Cottage Style Laundry Room Inspiration

Cottage style laundry room inspiration

Hey friends, I’m so excited to share my cottage style laundry room inspiration with you today! If you follow me over on YouTube, I gave you a little sneak peek of the laundry room in my video below before I tackled my decor closet.

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I am sharing this cottage style laundry room inspiration because my husband and I are SO ready to get down into the basement and complete that space!

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, you can read all about our basement renovation here. So many of you have asked for an update, and honestly we haven’t done much since I last shared about it. Everything came to a halt when we had Isaiah last year, but we are so ready to get back at it. 

DIY Finished Basement Progress with Beadboard
Washer and dryer area of basement and renovation progress with beadboard

Finishing off our cottage style basement will be such a blessing for our family in so many ways. My husband and boys are excited about the family room/TV area, but I think I’m most excited about the laundry room! 

I want this little corner of our basement to provide storage for laundry soaps and linens, stain removers and hangers, but I also think it will be the perfect kitchenette when we have guests that stay with us. I can picture a little coffee pot in one corner and maybe even a mini fridge or a microwave. 

Basement Space Corner Inspiration
DIY beadboard basement entryway and staircase in cottage style home

I also think that this space might be nice for watering cans or gardening items, clay pots or seedlings. We’ll see! 

Today I’d like to focus on the laundry aspect of this space and tell you what I’m loving about these cottage style laundry room inspiration photos.

First up is this beautiful laundry room filled with galvanized metal and a huge antique washtub. It reminds me so much of the metal washtub I purchased on Facebook Marketplace a few years ago. 

I love the idea of watering cans and fresh flowers in our laundry space, but I especially love the concept of open shelves. That leads me to my second inspiration photo which comes from one of my favorite blogs – Sincerely Marie Designs

My friend Amanda is so talented and her home is absolutely stunning. Since the day she finished this laundry space in her home, I knew it would serve as inspiration for our cottage laundry room one day! 

I love the open shelves and the corbels, and I’m especially drawn to the vintage items she incorporated into the space. The old washboard and the clear glass canisters are perfect in this space. I love every detail! 

We plan on using open shelves as well, similar to the shelves in my dining room. I already purchased the exact same corbels, and we also plan to hang pegs for even more storage. 

This next photo is a beautiful example of a shelf with pegs, and I love the artwork that was incorporated into the space as well. Another thing I love about this photo is the use of brass, both in the faucet as well as the light fixture. 

The open shelving will not only provide storage for laundry items, but also for vintage finds and unique treasures that I’ve been collecting since we started on the space. I’ve got some old hangers, some vintage style clothespins, antique baskets, and so much more. 

All of the beautiful items in this next cottage style laundry room inspiration photo already have my wheels spinning. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to style more shelves!

I love playing with decor and I’m going to be on the hunt for white pitchers, enamelware, old scoops and washboards the next time I go thrifting!

My color scheme for the space is pretty neutral. I want to keep the walls a creamy white to make the space feel larger, but add color by painting all the trim. I’m going to continue the color that I used in my mudroom, Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. 

I love the use of grays and whites in Deb’s laundry room. The entire space feels so bright and airy, but I love the way she incorporated warmth and texture through wood tones and baskets.

Overall, I just want to keep the cottage inspired laundry space simple. Not too busy or overdone, rest of the eyes since I’m sure the piles of laundry will be busy enough. This last laundry space captures just that – simple yet sophisticated. 

I love the painted millwork against the white walls and the vintage drying rack breaks up the space and brings warmth in the most beautiful way!

I hope you enjoyed this cottage style laundry inspiration. It sure helped motivate me and I can’t wait to get to work in this space. I promise to share more with you all soon! 


Cottage style laundry room inspiration

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  1. Are you going to have a rail for air drying like your last 2 pictures? My husband used a regular closet pole for ours. But me dad designed an elaborate retractable counter- weighted system that had 2 wooden end rails that hung from the ceiling. Holes for several laundry lines were drilled through these. Whatever you do, I know it will be functional and beautiful!

  2. Exciting! A well ordered, pretty laundry room is essential to a woman’s sense of peace IMO. 😊 a brilliant idea I saw after our kiddos were grown were kids closets in that room for all their clothes. The kids dressed there making putting away laundry super easy. As to the wall mounted clothes dryer in the inspiration photo we bought that kind for our daughter and she doesn’t love it because since it stays pretty snug to the wall it doesn’t hold much and takes along time to dry. Mine is an accordion, metal w/4 wood rods and hooks below and can handle a lot clothing. Lastly, some, like myself, have extreme allergies to fragranced products so if you plan to have a guest mini kitchen use only fragrance free products.

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