Vintage Inspired Christmas Home Tour

Vintage Inspired Christmas Home Tour

Hello friends! I am so excited to share my vintage inspired Christmas home tour! Each year I decorate our cozy cottage inspired home a little differently, and I am thrilled with how everything came together this year!

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Today I’m excited to be sharing a vintage inspired Christmas home tour of our English cottage home! The Christmas season is my absolute favorite time of year, and there’s nothing more special than the twinkle of lights and nostalgia of the holiday season. 

Vintage Inspired Christmas Home Tour
Christmas Entryway Cottage Style Christmas
Vintage Christmas Dining Room Space
Vintage Inspired Christmas Kitchen Old Fashioned Christmas

Every year I decorate with vintage Christmas decor, but I love to find new inspiration each Christmas. There are always new decor pieces to add, whether it’s new glass ornaments, tree skirts, different tabletop decor, or even a pop of color here and there!

I love DIY projects and my home is always changing a little each season too, making it fun to scour antique and thrift stores to find the perfect new decor to add. I am sure you could find decor at a lot at flea markets, estate sales and yard sales as well if you look throughout the entire year! 

Vintage decor is so easy to find in all of these places. It is simply about being patient and finding the perfect vintage pieces at the right prices. I love looking for beautiful cedar garland, vintage Christmas ornaments, old skis, ice skates, vintage cookie cutters, shiny bright ornaments, and small trees just to name a few things. 

Vintage Inspired Christmas Decor Pieces
Christmas Decor Pieces in Sunroom of Cottage Style Home

I’m so happy how everything came together this year, and I hope today’s post gets you excited for Christmas decorating if you haven’t started already. So grab something warm to drink, get cozy, and let this blog post packed full of decor ideas inspire you!

Vintage Inspired Christmas Tour – Entryway 

Last year was the first time I was able to decorate our new entryway and I am just as excited to decorate this year! My husband installed reclaimed beams to the ceiling as well as the wall, and I love the character and textures they add to that space. 

I decided to combine a cedar garland with some faux eucalyptus, and I love the old fashioned feel that it has. I hung a eucalyptus wreath and a knit scarf on the number hooks, and set some vintage ice skates next to my basket. I also set out an antique snow shovel that my husband got me for Christmas a few years ago that I truly love so much.

Beautiful Christmas Vintage Inspired Christmas Decor in Entryway

I love using vintage, antique items that fit the season throughout my holiday decor year after year. Another favorite item that I used in our entryway is this cedar wreath I have hung on my coat closet door. My grandma loved the angel inside of the wreath, and I love the rusty bells that surround her. This is such a special wreath to me, and I love that I have it hung right in my entryway so it’s visible immediately.

All of the blue ribbon details you see in my entryway I have continued throughout my entire decor this year. I love the color blue so much and already have it incorporated throughout my home, so I felt adding touches of blue for Christmas was the perfect addition. I found this beautiful ribbon at Hobby Lobby, it’s velvet with a frayed edge and has such a pretty old world feel.

Beautiful Antique Christmas Wreath

I continued the theme of eucalyptus and cedar, along with more velvet blue and cream ribbon in my thrifted three tiered basket by my front door, and simply tied the ribbon to make it feel a bit more festive. 

Vintage Inspired Christmas Entryway Cottage Style Christmas

Vintage Inspired Christmas Decor – Living Room and Sunroom

For my fireplace mantel this year, I again layered two cedar garlands together and then added this beautiful eucalyptus garland that I found on sale at Joann Fabrics this past fall. I was able to find a lot of garland online last year that I was pleasantly surprised by, but whenever I see garland at a great price in person, I always purchase it! I love the way it looks layered with cedar.

The garland is such a beautiful centerpiece in this space. I simply swag it with two hooks that come from underneath the mantel. I wrote an entire blog post last year on all of my decorating hacks – how I hide wire, hang garland etc. You can read the post here, to learn all of my tips!

Vintage Christmas Living Room Decor Touches

The shelves next to my fireplace are filled with vintage winter decor, and I accented the mantel with beautiful white knit stockings, gold pine cones I found at Hobby Lobby, and more of the beautiful blue velvet ribbon.

My Christmas Tree ended up as a happy accident this year as I put together pieces from two different trees! I didn’t realize I had done this until it was already put together, but I loved how natural it looked and the height of it worked much better in the space! Instead of a tree skirt, I used an old basket and I love the way this looks in our living room!

Beautiful Vintage Inspired Christmas Tree decorated for Christmas

I kept my tree pretty simple again this year, decorating it with pinecones that look like mercury glass, beautiful velvet ribbon and various vintage ornaments I’ve collected over the years. I feel like the shiny-brite mercury touches add so much charm to our tree. I also added a few DIY ornaments and a beaded garland that I will be sharing a tutorial on over on Instgram and YouTube!

I wanted more touches of blue on our tree and I wasn’t able to find the perfect color to match the beautiful ribbon I had found. In the tutorial, I’ll show you how easy it was to paint my own ornaments the exact color I was hoping for, and how I aged simple beaded garland to give it an old world feel. I love it all so much.

Old world christmas tree details
Beautiful retro vintage christmas tree ornaments
Gorgeous old fashioned christmas tree ornaments

Our living room feels cozier with thick blankets laid across both our couch and white chairs. I love keeping thicker knit blankets out all season long, especially with the colder months. Just makes you want to bundle up, enjoy all of the twinkling lights and enjoy your favorite Christmas movie.

Cottage christmas tree with blue velvet accents

I found the mirror you see below this year at a thrift store for only $4! I could not believe it, it has a beautiful brass frame. I hung some thrifted cedar garland over it along with this very pretty old word feeling Merry Christmas sign that I found at Hobby Lobby!

On the wall next to the windows, I added an antique stocking stretcher that I found shopping. I simply accented it with velvet ribbon, and I feel like it fits perfectly in this space.

Beautiful bright christmas tree decorated for the season
Vintage Inspired Christmas Home Tour

In the opposite corner of the tree, I hung my some of my Grandfather’s Christmas artwork. I used several of his pieces throughout our home this year. I love using vintage items throughout my decor, and I thought this print went so well with the old fashioned feel I was going for! An old pair of skis leaned behind the chair in the corner add even more old world charm.

Primitive Christmas Decor in cottage

The sunroom is pretty similar to previous years. Since our piano is out there, I again added some thrifted musical instruments to the shelves with cedar tucked all around. I also decorated the sunroom tree with pine cones, battery operated candlestick holders, and beautiful thin velvet ribbon.

I put our tree in an antique galvanized pail, and of course added more garland and lights above the windows. I absolutely love the view below of both trees with all of the old fashioned ornaments and vintage charm.

Beautiful Old World Christmas Sunroom
Beautiful Sunroom decorated for Christmas

Vintage Inspired Christmas Home – Dining Room

As you move into the dining room from the living area, one of my favorite features in our 1930’s home is the archway that connects the two rooms. Once again I decided to layer eucalyptus garland with cedar for the garland, and as always, I love the way it looks! 

Layered garland in a 1930's Christmas House
Gorgeous layered garland in Christmas Dining Room

For the dining space, I of course tucked cedar wherever I could. I love adding it to the lantern above our dining table with some pretty ribbon, as well as above our corner cupboard and my cutting board display

I put my homemade Noel banner across the door of the corner hutch this year as well, along with some pretty ribbon. I added a few beautiful white Santa mugs inside the door to make it even more festive.

On my cutting board wall, I also added beautiful vintage bells, and this pretty small tree I found at Walmart! I have never had a tree in this corner, but love the way it looks entering into our kitchen.

Beautiful small christmas tree in dining room space
Beautifully decorated Christmas Hutch in Dining Space

I also added cedar to our DIY shelves, along with my Grandmother’s old Santa molds nestled here and there. I hung a beautiful eucalyptus swag above my DIY window mirror with more pretty velvet ribbon.

On my green console table, I added a small pretty forest of bottle brush trees mixed with ceramic Christmas trees. The mercury glass feel on the ceramic trees adds the old fashioned look I am hoping to achieve in this space.

Dining Room Christmas Accents with bottle brush trees
Christmas Cottage Dining Room
Beautiful eucalyptus swag for Christmas

In the corner of the dining room I normally have a small Christmas tree in, I have the awesome shopping basket I found in North Carolina. I filled it with a section of Christmas tree I didn’t end up using in the living room and love how it looks together!

Above that is another gorgeous vintage winter print that I tucked more fresh cedar around. As you can probably tell, fresh cedar is a must for me at Christmas. I try to gather as much as I can and add it wherever I feel needs an extra festive touch throughout the house.

Gorgeous vintage winter print for Christmas Decor
GORGEOUS Christmas decor in cottage style home

Vintage Style Christmas Tour – Kitchen

Using blue accents this year for Christmas was perfect considering the addition of our new blue stove in our kitchen! As you enter this space, you can see I added some greenery and old Christmas cookie cutters on the table below the chalkboard. I also added some orange slices that I cut and dried across the front of the chalkboard which adds such an old fashioned touch in the kitchen. 

I added a beautiful green swag with blue ribbon and bells above the reclaimed beam and love the way this looks. On the wall above my peg rack, I decided to hang another vintage print that was my Grandfathers. I just love the beautiful blues and greens in this Santa print, it makes such a statement when you walk into the kitchen. 

Old world Christmas Kitchen Ideas
Vintage Old World Christmas Kitchen
Blue Christmas Accents in Cottage Style Kitchen

I made a swag for the window above the sink with a mixture of real and faux greens and berries, and simply tied it with a ribbon and a few vintage bells. I tucked a few springs of fresh cedar here and there on the counters, and of course have my favorite Antique Candle Company scent burning – Tree Farm.

On the far wall behind the fridge, I hung some greenery with lights strung throughout. I love the way the stone accent wall looks at night when the twinkle lights are on! I also filled the basket above the fridge with brown paper packages, all tied up with string, and added a pretty antique blue rocking horse. 

Kitchen Christmas Decor Cottage Style Home
Christmas Kitchen Old Fashioned Christmas

Well friends – I hope you enjoyed my vintage inspired Christmas home decor this year! If you’d like to see it all on video, head to my YouTube channel for the full tour! Thank you for joining me and I am excited to continue sharing all of my holiday decor ideas with you



Vintage Inspired Christmas Home Tour

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  1. It made my day to see your tour. I love every inch, every twinkle, every nook and cranny. So much so, that I’m not sure I’d ever want to leave. 😉 Your account is new to me but I am your new biggest fan for sure! So excited to follow along!!! Happy Christmas!

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