Wallpaper – Trendy or Timeless?

Wallpaper - Trendy or Timeless?

Is wallpaper trendy or timeless? Wallpaper is a very popular trend in home decor right now and as much as I love it, I’m also a little intimidated by it. Today I am going to share all of my thoughts on it, as well as the patterns that I believe are more timeless. 

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Like I said earlier, wallpaper is trending big right now across every style of home decor you can imagine. It’s hard to even scroll Pinterest without seeing it in endless applications, styles, patterns and colors. So the question is, is wallpaper trendy or timeless?

Well first of all, I think that home decor trends aren’t always the same as home decor fads. A home decor “fad” is something that will most likely phase out in 10-20 years or less.

Remember the turquoise birds and chevron patterns that were super big in the early 2000’s? Or the red rooster kitchens in the 90’s? Or the shag carpeting that was popular in the 1960’s and 70’s? These are all examples of fads that were popular for a short time, and then they sort of phased out.

A home decor trend can most definitely be a fad, but I believe that trends can also be timeless. Just because it’s trending, that doesn’t mean we should necessarily avoid it.

Subway tile is a great example of this. Is it trendy right now? Yes, very much so. But subway tile is also a timeless choice. Why? Because we have seen it repeated throughout history.

So while wallpaper is trending big right now, I still think it would be wise to look for timeless patterns that you won’t want to rip out five-ten years down the road.

We have used wallpaper twice now in our nursery space. To be honest, I love how it came together both times, but this is still the only room in our home where we have it. I haven’t shared a nursery reveal of this space, but plan to very soon! For now, this is the wallpaper we chose:

Board and Batten in Nursery with Wallpaper

It was an intimidating design choice for me because it seems like such a bold addition to a room, but there are a few different reasons why I went with this pattern that will make sense as you read this post.

Choosing wallpaper for your home can be scary. There are sooo many options out there today, and it can feel overwhelming even just pulling samples. If you have been following my blog for any amount of time, you know that I definitely lean towards simple, neutral and minimalistic design.

Today I want to share my process for choosing wallpaper, and maybe a few ways that you can play it safe if you’re nervous about which pattern to incorporate.

Beautiful Neutral Wallpaper Design
Photo Credit: Mini Style Mag
Gorgeous Minimal Wallpaper Choice
Photo Credit: She Holds Dearly

One of the spaces in our home I have been considering adding wallpaper is our small main floor bathroom. I refinished this space a few years ago, but I am ready for a little refresh and I feel like wallpaper may be the perfect addition.

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Cottage Linens and Towel Choices
Beautiful Cottage Bathroom Design

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Cottage Bathroom Design Ideas
Cottage Bathroom Decor and Design

Wallpaper – Trendy or Timeless?

Wallpaper Tip #1 – Start in a Small Space

If you are nervous or hesitant when considering wallpaper in your home, I encourage you to start in a small space. Our little bathroom has bead board that covers over half the wall, which is even better. Our nursery was the same – board and batten covers the majority of the wall. A perfect place to give wallpaper a try!

Simple Neutral wallpaper in small area
Photo Credit: Wildflower Home Blog
Wallpaper in Small Spaces classic Design
Photo Credit: The Craft Patch Home

There are so many small spaces you can incorporate wallpaper. A bathroom, mudroom area, or even a closet if you are really nervous and just want to see if you’d like it. Even a little alcove, or the back of a bookshelf would work as well!  

Wallpaper Tip #2 – Choose a Timeless Pattern

Patterns come and go, so make sure you are choosing something that isn’t just popular or trending at the time. I feel like there are so many timeless patterns out there that are absolutely beautiful!

The first timeless pattern I would consider is checkered or even plaid wallpaper. These patterns have been used time and time again throughout history and they will never go out of style. Plaid or checkered wallpaper is both timeless and beautiful and there are so many variations to choose from.

Timeless Wallpaper Pattern for Home
Photo Credit: Tiek Design Group
Tartan Neutral Wallpaper timeless Wallpaper
Photo Credit: Lucie Annabel

Another timeless pattern in my opinion is striped wallpaper. I don’t think that stripes will ever go out of style. Once again, like checkered and plaid patterns, there are so many variations to choose from. Different widths and even different styles of stripes.

Beautiful Timeless Striped Wallpaper Pattern
Photo Credit: Lucie Annabel

Wallpaper Tip #3 – Look to Nature

Nature will never go out of style. If you purchase a landscape print from the 1800’s, it is just as beautiful today because nature will always be beautiful! Wallpapers that have a simple floral print, woodland animals, birds, or trees are beautiful and always will remain timeless.

Nature Inspired Wallpaper Choices
Photo Credit: Design Inspire Home
Nature Inspired Wallpaper Design Choices
Photo Credit: Wildflower Home Blog

Wallpaper Tip #4- Choose Repetitive Patterns

Repetitive patterns are another timeless wallpaper choice. Simple, yet beautiful block patterns in neutral colors look gorgeous and are simple enough for an entire room or just a feature wall.

Repetitive Block Patter Neutral Wallpaper
Photo Credit: Wallpaper Direct
English Cottage Style Wallpaper Block Style
Photo Credit: House and Home

Wallpaper Tip #5- Choose a Neutral Color

Another suggestion when choosing a wallpaper is to stick to a neutral color palette. I am not against color at all, but if you’re nervous about incorporating wallpaper it might be wise to choose something that is softer on the eye. Maybe even a calming blue or green might last longer in your home than something that is bright and vibrant.

Beautiful Simple Striped Wallpaper Patterns
Photo Credit: Lucie Annabel
Beautiful neutral colored wallpaper
Photo Credit: Crate and Barrel

If you feel like your room needs more color, you can always add accessories that are easy to change out such as throw pillows, blankets, or even flowers. Keeping a neutral color on your walls allows you to change your other decor as often as you’d like without having to make a drastic change on your walls.

Wallpaper Tip #6 – Textured Wallpaper

If you really want to add wallpaper to your home but you still feel like all of the options we have discussed are far too wild for you, textured wallpaper may be the perfect fit for you. There are so many textures and colors to choose from and I have even seen textured wallpaper painted over as well.

Textured Neutral Wallpaper Design
Photo Credit: Burke Decor

You can also get textured patterned wallpaper. Beautiful stripes or any simple pattern with texture can really add to your space and set it apart.

Wallpaper Tip #7 – Start Simple with Peel and Stick

I have shared this several times, but I am not an interior designer and hopefully this advice isn’t completely wrong haha! But I can say, when we originally installed wallpaper in our nursery it was the traditional way using glue.

The nursery update (which I haven’t completely shared yet) was all peel and stick wallpaper. This process was extremely simple and quick, and to be honest if we use wallpaper again we will probably go this direction.

Bunny vintage wallpaper for children's rooom

Wallpaper Tips:

  • Start in a Small Space
  • Choose a Timeless Pattern
  • Look to Nature
  • Consider Repetitive Patterns
  • Choose a Neutral Color
  • Consider Textured Wallpaper
  • Start Simple with Peel and Stick Wallpaper
Cottage Style Striped Wallpaper Design
Photo Credit: Lucie Annabel

Once again, I feel like our small main bath might be the next place we try wallpaper. I hope to apply these tips I shared, looking for something both neutral and timeless that will add to the space.

What do you think friends, is wallpaper trendy or timeless? I truly feel like right now it’s both, but if you are leaning towards incorporating it into your own home, I hope these tips I have shared can help!


Wallpaper - Trendy or Timeless?


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  1. Id say it’s trendy. When we moved into an old farmhouse in 2003 when it wasn’t a popular trend to “homestead”yet there was old wallpaper that I had to tear out and I said,” I will never use wallpaper!” Here I am considering using it! However, I will be only using it in a small space/area and would only use the peel and stick.

    1. I can completely relate with this! I feel like some can be timeless, but certain patterns are definitely trendy as well!

  2. I’ve noticed over the years that my love of wallpaper that I hang lasts about 2-3 years. Then I grow tired of the pattern I chose. Now I just stick to paint. I try not to look at wallpaper samples because I see so many that I love. There are so many beautiful patterns available now. As far as your home is concerned I love everything you do! Whatever you choose will be perfect.

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