Thrifting for Christmas Decor!

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Today I am excited to share how you can save by thrifting for Christmas decor!

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Thrifting for Christmas decor, where do I begin? I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but it seems like a lot of people are decorating for Christmas earlier than normal this year. With everything that has happened in 2020, I suppose twinkle lights and Christmas trees “let your heart be light” as the song says. 

Christmas buffet table - silk ribbon and cedar inspired Christmas tour
My Christmas dining room last year!

I usually decorate pretty early, whenever the mood hits me. Last week we were at church in Sunday school and my Mom came in the nursery saying “it’s snowing! Look outside!” My boys ran to the window. What do you know! Our first snow, the first Sunday in November. 

White picket fence decorated for Christmas
Snow from last Christmas

I came home that day so excited…that was all I needed! A little bit of snow suddenly had me in the Christmas spirit. What’s ironic is that just a few days later, we had record high temps here in Michigan with weather in the mid 70’s!! Haha oh how God has a sense of humor. 

With Christmas bins, needles and ribbon sprinkled all over my house, suddenly I was no longer in the mood to decorate. I wanted to be outside with my boys soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the gorgeous weather. 

I shared a post a few weeks ago on how to decorate when you feel stuck, and those same tips apply for Christmas! I decided to take a day and go thrifting to see what Christmas decor treasures I could find. 

Our DIY farmhouse table at Christmas time in our cottage inspired home
Our dining space last Christmas

I visited three separate thrift stores, and oh boy was there SO MUCH Christmas decor! I filmed the whole process in hopes to encourage you guys…you don’t have to spend a lot of money on seasonal decor! My goodness there was so much to look through. 

I plan on writing a blog post in the near future with all my thrifted Christmas decor finds, but for now I want to share with you guys what I like to look for as I’m shopping. 

Silver and gold accents mixed with cedar are perfect for simple Christmas decor


Do some digging, friends! There were so many ornaments at the thrift stores I visited, but you have to dig. I ended up finding some beautiful gold star ornaments on this trip, and they are absolutely gorgeous. I only paid $2.50 for the whole set! 

Gold star Christmas ornaments
Beautiful Christmas Decor from thrift stores

I also found some vintage glass ornaments in a beautiful champagne color, as well as some white and silver bulbs. 

Champagne ornaments
Beautiful thrifted champagne Christmas ornaments


Look through the wreaths, garlands, and Christmas trees! You never know what you’ll find! So many of my Christmas wreaths came from thrift stores.

Christmas mantel with eucalyptus, pine, cedar and ribbon
Our Christmas mantel last year!

Ribbon and Garlands

I love using ribbon during the Christmas season, it’s so beautiful tied around bunches of greenery, wreaths and sconces. Check the craft section next time you go thrifting for beautiful ribbon!

A silk ribbon and some fresh cedar are the perfect addition to this mirror at Christmas time!

Christmas Decor

I plan on diving into this section in a separate blog post, simply because I think it can be tempting to buy ALL THE THINGS when it comes to thrifting and Christmas decor! But keep in mind that sometimes, less is more. I like to look for pretty Christmas trees, brass accents like candle sticks or bells, and anything that’s truly vintage. The oldies are often the goodies. 

Beautiful Christmas farmhouse

Like I said, I’ll share so many examples in a future post! For now, I hope you enjoy going thrifting for Christmas decor with me! It was so much fun and I can’t wait to show you guys my home all decorated for Christmas! 🙂


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  1. Love the beautiful ornaments you found, Sweetie pie! Their age lends such an exquisite flavor to each one!
    Your gold stars are absolutely stunning! Great find, especially remembering the star leading to our precious Savior born as a Babe in Bethlehem.
    Really looking forward to all you have to share during these tenderly beautiful years with your little ones.
    Loved being with you today ~ be Blessed in great measure, you and yours, dear Andrea!
    Hugs, ~Susan

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