Simple DIY Christmas Stars

Simple DIY Christmas Stars

Each year, I love to try different DIY crafts with my boys throughout the entire holiday season. This year, one of our favorites were these extremely simple DIY Christmas stars and today I am going to share exactly how easy they are to make!

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These simple DIY Christmas stars are so much fun! I loved putting them together with my boys and love to see the creative touches they have done to make them unique and beautiful!

These stars are not only easy to make, but are so versatile! You can make them any size and with any type of paper – including old book or hymnal pages! You can then add more decor to them with paint, glitter, and any thing else you’d like to glue to them!

DIY Easy Christmas Ornaments
Handmade Christmas Stars

For the DIY paper stars we made, my oldest decided to use glue and add gold glitter to different parts of the star and they make great Christmas decor! He has loved making these so much, he’s painted a few a different color as well. They look so beautiful tucked inside of all the branches of our sunroom tree, such a fun craft for this time of year.

Simple Christmas Stars – Supplies

To create these beautiful paper stars, you will just need a few simple things! Scissors, glue, paper and a ruler if you’d like to make sure all of your stars are the same size.

DIY Christmas Stars – Step One

The first step to these simple stars is to start with a square piece of paper. If you start with a rectangle sheet of paper, simply fold the top corner completely over, then cut off the excess to achieve a perfect square. Any type of paper will do, I have seen people use scrapbook paper, thicker wrapping paper, and hymnal or book pages and they all turn out beautifully! For these I simply used plain cardstock.

The size of your square will determine the overall size of the star, you can use a Use 3-inch squares for a gold star, resulting in a finished size of about 6 inches.

Easy steps to DIY Christmas Stars

Easy Holiday Stars – Step Two

For the next step, first fold your square in half as pictured below, then reopen it so you have a center creases to follow. Then lay the square diagonally on the table, and fold the two side corners into the bottom corner to form a shape similar to a kite.

Handmade Christmas Stars – Step Three

Next, you can fold the top corner down, and you should end up with the shape of a triangle. Fold the corners of the straight edge of the triangle in towards the center as pictured below.

DIY Christmas Stars – Step Four

Open the folds you just made in your triangle and apply glue to the center as pictured below. I used a glue gun for this, but I have also seen it done with a glue stick! It all depends on the thickness of your paper.

Simple DIY Christmas Stars – Step Five

For step five, simply repeat steps one through four for all five of your sheets of paper, they should all be the same exact shape if you started with the same size square at the beginning. To change the size of stars you make in the future, simply start with a bigger or smaller square!

DIY Christmas Stars – Step Six

For the last and final step, lift the corner away and open it up. Then glue along each seam of the sides of the lifted points to one another to form a beautiful star. Once again, I used a hot glue gun. This will complete your beautiful Christmas tree stars!

DIY Star Crafts – Step by Step

  1. Take a sheet of paper and fold the top corner completely over, then cut off the excess to achieve a perfect square.
  2. Lay the square diagonally on the table, and fold the two side corners into the top corner.
  3. Fold the bottom corner down on top, creating a triangle.
  4. Fold the corners of the straight edge of the triangle in towards the center and glue them down.
  5. Repeat these steps for all five sheets of paper to create your star points.
  6. Lift the corner away and glue each lifted section to one another to form a beautiful star. Enjoy your handmade creation!

Aren’t these so beautiful?! Such a versatile handmade Christmas craft. Like I said, we have adorned them in glitter and have painted a few, but the possibilities are endless! You could even make a smaller star as a gift topper, create garland with them, use them for a Christmas tree topper, or even add string or thread to hang as Christmas ornaments! I simply tucked ours between the branches of our Christmas Tree.

Decorating your DIY Christmas Stars

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I am sure you have already seen me share these pretty paper star decorations along with several other DIY Christmas crafts we have had fun with this season! Trying new things with your kids is such a special way to make holiday memories that will last a lifetime.

I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial on DIY Christmas stars, they are such an easy craft! Over on YouTube, I share several other handmade Christmas ideas, including crafts, recipes and even yummy smelling potpourri! I hope you are able to take a few moments to watch, simply click here. Merry Christmas sweet friends!


Simple DIY Christmas Stars


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