Vintage Sports Themed Boys Bedroom Mood Board

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Vintage Sports Themed Boys Mood Board

Today I am excited to share a space with you that I don’t think I have ever shared before, my vintage sports themed boys bedroom! 

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Currently, I still have my youngest in the nursery and my two older boys share this vintage sports themed bedroom. With all of the spring cleaning I have been doing recently, I have really been tackling this space. I have been going through their clothes and toys and donating what we are no longer using, and it feels so good!

Vintage Sports Themed Boys Bedroom Bunkbed

Through the process of deep cleaning this space, I realized it is not functioning like we need it to. Besides building the bunk bed in here when I was pregnant with my youngest, we really have not made any updates to this room. It is a cute space filled with thrifted items and decor, but with another baby on the way we really need to utilize this small area to its fullest potential. 

I am really excited about redoing this room and today I want to share with you my goals for the space as well some of my design ideas.

Vintage Sports Themed Boys Bedroom – The Bunk Bed

The first thing we would like to potentially change in this room is the bunk bed. The boys love playing and sleeping in it but I think at the age the boys are, we don’t really need the steps that are attached to the bed anymore.

They take up a lot of space in this room and can be replaced with a functioning ladder. I am not completely sure on that yet because they do provide a lot of storage, but we are leaning in that direction. 

Bunkbed idea in sports themed bedroom
Stairs on side of bunkbed with built in storage

We also are considering raising the lower bunk on this bed. Right now we have a mattress on the ground that we just slide underneath which has worked out amazing for when my youngest wants to sleep with his brothers, or for when the boys have sleepovers. But I would love to see an actual trundle bed in the room that fits more properly under this bottom bunk. 

Vintage Sports Themed Boys Bedroom – The Paint Colors

The boys room is currently the same color it was when we first moved in. I painted these stripes six or seven years ago, but it really needs a fresh coat of paint.

What I would love to see in this space is board and batten similar to my nursery. I am just torn on the color I would like to paint it, maybe a bold color like blue or green.

Vintage Sports Themed Boys Bedroom

I would love to also add corbels to the board and batten and have a shelf that goes all the way around the room. I think shelves could give us so much potential for storage, especially if they were 10×12 inches deep.

They could hold baskets or bins and would also be an amazing space for my boys’ Legos. They love Legos right now and it would be awesome to have a way to display their little creations.

Vintage Sports Themed Boys Bedroom – The Ceiling

The ceiling in the boys room is plaster like the rest of my house. There are cracks that really need to be smoothed over and it definitely needs a fresh coat of paint. Ideally I would love to have a bead board ceiling in here, it would cover up the plaster and look so fresh and clean with a white coat of paint. 

The ceiling light was a cheap Walmart find, but I think it would be nice to replace it with small fan if we can find one that’s the right size.

Older lighting in sports themed boys room

Vintage Sports Themed Boys Bedroom – The Theme

As far as the theme goes, right now they have sort of a sporty vintage theme happening. We hung old baseball bats and tennis rackets, used an old locker for a dresser, and created a scoreboard chalkboard (that you can learn more about in my Instagram story highlights).

Cool chalkboard in vintage sports themed room
Vintage Sports Themed Boys Bedroom

We also have an old DIY basketball hoop which they play with all the time. I am not sure if we will keep the hoop yet with the board and batten, we will see.

I do love the sports theme and some of the thrifted and antique finds I have displayed in here and I think utilizing this theme again will work well with some of the updates I want to make! 

Basketball hoop DIY in boys bedroom

Vintage Sports Themed Boys Bedroom – Storage

The vintage locker which I am currently using to store the boys’ clothing is very cool, but I’m not sure if it is the best way to store the boys clothes. We have amazing closet space in our home and we may put a dresser inside the closet to free up more space in their bedroom for playing and creating. 

Vintage locker used for clothing storage in sports themed bedroom

We also have a toy box under the windows for now to hold toys. My ultimate dream is to finish our basement and move all of the toys down there, but for now this works well for storage. 

Toy box storage

I think that if I clear out the space completely and tackle the board and batten and batten, I will have a more clear vision for how I’d like this space to come together.

The rug is torn badly in one corner, and it’s just another item that needs replacing.

New rug needed for the boys room

This seems like so many changes to such a small space, but I am excited to get started. I have never really done anything with this room and it just needs a good refresh. If you have ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments below!


Vintage Sports Themed Boys Mood Board


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  1. when my daughter was just 7 or 8 I redid her bedroom in my choices, without her input. I have regretted my decision since then (she’s now 54). I’ve thought how I should have included her in the design choices and let it make it hers.

    Please involve children in their spaces. Let them have ownership, too. I’m sure it would not have been nearly my ideas of what it should have looked like, but it would have been HERS!

  2. I often wondered why we never saw the boy’s bedroom. I thought it was because, being typical, little boys, the room looked like a hurricane had gone through. Currently there is a sort of red/white/blue colour theme and that might not be a bad idea to develop further. You say the rug is going to go because the dark colour shows everything. If you wanted to put it elsewhere in the house, a carpet shop could easily fix the rip. They’d just cut a few inches off along that side and put new binding along the cut Not a big deal. Anyway, I look forward to what you create. Your home improvements always reflect such good taste. Have fun!

    1. Hello! It is just one I found for the mood board on a google search, I’ll try to find out where it was from!

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