Thrifty and Simple Spring Dining Room Ideas

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Simple and Thrifty Spring Dining Room Ideas

Today I’m sharing some thrifty and simple spring dining room ideas that are so easy to incorporate as we shift into warmer weather!

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It has been a cooler spring for us so far, but I am still so excited for warmer weather! Recently, I shared my springtime cottage living room, and today I am excited to share some thrifty and simple spring dining room ideas! I hope these are a help to you!

Thrifty cottage style spring dining room ideas
Spring tour of cottage style dining room with fresh flowers
Simple spring decor touches in cottage style dining room
Simple and beautiful spring dining room decorating ideas


The first thrifty and simple spring dining room idea that I have for you is more of a decorating concept, and that is to simplify! 

Simplify your cottage dining room space with simple decor for spring

Fall and winter are oftentimes all about adding more. More greens, bells, ornaments and trimmings as we prepare the for the holidays. When it’s time for spring and summer, though, I love to scale back and clear my dining space entirely before decorating for the changing season. 

Simplistic spring decor on farmhouse style table in cottage dining room

When I envision my kids eating at our dining room table as the weather warms up, I picture them with slices of watermelon and juice dripping down their arms all over the table. I can see large trays of food with grilled chicken and veggies that my husband brought in from outside. 

Simple cottage dining room design with farmhouse table

The last thing I want is decor cluttering up my table, creating more work for me to clean around or move every time we eat. 

Simple and clear farmhouse table for a fresh spring cottage decor style

Rather than filling your buffet with several knick knacks, think about one centerpiece or focal point instead. This is such an easy and thrifty way to save money when decorating! Just don’t use as much. 🙂

Buffet decor in cottage style dining room

Bring the Outside In

The second thrifty and simple spring decorating idea that I have for you is to bring the outside in! This time of year is just so beautiful, as we walk around our neighborhood there are so many lovely bushes and trees blooming with gorgeous color. 

Small dresser repurposed as dining room furniture in cottage style home
Gorgeous spring flower bud branches used as spring decor

If you have permission, clip some fresh branches and bring them indoors! My sweet sister sent me photos of her apple tree and told me to come clip some branches, and I’m so glad she did! They just fill the house with an amazing aroma and they add so much vibrance and life to my dining space. 

Springtime blossoms that are a thrifty and simple way to decorate your dining room for spring
Bringing the outside inside with gorgeous spring branches
Cottage Farmhouse spring decor ideas

I cannot wait until my lilacs bloom, I’ll be bringing those inside as well, just like I did last year! Grocery store flowers can get expensive when you’re purchasing them week after week, but fresh clippings from your own yard or even a neighbor’s can save so much money and add the perfect spring touch. 

Bringing the outside for spring dining room decor on farmhouse table

Incorporate White

The third thrifty and simple spring dining room idea that I have for you today is to incorporate white! 

Incorporating white into dining room spring decor on farmhouse table

Colors are so beautiful throughout the holidays, but there is something about bright white dishes in the spring that feel clean and fresh. 

White dishes used to display gorgeous blossoms for easy and simple spring dining room decor

The best part? Whenever I visit thrift stores, white dishes are in abundance! They are timeless and classic, and I feel like you can never go wrong with white.

I personally love to collect White Heritage Pfaltzgraff dishes, which you can learn more about, here. My corner cabinet is filled with them at the moment, and of course I love incorporating white on my dining room shelves, as well. 

Corner cabinet in dining room filled with white dishes for spring decor

A new favorite piece is the large, white ironstone platter on my dining room table. It was my Grandpa’s and I love that it adds a pop of brightness under my fresh apple blossoms! 

Farmhouse table scape spring decor with fresh flowers and white dishes
Springtime idea of incorporating white and fresh flowers into a dining room table scape

Some Changes I’m Considering

If you’ve been following along here, on YouTube or Instagram for a while, you know that I switched out my painted buffet for my Grandfather’s wooden dresser last fall. While I love the beautiful wood tone and the unique lines of the piece, something feels off in my dining space now. 

Antique buffet in cottage style dining room decorated for spring

I’m not sure if there are too many wood tones happening? Maybe our DIY table doesn’t mesh well with the buffet? I’m curious to know what you guys think! 

Cottage style dining room decorated for spring with different wood toned furniture pieces

Do you feel like the two go well together, or should I consider painting the legs of my table? I’m trying as hard as I can to be patient and wait for inspiration. I don’t want to paint something and painfully regret it! But I’d love to hear from you guys! 

Different wood tones in cottage style dining room with farmhouse table

Another change I might make soon has to do with the little green dresser that sits off of my kitchen. I painted it last fall on a whim, but when I look back at older photos I miss the dark gray that it once was. So I think I may end up painting it gray again! What do you guys think?

Simple dresser used as decor in cottage style dining room
Bringing plants into your space for decor to bring the outside in for a spring table scape

I hope these thrifty and simple spring dining room ideas were a help to you guys! What changes do you like to make in the spring when it comes to your dining rooms? I’d love to know in the comments below! 🙂



Simple and Thrifty Spring Dining Room Ideas


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  1. Your grandfather’s. Chest looks beautiful as is! It is a heirloom that will keep him close in your heart. Much more valuable than any yard sale find The unpainted wood look is lovely and adds some contrast. Keep it! Love your blogs!

  2. Love the dining room spring tour! I agree your grandpas piece seems too dark in that space. What about painting the drawer fronts to brighten it up? Or whitewash the fronts? If it’s an antique I’am sure u don’t want to paint it?!

    1. I really don’t want to, but I am torn in the space. I am hoping it all comes to me soon! Thank you!

  3. I wouldn’t change a thing! I think it is beautiful & I love when family pieces are used… Makes the space uniquely YOU!

  4. I really liked the contrast of your white dresser. I know your Grandpa’s dresser has a lot of meaning to you, however it seems in my uneducated interior design eye, it appears to be too much wood going on. It would be a shame to paint that dresser and lose all the rustic appeal so maybe try it somewhere else?
    In the long run do what works best for you! I love your style and sense of color!

    1. Yes, see that is what I am so torn on, but thank you for your ideas and sweet words of encouragement!

  5. I love your dining room! It’s so pretty! I am no designer so take anything I say with a grain of salt. ☺️ I think if the wood tones in the dining room were not bothering you, I would just leave it. That being said, if it’s bothering you, what about taking out the wicker chairs and replacing them with beige linen style dining chairs at each end of the table. Also, maybe a natural table runner that has a mix of both wood tones? If money for the chairs is a concern and you don’t mind painting the wicker, you could paint it maybe a color that blends better (cream, mushroom?). I love your grandpas dresser and I think it adds so much character to the room! It’s an unusual piece and so beautiful!

  6. Andrea,
    Your dining room is lovely! I would not change the color of the dresser or table. I like mixing furniture wood tones and textures. The wicker chair picks up the color of the dresser drawers. The table/chairs compliment the sides of the dresser. If you feel you need to tie the wood tones more, perhaps find some placemats or pillows that tie the colors together. It’s a simple addition!

  7. I just found you I love your way of doing things _ I am 71 & have Loved decorating my home all my life – I still have the same Questions as you to paint or not to paint- Love your Grandpas piece never paint it ! The table legs maybe – I have painted many of my tables legs over the years & have never regretted it – Truth be told they have been repainted many colors ! The thing is once they have been painted its easy to paint them again I just do it ! You seem to be an Old Soul Love to you & your Beautiful Family ! You are wise beyond your years !

    1. Thank you so much Judy, you are so sweet! I am so happy for all of the ideas from everyone and excited to try so many of them!

  8. I also love the dresser the way it is now. What about switching the chairs and the bench? That way it breaks up the wood on that side a little. I think the chairs would also look good against the white wall background. I think you are such a charming, talented decorator and blogger!

    1. A few have suggested this, thank you! And thank you so much for your sweet encouraging words as well!

  9. I would not change Grandpa’s chest. It is a solid, good piece of furniture. I would eliminate the shelves, or find a more refined piece of furniture for the wall-a plate rack or a beautiful picture instead of your open shelves. Just my opinion, but the chest is so nice just as it is. I think it anchors the room.

  10. I think the rooms are lovely just the way they are. I do not think there are too many wood tones at all. I love your grandpas dresser and your wood table. I would not paint anything! You have done what you wanted to do, which was to simply the areas and by just bringing in the flowers you have achieved a beautiful room.

  11. Lovely dresser!! And the best part is it means something to you! Don’t paint it please😉 with the mirror above it it does look a little bit like a bedroom maybe? It probably wouldn’t work to have the dresser beneath the shelves. And my opinion on the little green piece is that grey is over rated:) your house is lovely an I know the feeling of should I….or shouldn’t I!!!!!

  12. Your style is perfect to me. I love that you’re not heavy handed with extras. Your home is a breath of fresh air. As far as your dining room is concerned it’s perfect as is. Don’t change a thing please.

  13. Please do not paint your grandfather’s chest. I like the classic lines, the beaded corners, the wood grain on the sides and drawers. If you paint it and then decide you don’t like it, it’s difficult if not impossible to change it back. It’s a classic piece, IMHO.

    I think your dining room is peaceful, calm and bright. The different wood tones are reflected throughout your house, so all is cohesive.

    Know when to stop…

    1. I don’t think I want to paint it, thank you for your encouragement and your sweet words about my dining room too!

  14. I think when you have to choose between being sentimental and design, sentimentality is always the winner. Thats what makes a house a home. I love the dresser and like the way it looks with the table. If its still feeling off you could add a runner on the table or dresser or cushions on the chairs. That way your not painting anything and regretting it.

  15. Your grandfather’s chest is so beautiful just as it is and in the spot you picked for it. I would never paint it. I like the subtlety of the wood tones, and I think the chest fits so well being shown the way you have it. The sentimentality of it and special way it looks are the charm of such a beautiful piece of furniture. Some things I think should remain the same over time. :). The spot you picked is great for it, too. It is such a natural fit for it, it looks like you have always had it there. I love it! Your grandfather I am sure would feel so touched you have it there for your family to see as you have dinners and the reminder of him. I miss my memaw and think of her a lot, and no matter what I have certain things that belonged to her out all the time. 🙂

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