Country Cottagecore Style Home Tour – Share the Love Series

Country Cottagecore Home tour

Hey sweet friends! Today I am excited to share my friend Emma’s country cottagecore style home and her beautiful blog, Loving Grace Home!

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Today I’m so excited to be sharing this country cottagecore style home tour in my final “Share the Love” series for February!

It’s been so much fun sharing my sweet friends with you all, and I hope that you guys have been just as inspired as I have been after sharing all of these beautiful homes this past month!

I’m ending this series by sharing the most encouraging friend and mama – Emma from Loving Grace Home

Emma Loving Grace Home Blog

Emma and I met over on Instagram, which is one reason why I enjoy that app. As much as I dislike social media, in some ways it has been a blessing as I’ve cultivated so many amazing friendships through it!

Over the past couple of years, Emma has been such an encouragement to me. She is one of those friends that always has kind words to share, and when she says she’s praying for me, I know she really is. 

Homeschool motherhood mom and interior designer

There are a lot of things that Emma and I have in common, one of them being that we are both boy moms. We have nine boys between us, in fact Emma just had her sixth baby boy this past December!

She now has five boys here on earth, and one precious boy in Heaven. You’ll have to read more about Emma’s story of hope in great loss, here. Her story of strength and trust amidst so much grief inspires me in ways she will never know . 

Vintage Inspired Kitchen Cottage Elements

Emma is a homeschool mama with a true heart for homemaking. Her love of all things home is so evident, and her Instagram feed is filled with beautiful images that capture the beauty of keeping the home, which I appreciate so much.

Emma refers to her style as country cottagecore, which is a perfect description of her home. I love that she blends vintage pieces with comfortable, cozy furniture. Her living room looks like the perfect place to curl up with a book!

Cozy living room elements cottage style home
Living room elements of interior design cottage style
Living room space country cottagecore vintage elements
Country cottage core living room elements

Everyday items like baskets and candles become a work of art in Emma’s home. I love her use of copper in her kitchen and dining room, and I especially love her beautiful collection of ironstone. 

country cottagecore style elements vintage
Vintage country cottagecore home tour
Country cottagecore Vintage home decor elements
Vintage basket decor ideas in cottage style home

Emma is always sharing from scratch recipes that are simple yet beautiful. She does an amazing job of capturing the beauty of food and family, and I love that about her. 

Homemaking recipes using vintage design elements
Delicious homemade meals using vintage dishes and kitchenware

One of my favorite rooms in Emma’s home is her dining space. Her rustic table is absolutely stunning, and I love that she’s always creating the most beautiful table scapes. 

Country cottagecore dining room elements
Cottagecore tablescape elements in dining space
Farmhouse tablescape in country cottagecore home

Emma is an avid thrifter, just like me! She’s always sharing fun thrift hauls and secondhand finds, which I know you guys will love. 

Emma’s garden is another favorite space of mine, you’ll have to scroll through her Instagram feed to see some of her gorgeous outdoor shots! Her photography skills are just amazing. 

I hope you all enjoyed this tour of Emma’s country cottagecore home! Isn’t it beautiful? Emma is always inspiring me to pause and notice the beauty that’s all around me. 

Vintage milkglass collection in country cottagecore home
Cottage Style home interior design elements
Bedroom space of country cottagecore home with vintage elements and details
Cottagecore home design elements

If you missed there other homes in my Share the Love series, be sure to check them out! I’ve shared a mixture of modern, French cottage and European farmhouse style homes over the last month!

This series has been so much fun. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have!


Country Cottagecore Home tour


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  1. Andrea, I have been following you since Spring of 2021 and have been enjoying all that you share. Your home and your family are beautiful. I have been blessed with three brothers, two sons and four grandsons. Needless to say I have been surrounded by boys my whole life.
    Like you and Mike my husband and I have been do-it-yourself-ers our entire married life.
    I have always enjoyed decorating and you inspire me. I love your style and thank you for sharing your friends styles as well.

    1. That is so amazing! I understand being surrounded by boys too haha! Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging words!

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