The Heart of Homemaking

Heart of Homemaking Course

I recently launched a homemaking course that I have been working on for quite some time now – The Heart of Homemaking. I am so excited to share more about my life as a stay-at-home mom in this blog post, and answer any questions you might have!

The term homemaking is such a beautiful description of a lifestyle that I am so excited to share more about. In full disclosure, I don’t consider myself an expert, but I am excited to share the skills I have learned throughout my own personal journey as a wife and mother.

I have 2017, as I embarked on my blogging journey, I sought to inspire others through my thrifty decor ideas, housekeeping routines, recipes and baking, and cleaning routine. However, amidst these creative pursuits, a profound burden on my heart began to grow — an unshakable desire to delve deeper into the significance of our homes and their lasting impact on generations to come.

While I love thrifty home decor and DIY projects, my focus began to shift more to my most important role – being a homemaker. I even began looking for ways to scale back on blogging to be more present and intentional in my home. Through this process, I truly learned how much joy and purpose were to be discovered in the calling God had blessed me with.

Homemaking as a stay at home mother

I began to share more of my everyday life and homemaking routine on my blog, and had so many sweet friends reach out and ask for help as beginners in their homemaking journey. I felt another calling to help other women discover the hidden art of homemaking.

This realization ignited the passion to create a homemaking course that goes beyond the conventional realms of cooking my own food from scratch or household chores. While offering practical tips and tricks in your daily tasks, this course also aims to unveil the true essence of homemaking—a journey of joy, intentionality, and divine calling.

The importance of Biblical based Homemaking

There is no doubt in the scriptures that as women we are called to be homemakers. Several books in the Bible including Isaiah, Titus, and Proverbs include guidelines for Christian women to follow.

God’s word shares wisdom on how to be a keeper of the home, the art of homemaking, the importance of a weekly routine, how to attend to small children, how to have a fulfilling marriage, and so many more topics relevant to a full-time homemaker.

Homemaking Course Segment

So, God has called you to homemaking personally – now what? Homemaking transcends the dishes, loads of laundry, and daily schedule; it’s a divine calling for God’s glory that requires equipping. This course is designed for anyone feeling the call to be an old-fashioned homemaker, whether you’re a busy mom taking care of a household of kids, a wife caring for you husband and home, a homeschooling mother or an empty nester.

This homemaker training is a guide for those who seek organization, joy, and a deeper understanding of the profound impact homemaking can have on generations by creating intentional traditions.

Staying at home as a biblical keeper of the home

This is a self-paced course with each lesson including video and audio form so you have options from the course start to fit what works best for you. The video lessons are short and designed in a way to easily fit into your personal life no matter what your schedule looks like.

With this course, you will have lifetime access to both the video and audio lessons along with a course workbook for each section. I tried to include several add-on’s as well to help give you self discipline as you tackle each area establishing simple routines for a healthy home.

The Art and Beauty of Bible Based Homemaking

What to expect from this homemaking course:

  1. A Christ-centered approach to homemaking: Rooted in biblical principles, this course provides a solid foundation and spiritual disciplines for understanding the purpose of homemaking.
  2. Practical guidance: Learn where and how to start your homemaking journey, along with tips for physical and mental well-being.
  3. Efficiency in day-to-day life: Discover ways to streamline your daily routines, accompanied by organization checklists and decluttering tips.
  4. Cleaning and housework: Access to a cleaning schedule, tidy routines, a cleaning recipe book, and shopping lists to simplify your homemaking tasks.
  5. Meal planning and preparation: Explore easy meal plans, simple recipes, and grocery shopping budget-friendly ideas for nourishing your family.
  6. Home decorating on a budget: Uncover creative, thrifty purchases and budget-friendly home decor ideas to create the right atmosphere in your home.
  7. Joy in homemaking: Delve into the heart of homemaking with lessons on intentionality, motivation, and finding joy in the journey.
  8. Course resources: Benefit from references, book recommendations from my personal homemaking mentors, a grocery list of staple pantry items, checklists, and exclusive access to a private Facebook Group for homemaking encouragement and support.

Join me on this transformative journey as we explore the heart of homemaking together. Let this homemaking course be a guiding light on your path to becoming a joyful, intentional, and motivated homemaker.


Heart of Homemaking Course

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  1. Good afternoon. Would so love to enroll in the new Homemaking Course! Is there still, by chance, a discount available? Blessings, Katie

    1. Hello! If you scroll to the bottom of this blog post, there is a form to sign up that will give you $50 off! 🙂 I hope this helps!

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