New Mushroom Color Painted Built-Ins Reveal!

Mushroom Paint Built-Ins Reveal Pin Post

Today I am excited to reveal our mushroom painted built-ins above our mantle! The mushroom paint color was a big change for me (and for many of you as well), but here is how I came to love it.

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Lately the weather has been chilly and recently it even snowed here in Michigan!

The weather change has me really wanting to decorate for Christmas and I am so excited to share all of my Christmas decorating ideas with you along the way! Before I start that process though, I really wanted to share with you our mushroom painted built-ins!

Mushroom Painted Built-Ins full room shot

Initially, when I shared the mushroom paint colors with you, I was very undecided and hesitant about the change.

Walking by and seeing glimpses of these built-ins was a warm and cozy change, and I loved the dark color. However, I was just indecisive and something didn’t quite feel like it fit if that makes sense. You can see the initial post about this diy project here.

To achieve this particular color, I mixed Stone Hearth, plain white, and Macadamia by SW. As always, I used an eggshell finish which has a slight sheen to it. I find that eggshell is the best paint finish to camouflage mistakes but still give the paint life. I love a satin finish, but have found that this particular finish can vary from brand to brand. Some brands are far too glossy, which can easily show every paint brush stroke. A flat finish is great for covering mistakes, but I usually use this finish on my walls or ceiling!

Because these built-ins were already white, I didn’t need to use a primer. I generally only use primer when painting furniture after I sand them down. I skip priming when painting walls as I don’t feel the additional cost is worth it when I can get similar results without. Using a quality, durable paint also helps, as well as using the right tools and accessories.

I used my favorite paint brush by Wooster; I love the rubber handle and the silky soft bristles. This paint brush really gives you a nice smooth finish! While I love using this paint brush, I used foam rollers when painting a big opening or tall section. For example, I used foam rollers for the built-in bookcase/shelves in my sunroom. With all of my years of painting experience, I don’t normally use painter’s tape or drop cloths, but it you feel more comfortable using it to avoid a big clean up, go for it!

Many of you loved the new color change in my family room in the comments and some did not love it at all. Which by the way, please don’t apologize for! I love to read your comments and when you are honest with me. We may not always agree and that is okay, but either way, your feedback is ALWAYS encouraging to me! So thank you for all of the comments, they really helped me in my creative process finding out what worked and what didn’t.

Mushroom Paint colors with old wall color

Some of you that have followed me longer know that our built-in cabinets are not original to our home. We designed and built these ourselves, and initially had them painted a bright crisp white, similar to Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.

The mushroom paint color was a bold change, but it inspired me to paint our walls and ceiling which needed to be done anyway. The new white color I chose, which can be found in this blog post here, really helped solidify the mushroom paint color on the built-ins. I absolutely loved the fresh white paint against them.

White paint color I chose against the Mushroom Paint

After painting everything, I then decided to update the hardware on my TV cabinet. I replaced the knobs with these black handles that I found at Home Depot, which are more my style.

New hardware on mushroom painted built-ins

I then spent some time playing around with the décor on my built-in shelves. I kept everything pretty much the same, but did make a few minor changes to make this space have a cleaner feel.

New decor changes in built-ins

I loved the white against the mushroom color and decided to put my pitchers on the top shelf. These may not stay, especially with three little boys at home, but they are cheap thrift store pitchers and I do love the white.  

White pitchers in the mushroom painted built ins

Another décor item I added to our mushroom painted built-ins are antique duck decoys. These are very special to me because they belonged to my grandpa who recently passed away. They are absolutely beautiful and since they are usually very expensive at antique stores, I am very blessed to be able to have them to use both as décor and a memory to have of him.

On the bottom shelf I have a favorite purchase of mine – a neutral collection of Reader’s Digest books that I scored at a thrift store for around $.50 each! I have those just stacked along the bottom shelf for now, doubling this space as built-in bookshelves!

Duck Decoys and Readers Digest on our mushroom painted built ins

On the very top of my shelves I have a few cutting boards. One from my mom and the other from an antique shop.

There are a few other changes I am still considering throughout the living room now that the built-ins are complete.

Different areas of the living room that still may change

As I mentioned in my YouTube video above, I am still playing around with different areas of my living room including my corner chairs, lamps, and tables. I’m also considering new curtains, and maybe a new rug? It will all come together I’m sure, but like I reminded you all in my recent post about contentment, it takes time and a little patience.

For now, I am more confident in the mushroom painted built-ins so I will just have to experiment with all of the other elements until everything “clicks”. I am always moving things around and playing with things anyway, so changing up stuff will actually be a fun challenge for me.

Final reveal of mushroom painted built ins

Overall, I am really happy with how this space has come together so far with the mushroom painted built-ins. I am really happy to be done painting and I am slowly getting ready to decorate for Christmas!

I know many are skeptical about decorating before Thanksgiving, but I truly feel it is your home and you need to do what makes you happy. As a blogger, I am SO excited to decorate a bit earlier and hopefully inspire you this year!

Overall room with mushroom painted built-ins reveal

I hope you have enjoyed our mushroom painted built-ins reveal and I hope with some décor and paint changes it has changed some of your minds. If not, that’s ok, too. I really do love this space now and I am always excited to share my changes with you all!


Mushroom Paint Built-Ins Reveal Pin Post


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  1. Andrea!! I love the mushroom paint! I just finished painting the kitchen cabinets and chose white, but I’ll be honest…i was struggling between a white and a mushroom color. Maybe in a couple years I’ll change? Haha Seeing these built ins may cause me to change sooner

  2. Andrea, as always this looks beautiful. One question, where did you get the lanterns that flank the tv built in? Looks lovely!

  3. I think it is so funny that you think the mushroom is a bold color! (which BTW I think looks great in your space!!) I have always been a person of color, even when white and grey’s seem to be the color choice these days. And just as you said it’s your home, do what you love and makes you happy….even if it’s decorating for Christmas 😉 Happy Decorating!! Christie

    1. Haha, yes that is very true. I suppose when I say bold I was comparing it to white on white before, so it was quite the change!

  4. Abdre,
    As always, you made a great choice. I really like the color. I love the doors concealing your TV. Great Job!

  5. I think the mushroom color helps ground the room and give it a big dose of charm. The fireplace is gorgeous and blends so well with the mushroom color! I think you hit a home run using that color.👍

  6. Love the mushroom colour! Might I suggest the HANNALILL curtains at IKEA ? The colour is described as “beige” but I think they might be more a pale mushroomy in person – and for $24.99 a pair, it’s a good deal. IKEA used to have a “cream” coloured velvet curtain called Sanela which reads more like a pale mushroom and would be gorgeous in cooler weather but that colour doesn’t seem to be available now. Love watching your progress! xo

  7. Andrea, I love the finished look of the mushroom paint! I think it adds life and texture to the room and complements your fireplace and built ins! I love the color so much I’d like to paint my bathroom cabinets in mushroom! Your sweet spirit and beautiful smile always bless my day! 😊

  8. What specific paint colour did you use – mushroom by what company? Maybe I missed it in the post??

  9. Love your mushroom paint and and little changes you made in your kitchen. l need to that since renovation is unlikely with two kids in college now. But l love my black, white, and red kitchen. Making small decor changes helps me as well. We have been in our home 18 years. We need to do major updates but prefer to travel instead. Blessings, Kim❤️

    1. Traveling is so much fun too though, that is something I hope to do a lot of with my husband in the future as well. Nothing wrong with that!

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