Minimal Fall Sunroom Ideas

Minimal Fall Sunroom Decor Ideas

Today I’m sharing some minimal fall sunroom ideas, as well as a sneak peek of some fall prints that will be added to my shop very soon! 

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These minimal fall sunroom ideas can be used in any space really! If you caught my fall dining space and kitchen that I shared last week, you may have seen a pop of color that so many of you have told me is “aubergine”, a deep eggplant like purple. 

I have been loving this color throughout my home for fall, and soon you’ll see it in my living room and entryway also! But this year, my sunroom stayed pretty neutral. It’s such a light and bright space that I wanted to continue with that theme and keep things very minimal. 

Fall builtin decor in sunroom
Decor in sunroom on piano and builtins

If you’re new here, we gave our sunroom a huge makeover this past spring.

We created a built in desk unit on one side of the room, and a built in window bench with open shelving on the other side of the room. 

Decor on desktop in sunroom with fall paintings

I absolutely love the way it turned out, and honestly our sunroom is one of my favorite rooms in our house now. The space is so much more functional than it was before, and we spend so much more time out there! 

Sunroom fall decor on window bench, piano and builtins

One of the main reasons I enjoy this space so much is because it’s given me a place to paint. You can read all about my new hobby here, and if you’re interested in purchasing some of my downloadable prints, they’re available here

Seasonal decor in builtins and painting including faux pumpkins and stems

During these last few weeks I decided to paint some fall landscapes, and I can’t wait to add them to my shop.

Fall paintings as decor in sunroom on desktop with faux pumpkins and stems

I kept them out on my desk for this tour, and if you watch my YouTube video linked above, you can get a closer look. 🙂

Autumn decor on desktop in sunroom with paintings displayed

So far I’ve painted a white barn in a field of autumn colors, a green pumpkin patch, and the edge of a corn field nearby that I thought was so beautiful. I also tried painting some abstract scenes with very fall inspired colors. I think I will add them to my bedroom in this next season! 

I also added a mix of real and faux pumpkins to my desk area, as well as some fall stems in the corner. 

Faux pumpkin and stem decor in sunroom on desktop

On the opposite wall with the builtins, I added a few pumpkins to give the space that cozy autumn feel. I also incorporated my free pumpkin printable that you can grab if you subscribe to my blog, the sign up is at the end of this post! 

Sunroom decor and builtin decor with pumpkin printable

I painted the landscapes that you see on the shelves near the piano, and I think I’ll keep those there for now. Everything is still green here and I think they work in this space for now, but eventually I might switch them out for something with warmer tones! 

Sunroom decor and builtin decor including paintings, faux pumpkins and stems

I also switched out the stems on the piano to something much more neutral and autumn inspired. I found them at Joann Fabrics, you may have spotted them in my foraging video that I shared a few weeks back! They instantly add warmth to the space. 

Piano stem decor in sunroom

The only other change in the sunroom is the antique scoop that I hung on the wall.

Antique shovel decor

My mom gave it to me recently because she wasn’t using it anymore, and I absolutely love it! It adds so much character to that corner. 

Sunroom decor and antique decor

One of these days I will have to show you my mom’s house, it’s so much different than mine, but I just know you guys would love and appreciate her antique collection! I definitely get my love for decorating and all things home from her. 🙂

Well I hope you enjoyed these minimal fall sunroom ideas!

Minimal sunroom decor and builtin decor

It’s been so nice sharing one space in my home at a time with you guys. Doing a full house tour with three little boys can be a bit overwhelming, especially since the house is never fully perfect all of the time, haha! 

Sunroom decor and desktop decor

I also think it’s important to decorate for the seasons one room at a time because it helps me to be intentional about every single thing I add to a space. In years past when I decorated the entire house all at once, sometimes things would just get thrown in places because I was tired and over the whole thing, haha! 

Overall simplistic decor on piano and builtins

Take your time, be intentional, and enjoy the process. Thanks so much for stopping by today sweet friends! 


Minimal Fall Sunroom Decor Ideas


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  1. Your sunroom is beautiful. Could you share the paint color you used on the wall and the built it. It’s so soft and pretty.

      1. Hello Andrea. Just watched you on YouTube. As always enjoyed every minute. Can you tell me where you got the gray striped throw on the window bench? Love it! Thank you for all you do 😃

  2. I can hardly wait for the Fall prints! I saw a couple that I want to purchase. Your paintings are so beautiful. They look like antique English landscape art, my favorite style, but rare and expensive!

    1. Thank you so much! I actually got it from an antique store, but several have told me they have seen the same one at TJ Maxx!

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