Mushroom Paint Colors – Trendy or Timeless?

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PIn it Mushroom Paint Colors

Today I want to talk about mushroom paint colors! What is mushroom exactly? And is this color just trendy? Or will it stand the test of time?

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I did something crazy last week…I pulled out some mushroom paint colors and painted the fireplace built-ins Mike built for us.

I know, I know. The white was classic and perfectly fine. I don’t know if I was just trying to keep my mind busy with all that’s been going on, or if the chilly weather has me craving moody, warmer tones. 

Whatever it is, I have to say that about half way through the first coat of this mushroom paint I stopped and thought, “what have I DONE?!?!?!”

Mantle Paint Color

Hahaha. Oh man, it scared me for sure. But at that point I was already half way finished, and I figured I would just keep going to see how I felt about the change. 

I will admit, it’s a BIG change. My bright white focal point in our living room now has a completely different feel, and to be honest I’m still not 100% sure about it. 

Mushroom Paint Colors Defined

I have looooved this “mushroom” color for so long. Probably ever since I saw it in a Country Living article back in 2017. Aren’t these kitchen cabinets absolutely gorgeous?! The shade of mushroom paint they chose is such a warm and neutral tone and at the same time still looks clean and simple.

Mushroom paint in kitchen
Source – deVOL Kitchens

This creamy, warm mushroom paint color is a beautiful mixture of beige and gray. Some call it “greige” and some call it “taupe”, but whatever you want to call it, I personally think it’s beautiful and so perfect in cottage design. Another example of this color is on these beautiful cabinets below, I love how it draws the entire room together!

Mushroom Paint Furniture
Source – deVOL Kitchens

I could show you so many examples of mushroom paint, there are so many different shades to choose from and all of these photo examples display the color in gorgeous ways! I just love that it pairs beautifully with rustic wood tones and bright whites, and honestly it’s the perfect neutral. 

Mushroom Paint Color
Source – Kimberly Gavin

Different Shades of Mushroom Paint

There are many different shades of mushroom paint, including light, medium and dark. I used a dark mushroom shade on my corner cabinet in my dining room and I absolutely love it. The color is called Kingsport Grey by Benjamin Moore, and I’m often asked – “Is it brown or is it gray?” Just what I want to hear! It’s the perfect blend of both. 

As you can see below, this perfect shade of mushroom paint on this corner cabinet really draws your eye to the piece, but doesn’t over power the room at the same time. Very simple, neutral and beautiful.

Neutral Corner Cabinet makeover

I chose a more medium mushroom shade when we gave our sunroom a makeover this spring. We went with a color called Stone Hearth, also by Benjamin Moore. I painted my entire built-in desk unit this color and I love how it warms up my sunroom. 

Our desk built-in is finally complete!

Are Mushroom Paint Colors Trendy or Timeless?

Mushroom shades are extremely trendy right now, but I do believe they are timeless as well. A classic neutral, mushroom if done right can be beautiful for years to come. 

Mushroom colored mantle painting

Although I do believe the right shade of mushroom paint can be timeless, I’m not saying it’s right for my living room, I still have to figure that out haha. But mushroom paint colors have been around for centuries, especially in cottage and countryside homes.

Mushroom Painted Fireplace Built-ins

That brings me to our fireplace built-ins. I love mushroom paint colors so much, but is it possible to have too much of it in your home? Probably. All I know is that I kept wondering what it would look like in my living room, so I just had to try it out. 

The first color I tried was Stone Hearth, and for whatever reason it looked very pink/purple in my living space (you can tell in the photos below). I even tried changing the wall color next to it (from Halo to White Dove by Benjamin Moore) and still it read lavender-ish to me which isn’t something I was going for.

Paint choices for mantle
Mantle Paint Colors

Well, I did a BIG blogging no no (only because I can’t share the perfect shade with you now) and started mixing paint colors up in my kitchen. I took Stone Hearth and added some plain white, and then I added some Macadamia by Sherwin Williams that I just happened to have in my basement. 

I created a mushroom paint color that I *think* I really love…a creamy beige with gray undertones. What I didn’t realize is the domino effect that would follow. 

Different shades of colors on built ins in living room

The Halo paint color that is on my walls now doesn’t pair well with the new mushroom color. So now I have to decide if this new change is worth me repainting my entire living room, ha! Seems like a lot, I know, but my living room could use some new paint.

Not only that, but the color I would choose for the walls would most likely be a creamy white. Guess what? My coved ceilings are creamy white. We have never painted them, they have been that way since we moved in. 

Painted built-ins around fireplace in cottage home

In other words, painting my walls could lead to painting my ceilings. Goodness gracious. Is this reeeeaaallly something you want to do right now, Andrea?? Haha. 

Part of me is craving the change. Sometimes it feels so good to just strip a room down to the bare bones and start fresh. But another part of me is scared to move forward. So I’m going to live with this new color for a while and see where it leads. We’ll see what I end up doing! 

Mushroom colored mantle painting

This post was so very vulnerable, but I’m curious what you guys think. Am I crazy for diving in and painting our built-ins? Should I go back to white? Will this lead to more painting in our living room on the walls and ceiling? Am I headed in the right direction?

I am so excited to read your answers and opinions in the comments below on this mushroom paint color since I am so torn myself! Please let me know what you think friends!


PIn it Mushroom Paint Colors


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  1. I say go with the mushroom paint even if you decide to paint it white in the summer! Change is great, & I like the contrast. I have had a berry red dining room since we moved in almost 15 years ago & have been sampling whites for the room to be painted. I definitely need to get it done before I decorate for Christmas – early this year!

  2. Bravo, Andrea!!!! While I like the whites and grays, I have always wanted to be an original and do my own thing, as you did! The colors are fantastic, and yes, timeless! I love colors in my home and people ooh and ahh when they come into my home. I always say follow your heart and it seems as though you did just that! Keep experimenting with those colors!!!!

  3. I think the colour is nice & cozy looking. Maybe you could add a throw or cushion in the same colour. You could always repaint it white again next summer if it doesn’t grow on you.

  4. Gorgeous!! Classic, timeless and beautiful color. I think the color warms the space and is light enough to be a subtle change. The palette you’ve chosen both in the interior and the exterior of your charming cottage are not only apropos, but modern yet historic. Bravo, girl! Love your style, taste and the welcoming home you’ve made. Thank you for sharing with us. It’s always a joy to see there’s a new post from Pine and Prospect!

  5. I love it! Every room in my home is painted taupe (greige). From a very pale almost off white to a medium taupe color….all off the same paint strip.It looks fantastic with white trim and can be accented with any color. You may find you love it after you live with it awhile!

    1. I love your look! Think it compliments the fireplace. I have mushroom cabinets in my kitchen, which I choose & love but having a very hard time w/ “outside” walls which bump up against these walks. Looking at all shades of white which is undaunting!

  6. I think the mushroom color looks good on bottom cabinets, but not a higher focal point. Sorry, I think you should paint the part above fireplace back to white but leave mushroom on the lower bookcase and bench.

  7. I think the colors are beautiful. It’s hard to find the right color “taupe” and I think you did. Really warms up the space. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I like it! I think you should finish up the painting & decorate for Christmas. Live with it til spring. As you say….it’s only paint.

  9. I think you were on target about the mushroom color warming up the room. I really like it. I think it adds a touch of cozy sophistication to the room.

  10. I love the mushroom colors. As a matter of fact it was your entry hall door and dining room hutch colors that inspired my the color I painted the board and batten wall I just installed. I believe the color I chose was “Alpaca Blanket” by Behr. I’m trying to find a shade darker for my hall doors like yours. Anyway, keep on inspiring .

  11. Love it so much! Looks like it should be in your house! If you go with a her very pale shade of that on your wall, you probably would not have to do your ceiling.

  12. I think the mushroom on the built in looks disconnected from the overall fireplace. When used on the corner cabinet in the dining room, it’s a presence. The visual weight is better on a vertical plane. The same thing with your desk work area. It’s not one fragment “floating” on the wall.
    I think the fireplace built ins need to blend better with the fireplace to make one cohesive presence. I love the color, just not there. Sorry.

    1. Please don’t say sorry! I don’t mind it when you guys are honest with me, the honest feedback helps me to be more creative, thank you!

  13. Andrea, I like the colour! It’s still a neutral but I think it makes more of a statement wall. It also brings out the deeper tone in the stone and goes with the hearth tiles. If you never have the courage to step out of the box, you’ll never allow yourself to create….You’re a creator!
    PS I know what you mean about a pink hue in a beige/grey. Just last fall I had to change a colour for the same reason.

    1. It is weird how different shades bring out different tones against other areas isn’t it? And thank you, so happy you like it!

  14. Only you can decide what us right for your space. You’ll know!
    My opinion is: I like the mushroom on the shelves and bench. However I don’t live it over the fireplace because it’s much darker than the beautiful stone and it feels too heavy as a whole. I would consider going back to white, a nice soft white as opposed to a bright white. That might give you the overall soft cozy feel your craving and unite the cabinet with the stone so it’s one visual feature piece in your room.

      1. Haha, maybe I’m contradicting myself here, but maybe all of our opinions are more confusing than clarifying. I have enjoyed your blog more now that I’m not spending time on Instagram. Your article about what to do when you feel stuck with a space was timely for me. I liked that you suggested looking through books or magazines as opposed to Instagram or Pinterest. During that time I was w/o a phone for 1 1/2 weeks. That experience changed me. My mind cleared, my creativity increased, I was more calm and present than ever. I’m glad I get your emails. I enjoy your style, your faith, your paintings, your goodness and how you share what you do in an authentic realistic way.

  15. Andrea, I truly like the color! I think it is a better choice than the white because it blends better with the antique wooden beam on the fireplace. The old world charm has been your theme throughout your home and this addition compliments the style you are trying to achieve. Excellent. I might have even did another drop or two of a darker version but ever so slight. Yes, my dear you are an inspiration to many, including myself. Keep creating! I also wanted to express my deepest thoughts of love and prayers to you and your family on the loss of your grandpa. Cynthia

    1. Thank you so much for the prayers, we still need them so much! Thank you also for your sweet words about the new color, I love that you pointed out the beam as well!

  16. Andrea…I say do what you love. I like it both ways. I am curious what you’ll think with Christmas decorating. We all crave change. ❤

  17. I think it’s gorgeous Andrea!! Yes, white is classic, but it can also get boring. This looks so different! And it’s just paint after all. You can always change it if you feel eventually it’s too tendy. I think it’s awesome that you pushed yourself to do something different! I think that can be how we discover what we really love.
    Bravo! It’s beautiful!

  18. I love the mushroom tone over your fireplace! It really warms up the space. I’ve been trying to figure out how to add a few of these warmer touches into my space as well 😉

  19. It is always a challenge to try something new. I love the mushroom color tones too. Since it is a smaller living room, I feel that the mushroom color takes away from the feeling of a more spacious area. The original white brightened and expanded the living space. Thank you for asking for our opinions and advice with your project. That is so sweet. Take your time and I know you will come to a great design decision as you always do. Can’t wait to see1

  20. Absolutely an update! Has a timeless sophistication over white and grey. I’m building and deciding between SW Stucco and BM Carington Beige for all kitchen cabinets. Just ruled out SW Shirakawa bc too dark.

  21. Andrea it really looks great. I love the warmer tone or contrast. White has become so over done and an all white room is boring to me. I love how you follow your heart instead of trends and it works. You have encouraged me to start making changes according to my heart not trends. Thank you for that. Hugs and God bless.



  22. I am in love with that mushroom color. It adds a little extra something to the room. Your post, in fact, is making me rethink my future kitchen (house will be done in about 10 months!) and doing my cabinets in something similar!!

  23. One seemingly innocent tiny project spiraling into a a complete overhaul of an entire room? I’m afraid I can relate to this all too much, lol! 😂

  24. Hi Andrea! I just love your channel and blog. You are my absolute favorite YouTuber! Thank you for all you share and the beauty you bring to others and the time you take to do so. I really love watching your thrift hauls too! Can you please tell me what color paint/technique you used on your stone hearth?

  25. It is now about to be 2024 and I just found your post on Pinterest. I am sold. I have a single wardrobe cabinet of striped and lightened oak that I might just paint mushroom. The stripped oak is almost that color anyway. I know someone had this cabinet dipped to strip it as the veneer is coming off the sides. As of today, are you still in love with mushroom?

    1. Yes I am – to me it’s such a timeless color that I feel will be around for a very long time! I hope your project comes together perfectly!

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