming picket fence. 

I just love how all of these projects came together. They were also very budget friendly and easy to tackle on a weekend.

Cottage home exterior makeover adding charm and character

Do not be afraid to ask around before you go out and purchase stone or rocks. Check Facebook Marketplace as well! People are selling landscaping materials all the time.

6 Easy Ways to Landscape with Stone

  • Pea Gravel Patio
  • Stacked Stone under Porch
  • Dry Creek Bed with Fieldstone
  • Rock Borders
  • Around Raised Garden Beds
  • Stacked Stone under Picket Fence 

Have you tackled any projects similar to mine? There are honestly so many creative ways to landscape with all types of stone, and I love incorporating it whenever I can! In what other ways have you used stone or rock borders around your home? I’d love to hear in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by today friends!


6 Easy Ways to Landscape with Stone


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  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas on stone and gavel. Your home is beautiful inside and out. While watching your video I couldn’t help noticing all the beautiful flowers, bushes and the lovely tree all in bloom with white flowers. We recently purchased a new home (to us) and basically it has no landscape, just grass. I was wondering if you would do a video (or if you already have one) on your plants and trees.

  2. I watch every single video on your YouTube channel, and your blog is just gorgeous to look at! Thank you for so much practical, beautiful inspiration! Love these ideas!

  3. It looks beautiful! You shared some great ideas.

    We live in the country and have tons of river rock and limestone on our property. We have stacked the limestone around our flower beds. Farmers are always wanting trees, weeds (wildflowers) and rocks away from their fields. Andrea is right, just ask. I’ve also seen people online and in town giving away free landscape rock when they’re updating.

    Another tip for free stuff. If they are cutting trees in your area they will drop off the mulch for free if you ask. They don’t want to haul it if they don’t have to. Unless there are rules in the city. That’s how we mulch our flower beds, gardens, around the trees and make paths through our woods.

    1. Oh my goodness, what an amazing suggestion, thank you so much for commenting and adding this, how helpful!

  4. The difference that using stone materials for landscaping can make is amazing to look at. Rather than using flowers and grass everywhere, adding a few spots where we use decorative stone might be a great way to make some good contrast. I’ll go and look for a landscaping expert from the area who can supply me with the materials I need moving forward.

  5. It got me when you said there is an added character to the exterior part of your house when you have stacked stone under the front porch. I have been thinking of hiring hardscape services to add some design to our front yard without adding more plants. We just want something that is easy to maintain, especially when we are quite busy most of the time which is why adding more plants might be harder for us to water them regularly.

  6. I find it fascinating that you can use river rocks to create a unique landscape texture around your home. My friend is planning to invest in an outdoor space that he could use to wow and stun his future visitors. Maybe it’s time that we find a landscape supplier that can provide different gravels and rocks for his project.

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