Cottage Style Indoor Plants – How to Incorporate Them Into Your Home Decor

Cottage Style Indoor Plants

Today, I’ll be sharing the cottage-style indoor plants that I have in my home! I’ll also cover how I choose the best indoor plants that are low maintenance, yet beautiful plants.

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As most of you know, I absolutely love having fresh flowers and lush greenery incorporated into my home design. I love the pops of colors and natural textures that they bring into the rooms of the house. Flowers are a wonderful way to add beauty to your home, but of course, they do eventually wither and fade.

Cottage Style Indoor Plants as Decor

A few years ago, my sister starting collecting indoor plants after learning about the benefits of houseplants, and tried convincing me many times to get a few indoor house plants of my own. I admit I was hesitant at first. Flowers are beautiful, but don’t require a lot of upkeep. However, in my mind, caring for a plant seemed like it would be a lot more work and I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep up with the maintenance they required.

My sister assured me that her favorite indoor plants only required little maintenance, and she gave me some cottage style indoor plant recommendations to ensure I had the best houseplants to fit my traditional house decor and busy homemaking schedule. One of my first plants sat in a beautiful grey terracotta pot by my kitchen window where it could get plenty of natural light, and after 2-3 weeks I basically had an indoor garden haha

Cottage Inspired Simple Indoor Plants

The Easiest Indoor Plants to Have in Your Home

If you are new to indoor houseplants, it can be intimidating to choose the perfect plant for your home. Like me, you may be nervous about choosing a plant only to have it die on you because you messed up the upkeep it required.

Beautiful Cottage Style Plants

Thankfully there are many apps out there to help you make a great choice! The app that I use is called Planta, and it’s great at identifying plants and giving detailed care instructions. If you don’t want to download an app, there are built in programs on some phone that you can use! For example, iPhone allows you to take a picture of a plant and Siri identifies it for you!

Gorgeous indoor plant in cottage style dining room

My favourite houseplants that I found to have some of the easiest upkeep include:

Simple plants to have for indoors

Goldon Pothos is an excellent option if you are looking for a minimal upkeep plant. They are picky about how much water they can get, so you want to let their soil dry out a little between each watering. I keep mine by the fireplace in my living room in a large crock. Because they don’t require moist soil, they are a great option to have around small children – no muddy messes here!

Indoor pops of life and greenery with plants

A great addition to your interior design are weeping figs due to their height and unique green leaves. They require a balance of watering, not too much and not too little, and make a great focal point in any space.

Beautiful indoor plant ideas

I try to decorate with a little pop of white with my flowers and stems. A Flaming Katy has such beautiful white blooms contrasted with dark green leaves. The best part about this plant is that it requires so little upkeep! You can let the soil dry out completely before needing to water a Flaming Katy again, making it the easiest plant to care for due to its lack of need for moisture.

Simple and Beautiful indoor plant ideas

Another lovely plant to add to your collection is Common Ivy. They too require a balance of watering, and add a classic look to any home’s style.

Indoor Plant Choices for Cottage Style Home

An Asian Bell Tree is a medium needs plant, meaning it requires a balance of watering. I have this plant in my kitchen to balance out the neutrals I have in this space. Its light green color brings freshness and life to my countertops.

How to Incorporate Cottage Style Indoor Plants into Your Home Decor

When you buy a new houseplant, you may be wondering how to make it work with your decor. I would suggest looking up images on Pinterest to get an idea of how you would like to style your plants, and then search thrift stores or Facebook Marketplace for plant pots, crocks, or even a plant basket!

Cottage Style Living Room with Plants

My favorite way to incorporate a plants is to place them in old crocks. An antique crock adds so much character to any space, and their sturdy structure can withstand the soil and watering that are required to care for a plant.

Cottage Style Succulent Choices

A classic terracotta pot is another way I incorporate plants into my decor. Terracotta has a beautiful, timeless look and comes in many different shades. I like using a grey tone throughout my home.

Indoor choices for plants

You can get creative with how you style your plants. Here I have my Flaming Katy potted in an ironstone bowl! You can also use large or small pitchers, which I especially love using during springtime.

Beautiful simple to care for indoor plants

Look around your home. Do you have a vase, pitcher or bowl on display that could be used to pot a plant? Do you need a bit of color in an overly neutral space? Or do you just want to add some freshness and life into your room? Incorporating houseplants into your decor is a great way to accomplish all of this, while also providing health benefits such as reducing stress and improving the indoor air quality of your home!

Which cottage style indoor plants are your favorite, and how do you like to incorporate them into your home? Let me know in the comments below!


Cottage Style Indoor Plants

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  1. I love house plants, but haven’t gone beyond common ivy because i wasn’t sure which ones to try for easy upkeep. Thanks for the inspiration and plant recommendations, I can’t wait to try some of these!

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