Hospitality with Littles – 7 Ideas to Make it Simple

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Hospitality with Littles 7 Ideas to make it Simple

One of my goals for this school year was to open my heart and home more, but incorporating more hospitality with little ones can sometimes feel overwhelming. 

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I get into my own head, and I feel like everything needs to be perfect before I dare let anyone over. Hospitality with littles seems impossible!

I worry about the floors and the toilets, and I overthink the menu. What will I feed them? Will they like it? Will it be good enough?

Instead of focusing on how I can bless and encourage others, all too often I focus on Andrea. 

Well, I decided that this year will be different. Perfectionism would not stop me from opening up my home and doing what I can – no matter how small – to make friends feel welcomed and loved. 

Today I had another homeschool mama over and we had such a great time. Our kids played while we talked and drank coffee, and I was so happy that we finally had the chance to get to know each other more. 

Hospitality with littles ideas to make it simple
How to be hospitable when you have little children

And the best part? My boys got to learn a lesson in hospitality. They got to see first hand what mom does when guests come over, and they got to be involved in the process. 

If you’re a mom of little ones, today I have 7 ideas for you that will help make hospitality more simple, and less overwhelming. 

Hospitality with Littles – Tidy up the night before

Last night I did what I could to tidy up the house so that I would have less to do this morning. Isaiah is only 6 weeks old, and with babies there are so many variables that could throw off the morning and get you behind schedule. 

While I had my husband home with me last night, I emptied the dishwasher, put some laundry away and did some simple tidying up. I didn’t go crazy cleaning or stress over the house, but by simply picking up toys in the living room and shoes in the entryway, I felt so much better about the following morning. 

Hospitality with Littles – Make your home smell nice

In my opinion, one of the best ways to make your home feel welcoming when a guest walks in is to make sure your home smells nice. 

Plugins, candles, essential oils – whatever it is – start diffusing early in the morning so that your home is filled with a nice aroma. 

I love to diffuse essential oils, so I place a diffuser right near the front door so that my guests smell the oils almost right away. I love diffusing scents like vanilla, pumpkin and cinnamon this time of year!

Hospitality with Littles – Turn on lamps and light candles for a cozy vibe 

I am a strong believer in ambiance, haha! What is it about the soft glow of a lamp that just feels cozy? Especially on a rainy day like today. Light a few candles to make your home feel even more special. 

Lighting candles for a cozy feel when guests visit

Hospitality with Littles – Have the kids help

Don’t do all the work yourself, mama. Have the kids help! Teach them what it means to be hospitable, and explain the importance of making friends feel welcome. 

I had the boys clean their room and the guest bathroom today, and I also asked them to help out with food preparation. They were so excited when I our guests arrived!

Hospitality with Littles – It doesn’t have to be homemade

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love to cook and bake. But sometimes, life gets crazy and get togethers are last minute. Don’t stress over the food, just pick something up at your local grocery store. 

Ways to make hospitality with littles simple with store bought baked goods

Today we had croissants and blueberry muffins from the Walmart bakery, and they were just fine. 

Hospitality with Littles – Presentation makes a big difference 

One way to make your guest feel extra special is to present and serve the food in special platters and baskets. 

Serving store bought croissants in a pretty basket with a tea towel is so simple, yet it makes such big difference! Look for ways to incorporate different textures and heights, just like I did with the muffins on a thrifted cake stand

Cottage kitchen with thrifted cake stand and muffins

It took two minutes to set out these pastries on something other than the plastic container they came in, but it will make your guest feel special and appreciated.

Hospitality with Littles – Offer something fresh and keep it simple

Depending on the time of day you have someone over, offering something fresh like fruit, vegetables or a light salad will brighten up whatever store-bought item you have to offer. 

Today my boys cut up some strawberries, an apple and some oranges, and we squeezed some fresh lemon juice over the top. I don’t think it even took ten minutes to throw together!

Fresh fruit and easy and quick way to show hospitality

Along with the fruit and muffins, I also scrambled up some fresh eggs. So simple and perfect for a brunch style get together. 

Simple ideas for hospitality with littles making scrambled eggs

I really hope these simple ideas helped you today! Here they are for a quick reference next time you are expecting company:

  • Tidy up the night before
  • Make your home smell nice
  • Turn on lights and light candles for a cozy vibe
  • Have the kids help
  • It doesn’t have to be homemade
  • Presentation makes a big difference
  • Offer something fresh and keep it simple

I know I have said it often, but thank you for to all of you for your constant encouragement, prayers and support! It means the world to this momma and reminds me to try to be an encouragement to others as well. I am so happy I was able to invite that sweet friend over today!

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Hospitality with Littles 7 Ideas to make it Simple


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  1. This was exactly what I needed to read tonight! It is so overwhelming to do anything “special” with little ones. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Such great ideas for a stress free gathering. You are the perfect hostess because it is obvious everything you planned was intentional as to making your guests feel comfortable, welcome, and most of all at home. These are the things that make sweet friendships even sweeter! What a great example for your boys.

  3. What a sweet post . The best part was how excited your boys were!!!! Your boys are very blessed. Have you ever read The Turquoise Table? I think you’d truly appreciate the message, and it is an easy read.

  4. Thank you, Andrea! I just found your blog and this blessed me so much. Talking about hospitality and being real with it but also knowing how special it is to model that for our kids because fellowship is worth it! Also I see posts about contentment that I can’t wait to read. Hearing your heart for Jesus come through is such a joy. Blessings, Lindsay

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