5 Ways to Decorate with Thrift Store Decor

5 Ways to Decorate with Thrift Finds in your cottage or farmhouse styled home

Today I am sharing 5 ways to decorate with thrift store decor! Thrifting can be hit or miss, but knowing what to look for ahead of time can really help make all the difference. 

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Going thrifting is definitely one of my passions. I have found so many amazing items at thrift stores and you truly can’t beat the prices.  As fun as thrifting is for me though, it can also be very overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for. Today I’m sharing 5 ways to decorate with thrift store decor! 

Consider Your Style

Minimal simplistic cottage living room with thrifted decor pieces throughout

Knowing what your style is before you go thrifting is very important. I would consider my style English country cottage, but I am more on the minimal side of things when it comes to that style. I am drawn to a rustic, simplistic look and I love stone, wood beams, and copper. Understanding my style before I go to into a thrift store can help me pinpoint pieces specifically that will compliment my home. 

Simple cottage galley style kitchen follwoing 5 ways to decorate with thrift finds

If you are unsure of your style, I would highly suggest using Pinterest! Study photos that you love and find the elements in those photos you are drawn to. Take note of those elements, jot them down and be looking for those things next time you go thrifting!

Sunroom with window bench in cottage home with thrifted finds

Look for One of a Kind Pieces

When I first got married and went thrifting, I would buy just about anything that was cheap, even if it was junk and I had seen it already at twenty other thrift stores. This is an easy trap to fall into, especially since the prices are so low! 

Simple and minimal cottage style entryway with thrifted baskets and decor

After thrifting enough times, you will start seeing the same items over and over. Similar dish sets, furniture and trinkets, etc. Try to avoid those things! You want to look for one of a kind statement pieces that are going to be unique to your home. 

Small thrifted table in cottage style living room

A great example of this is my three tiered basket in my entryway. My Mom is actually the one who found it at a thrift store, so she snapped a picture and sent it to me. At first I was unsure how I would use it or where I would display it, but she ultimately convinced me to buy it because it was just so unique! I am so happy I told her to grab it, I can’t imagine my entryway without it!

Three tiered basket found at a thrift store used as decor in cottage style entryway

Look for Large Statement Pieces 

When thrifting, I love to look for large statement pieces rather than filling my cart with a bunch of what I like to call “littles”. Again, this goes right along with my simplistic and minimal style. Less can sometimes be so much more!

Oftentimes if you have too much happening in a space, your eye won’t know where to rest and your home can feel cluttered. Try to scale back when you’re thrifting and look for statement pieces that you can hang on wall or place in the center of a table.

Our cutting board display, all dressed with fresh lilacs!

It’s so tempting to want to fill your cart with all of the little items that fill the shelves of a thrift store, but next time you thrift try to look out for larger pieces that can really make a statement. 

Large damaged thrift store basket repurposed as statement piece in dining room

Make Sure Smaller Items Are Cohesive

Now, my home isn’t all large statement pieces! I definitely have plenty of smaller thrifted items in my home decor as well. My dining room shelves are a perfect example of this. I recently shared some shelf styling tips with you guys here, but cohesiveness is so important when styling smaller items.

Small thrifted items cohesively grouped together in themes in dining room

As you can see in my dining room, I have some common themes happening. Glassware, vintage Pfaltzgraff, blue dishes, and wood accents are all themes I like to stick to when decorating my shelves. When I’m thrifting, I like to keep an eye out for those elements.

Grouping similar thrifted items in the dining room

Making sure your smaller thrifted items are cohesive rather than purchasing things at random helps you to avoid a cluttered look and it keeps your space feeling fresh and intentional.

Mix Old with New 

In order for my home not to feel stale and dated, I like to mix old with new. Again, my decorating style may be completely different than yours and that is why my number one tip was to consider your style. 

Thrifted small table with new chair mixed together in living room using thrifted decor pieces
Older refinished thrifted nightstand in cottage bedroom decor

For example, in my living room I have a newer couch and chairs, yet I use thrifted decor all around these items and it really brings the space together with a perfect blend of old and new.

New decor mixed with old decor for a minimal simple thrifted look

Another example of this would be lighting! Most of the light fixtures throughout my home were purchased new. Updated fixtures can help offset older items and balance out the space perfectly. 

Sunroom decor with new light fixture

I really hope these ways to decorate with thrift store decor have helped you, I have listed them here for a quick reference for your next thrift store visit:

  1. Consider Your Style
  2. Look for One of a Kind Pieces
  3. Look for Large Statement Pieces 
  4. Make Sure Smaller Items are Cohesive
  5. Mix Old with New

Do you enjoy thrifting as much as I do? Were these tips a help to you? Let me know in the comments below!


5 Ways to Decorate with Thrift Finds in your cottage or farmhouse styled home


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  1. I love thrift store shopping! It has been essential for finding all sorts of nice items. I avoid the little knicknacks that are so easy to find. I do not want everything to go in this house. 🤣 I think it can be good for finding quality classic type style things or special antiques, and those are the things I have looked for. I look for compatible-with-home things, as the first question I ask. Is it compatible with the style I love at home? I pass if it is not, and am particular if it is compatible! 😁❤ I don’t want clutter— not cute clutter or ugly clutter! Lol. I think more stuff is not necessarily more pretty. I love your home and blog. Very encouraging! And your home is beautiful.

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