Easy Diy Snowy Scene Abstract Paintings

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Today I’m sharing how I created this set of easy, DIY snowy scene abstract paintings! I love how they pair beautifully with my Christmas decor, but I honestly think these paintings could work all winter long! 

Today I’m joining eight very talented friends who are also sharing some simple Christmas DIY projects! Be sure to visit each of their blogs at the bottom of this post for more seasonal inspiration!

If you saw my Christmas bedroom last week, you may have spotted the snowy abstract paintings I had hanging on the wall near our new Christmas tree. I actually made those paintings myself using supplies I already had on hand, so they were absolutely free and SO easy! 

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My boys LOVE to paint and a few weeks ago they asked if they could paint a snowman since we got a ton of snow. While they created their own snowy scenes I decided to try painting a few of my own, as well. I was pleasantly surprised by how well these turned out!

These easy, snowy scene abstract paintings make for the perfect neutral Christmas decor!

Easy Diy Snowy Scene Abstract Painting – Supplies

Acrylic oil/watercolor finish paper for paining – find similar here

Paint brush – find similar here

2-3 acrylic paint shades in the colors of your choice

Easy Diy Snowy Scene Abstract Painting – Step 1

The first thing I did was tear out three sheets of acrylic finish paper for painting. I laid them all next to each other so I could be sure that my paintings were somewhat cohesive. Then, I started with my first color. 

Come see how easy it is to create winter art with acrylic paint!

I squeezed a quarter size amount of paint in the shade of “Granite Gray” by Apple Barrel Matte Acrylic paint and brushed it all over the bottom third of each of my papers. I LOVE this color! You can blend it as much as you like, I personally prefer to see the brush strokes in abstract art. 

This DIY wall art is more simple than you might think!

Easy Diy Snowy Scene Abstract Painting – Step 2

Next, squeeze the same amount of paint in the middle of each of your papers using the next shade. I used the color “White” again by Apple Barrel Matte Acrylic Paint.

Create beautiful abstract art in three simple steps!

You want to start with the next color while your first color is still wet, that way you can blend the two shades together. 

Easy Diy Snowy Scene Abstract Painting – Step 3

Finally, repeat step 2 using a bit more of your second shade (or an even lighter shade) at the very top of your paintings to create sort of an ombre effect.

Learn how to create a beautiful, snowy winter abstract painting in just a few simple steps!
Easy, DIY snowy abstract paintings

I love how the blue and white shades blend together to create a winter like, snowy scene. The set looks so beautiful next to the Christmas tree we have in our bedroom! 

Easy DIY snowy winter abstract paintings
DIY winter abstract paintings
Simple, snowy DIY abstract paintings!
Our new linen duvet was another thrift store find at fifteen bucks!
These easy, snowy scene abstract paintings make for the perfect neutral Christmas decor!

See? How easy was that?! Have you ever tried creating your own abstract art? Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to check out all the other amazing Christmas DIY projects linked below!



Come see how easy it is to create your own DIY snow scene abstract paintings!


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  2. Andrea,
    I love this idea. I am terrible at painting a picture, but I think I could do this! Thanks for the inspo!

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  4. You are the sweetest!!!! I loved the pumpkin so much that I bought two of your others so I’d have a grouping! Thank you so much! I love your work💕 I hope you and your family are so blessed this holiday season!!!! We all love you!💖

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