5 Really Affordable Yet Impactful Decorating Ideas

5 Affordable yet impactful decorating ideas

Decorating your home can seem overwhelming at times but it doesn’t need to be! Today I am sharing 5 really affordable yet impactful decorating ideas!

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Sometimes I get comments on my blog or channel telling me how lucky I am to have such a talented husband who can tackle big projects in our home. I’d like to address that topic in a moment, but I also want to encourage you in that sometimes the smallest changes oftentimes make the biggest difference. So today, I’m sharing 5 really affordable yet impactful decorating ideas if you’re working with a small budget!

1. Organize and Declutter

This first tip is absolutely free! If a space is confusing you, completely clear it out and declutter. I think a lot of times people are unhappy with a room in their home, so they try to change that room but only end up moving around the things that they never liked to begin with!

I say move everything out, empty it completely and start with a blank canvas. It will give you a better vision for the space, and as you pull the room back together only incorporate items that you love. 

Decluttering your space as an easy home decor idea

I know that’s not always possible, you may not love your sofa but you need a place to sit. You may hate your dining room table but you need a place to eat. I totally get that! But by removing the clutter and starting with a clean slate, you can eliminate a lot of what’s confusing you and throwing things off.

Then as you piece things back together, you might be able to figure out what’s been bothering you all these years! 

2. The Power of Paint

The next affordable yet impactful decorating idea is to paint! Whether it’s walls, trim, furniture, floors, or kitchen cabinets, paint can do absolute wonders and literally transforms a space. Never underestimate the power of it! 

The power of painting a space to redecorate in your home

You might not be able to tear down walls or buy new furniture, but have you considered buying some paint for a fresh new look? 

3. Switch out Pillow Covers and Throws

Another affordable and impactful decorating idea is to switch out your pillow covers and throws. I love shopping places like Home Goods, TJ Max  and Marshalls for gorgeous yet affordable pillows. You might have an old couch or hand me down chairs that your budget won’t allow you to replace at the moment, but new pillows or a throw can totally transform your dated furniture!

Thrifted small table with new chair mixed together in living room using thrifted decor pieces

4. Display a Collection

I love this idea, and it’s something that took some time for me to figure out. If you love collecting something in particular, try to display it together rather than spreading it throughout your home. 

I could share so many examples of this, like my Pfaltzgraff collection in my dining room, or the wooden cutting boards off my kitchen, or the antique duck decoys in my living room

Displaying collected cutting boards in cottage style home
Duck decoys displayed in a collection as home decor in cottage style living room space
Vintage Pfaltzgraff Heritage dishes are perfect additions to any cottage style dining space.

Even smaller sets like the white pitchers on my fireplace shelves or the metal trays above my couch – together they make a greater impact and all of these items were thrifted and collected over time. 

Cozy interior of a cottage style living room with spring decor touches
5 really affordable yet impactful decorating ideas grouping collected items

5. Update Lighting and Hardware

The last idea I have for you today that won’t cost a lot but will make a big impact, is to update your lighting and hardware! I am always amazed by the difference a new light fixture makes in a space, and today we have thousands of affordable options online. Consider new ceiling fixtures, sconces or even different floor lamps to freshen up a space. 

5 really affordable yet impactful decorating ideas updating lighting in your home

New hardware is another great option when you’re on a tight budget. Maybe you don’t like the dresser you have in your bedroom but by painting it a new color and switching out the hardware, you could give it a whole new look! 

The corner cabinet in my dining room is perfect example of this! It was dark green with dated hardware when I purchased on Facebook marketplace, but a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware completely transformed it. 

Corner Cabinet painted Kingsport Gray by Benjamin Moore

As you can see, you don’t need to spend thousands to make a big impact. Let’s recap one more time –

5 Really Affordable Yet Impactful Decorating Ideas:

  1. Organize and Declutter
  2. The Power of Paint
  3. Switch out Pillow Covers and Throws
  4. Display a Collection
  5. Update Lighting and Hardware

A word of encouragement…

I told you guys that I wanted to address some of the comments I get about Mike and how lucky I am to have such a handyman for a husband. I could not agree more, but let me tell you some things about my husband that may come as a surprise to many of you. First of all, he does not have a background in house remodeling, and he didn’t go to school to be a contractor. He didn’t grow up working with tools all of the time. 

My husband worked at a hardware store for several years during college and in our first few years of marriage, but other than that he really had no experience when it came to house renovations. The reason why my husband is so knowledgeable now is because we were too cheap to hire someone, so he forced himself to just figure it out. 

5 really affordable yet impactful decorating ideas learning to do things yourself DIY

We live in the age of information! There is nothing today that you can’t Google or YouTube. Now please don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking away from Mike’s talent or hard work. I know how blessed I am, I understand that not all husbands care to get their hands dirty. 

But believe me, the reason why my husband and I have more confidence when it comes to larger home renovations is because we decided that fear wouldn’t stop us. We researched, watched tutorials, and gave it a shot. 

5 really affordable yet impactful decorating ideas learning to do things yourself DIY

And yes, there have been many, many failures along the way! That’s all apart of the learning process. But failure is how we learn and move forward! Okay, rant over! Haha but really, I hope that encourages you to throw out your fears and take on whatever it is that you’ve been dreaming about doing in your home for years now. 🙂

You can do it, trust me! I really hope these 5 really affordable yet impactful decorating ideas have helped! 🙂

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5 Affordable yet impactful decorating ideas


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  1. Good tips on your You Tube vid today…especially with everything being SO expensive!

    Wondering if you would mind providing info on the small brass (?) wall light in the video…appeared to be in a bedroom perhaps, around 9:55 into the video.


  2. I love all your tips! I especially love the free one “declutter” it makes your space seem bigger and more enjoyable to be in. Have you ever painted hardware before? If so how does it hold up?

  3. I just finished painting my bedrooms! Your are so right! What a difference it made. Of course I used Swiss Coffee my favorite color too! I’ve always admired your kitchen light over the sink. Can you tell me where you purchased it. Love your beautiful home!!!

  4. Great information. My bookcases are a mess I’m trying to avoid. You gave me the incentive to empty them and start from the beginning. Too many pictures, books and pottery. Time to pare down.

    1. That is so encouraging to read, I hope your bookcases turn out beautifully after decluttering and redecorating them!

  5. I love the gray carpet in your living room. Do you have a link where I can purchase one like it? I love it’s soft color and it’s understated design that feels so cozy. Thanks!

  6. Andrea,
    Thanks for all your tips. Because we are on a tight budget, my husband will also search on YouTube anything that he doesn’t know. I am blessed to have him. We save a lot of money that way. Also I am the one that runs to the store and helps him with anything he needs while he does the work. Can you please tell me where you got your natural roller shades. I had purchased two in the old Country Curtains store but they closed down and I haven’t been able to find them elsewhere.

  7. Love your style and I especially like your eyebrow color. It is almost impossible for me to find a light color like yours. Do you mind sharing it here? Thanks. I looked around and didn’t find a list of your personal style choices. I live in Germany and I am hoping I can get it here!

  8. My sister very much has a “handyman gene,” but she lives a few states away so can’t help me. It is certainly not just for the fellas, that streak. She built shelves, has knowledge of safe electrical wiring to put in light fixtures and could check if they needed an electrician for any issues in their new home (an old brick colonial that is gorgeous), paints, and put down flooring herself, and a good amount of it she taught her husband some of the skills so he could assist her. And some of it she did pregnant if it was safe to do then, and she couldn’t during morning sickness, understandably. She is more the handyman type than a decorator, to be honest. I am far more into decorating than trying to fix anything. My husband-to-be is not handy, either. The thing with him, though, is that he is so friendly and knows so many people as an extrovert, he has friends who are handy (I am an introvert). Our house will end up over time with some of the things we want through his buddies helping us. I live in it now with my dog ahead of our marriage, and when we marry and he moves in with our marriage, we plan to do further things to keep fixing it up.

  9. This article is very informative. It is very useful for me, Thank You For This Information… Nice Blog.. You are Awesome.

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