Thrifty Sage Green Bathroom Makeover

Thrifty Green Bathroom Makeover

I am finally sharing our thrifty sage green bathroom makeover with you today!

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So much work went into this thrifty sage green bathroom makeover, and I’m just so pleased with the way it all came together. A huge thanks goes to Loctite Perfect Finish Kitchen and Bath Sealant, this project would not have been possible without their amazing products!

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Green bathroom mirror with chalk paint
DIY Beams on our bathroom ceiling!
Bathroom makeover shelf with canisters
Our painted checkered floors in our bathroom are so charming!
Striped bathroom shower curtain
Sage green bathroom makeover

Alright guys, let’s go all the way back to June when I first shared my plans for this bathroom space. You can read all about our guest bathroom in that post, what I loved about the space, and what I really wanted to change. I also shared some beautiful inspiration photos, so be sure you check it out!

After sharing that post I went to work in the guest bathroom. I painted the bead board a lovely sage green, I painted the walls white, I painted our vinyl floors in the most charming checkered pattern, and I sanded down the dark finish on our vanity. Whew! It was a lot of work, let me tell you. 

Guest Bathroom Progress!

You can read all about those details here, in the update I shared about a month ago. I felt completely stuck and so over this space, and I wanted to share some real life progress to let you guys know how it was going. 

I loved the direction my bathroom was headed, but I didn’t know what to do about the tile in the shower. I felt like it clashed with the green paint I had chosen, but part of me didn’t want to do the work of refinishing all the tile. 

Turns out, that “progress” post was exactly what I needed to move forward in this space! As soon as I saw it through my camera, I knew exactly what I needed to do.

It sounds crazy, but I would highly recommend doing the same if you feel stuck decorating! Take some photos, maybe even take some video with your phone, and watch it back. You will be amazed at the difference between seeing the space in a photo versus seeing it in real life. 

You can find more tips here for when you feel stuck decorating!

Painted accent tile in our shower

Anyways, I purchased this tub and tile refinishing kit and went to work painting all the tile in the shower area. I left out the beige subway tile around the border and window because I really felt like it was a charming accent. I then used a grout pen to give all the grout a fresh white coat of paint. 

Tub and Tile bathroom makeover
Painted shower and bathtub using a shower refinishing kit!

Once the shower was refinished, it desperately needed to be sealed in several areas. You can see what the window ledge looked like before – 

Our shower window before sealing.

I removed all of the old caulk and cleaned the service, then I used my Loctite Perfect Finish Kitchen and Bath Sealant to seal the window. 

My shower window after sealing it!

This caulk was so easy to use and went on beautifully! I love that it won’t shrink or crack over time and it’s mold and mildew resistant, perfect for a shower! I like to apply the caulk in a thin line and smooth it out with my finger, using a wet paper towel to wipe away any excess off my finger. 

Shower tile painting

If you aren’t familiar with caulking or you are looking for some extra help, Loctite has an awesome website with “how to” videos that will make your DIY project so much easier! You can find Loctite Perfect Finish products at your local Lowe’s store, and don’t forget to take advantage of their online ordering option for your shopping convenience! 

After finishing the window, I also sealed all of the quarter round at the top of the shower. The Loctite sealant created a seamless finish and I just love the way our shower looks now! It has a fresh new look and we spent less than $100. Win win!

Our painted shower before caulk
Loctite shower makeover
Sealing our DIY painted shower!

Be sure to watch the YouTube video linked above to see how easy it was to apply the Loctite sealant!

Once the shower was finished it was time to decorate! Guys, I changed so many things in this bathroom since my last progress video! Let’s start with the sink area. 

I decided that the gray mirror I had chosen before just clashed with the lovely green I had chosen for the bead board, and I wanted something more earthy and tone on tone. So I switched back to the old mirror and painted it a darker green, then finished it with a dark wax. I love it so much! It looks so vintage and lovely in here. 

Mirror in bathroom makeover
Green bathroom mirror with chalk paint

I also decided to put a tension rod under with sink with some $2 linen fabric that I found at the thrift store. It’s so perfect because it hides all of the ugly things that we don’t want to see in bathrooms (like the plunger) and it softens up the sink area. 

Thrifty bathroom vanity DIY

A stoneware bowl from my Mom was perfect for storing toilet paper! 

Bathroom vanity tension rod

While I LOVE the checkered floors that I painted, the white tiles show a lot of dirt when the kids come running inside with their shoes on to go potty (no matter how many times I ask them to take them off when they come in the door haha). 

Our painted checkered floors in our bathroom are so charming!

I really wanted a small rug to catch some of that dirt, but I also thought that a pattern of some kind would help to soften up all of the straight lines that were happening in this space. Low and behold, Target had this adorable, vintage inspired rug with green accents! Perfect! I absolutely love it in this space! 

Bathroom rug used in bathroom makeover from Target
Bathroom rug from target

For the toilet area, I decided against using the old shelf and had my husband build one entirely out of reclaimed wood. He did such an amazing job, didn’t he?! It’s so beautiful and rustic and I love it so much more than the old one. 

DIY rustic bathroom shelf for bathroom makeover
DIY shelf with canisters

I found some canisters at a thrift store for a few bucks each and filled them with cotton balls and q-tips as well as greenery, and they are perfect for this space! 

Bathroom makeover shelf with canisters

I also scored the striped shower curtain for $6 at Goodwill, but it was actually brand new from Target! I couldn’t seem to find the same one online so I’m not sure if they still carry it.

Striped bathroom shower curtain
Bathroom shower curtain thrifty bathroom makeover

I used a $5 clearance basket as a trash can in this space, and it’s just right. I love the texture it adds to this little corner.

Bathroom trash can used in makeover

To pull some warmth up onto the ceiling, I had my husband add some faux beams. They look gorgeous in here and add such a cottage-y, cozy feel! You can read all about our process for faux beams here, if you’re interested! We have them in our kitchen and in our entryway!

DIY Faux Beams in our Sage Green Bathroom!

I love this sage bathroom so much more now! It is so much more me. It’s charming and has so much character, an I’m so happy that I kept moving forward and continued toward the vision I had all along! 

Bathroom finishes for a makeover
Sage green bathroom makeover

What do you guys think of this thrifty sage green bathroom makeover? I’d love to know in the comments below! 


Thrifty Green Bathroom Makeover


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  1. I watched your video today and it was amazing! You did so good, you two. My favorite part? The beams…they match the vanity your dad made you!

    Awesome job. Peaceful room. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Beautiful! What a great make-over!!!!! So inviting! What was the paint color? I am a huge fan of all shades of green, especially the “sage” greens!

      1. The bathroom is beautiful! You mentioned the sage green was one you already had and then added some white. But you didn’t say What the sage green was. Do you know?

  3. Hi, Andrea:)
    Love your beautiful guest bath all finished top to bottom!
    The sage green is so lovely with the hand made pieces by your Dad and Hubby! I’ve loved your hand painted floor since you first shared it! Now accented with its new rug and beautifully finished bath tile ~ sighhhhh, absolutely exquisite, Sweetie pie!
    You are so gifted and everything you share, I so appreciate!
    Be Blessed this day, you and yours ~ Many hugs, Susan

  4. Beautiful bathroom… would you mind sharing the sage green color paint name and brand- luv it (I read through this and watched video but didn’t see/hear the actual paint color name). Thank you!

    1. Hello, it is a green that I already had in my basement. I added some white to it so I’m not even sure what the true color is, I am so sorry. If I am able to color match it sometime I will post about it. Thank you for your kind words!

  5. Hey Andrea! I love your style! Your home is definitely an inspiration for me while I tackle my own home makeovers. I am in love with the sink faucet in this bathroom, can you tell me where you got it?


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