Sharing My New Honed Granite Countertops: A Beautiful and Affordable Option

Today I am sharing all about my new honed granite countertops! I will explain what honed granite is and the pros of choosing this option. I hope this post helps if you are also trying to pick out new countertops for your kitchen!

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If you have been following my blog for a while, you know I have been wanting to replace my countertops for a several years now. While my old black Corian countertops weren’t horrible, they were starting to show some wear and tear and the high gloss finish didn’t really fit the cottage style I was trying to achieve in my kitchen. Plus, the reflection of the polished surfaces showed every little imperfection.

The black Corian countertops were put in as part of a kitchen remodel right before we purchased our home. Being as frugal as I am, I couldn’t justify replacing them immediately when they had just been installed. You can see them in the original photos of my kitchen in the before and after section of my blog. If you haven’t visited this page yet, I highly encourage you to do so to see all of the changes we have made, but here is an original before photo of our kitchen:

Before photo of our cottage style kitchen

We were so blessed to have an updated kitchen when we moved in, brand new cupboards, appliances and countertops saved us so much on renovations when we were just starting out with our first home.

We have spent a lot of time on projects in our kitchen in the meantime though. I have them all on my blog as well. We added a subway tile backsplash, faux window panels, faux beams (then real reclaimed beams), hid our dishwasher and fridge and added a faux stone wall just to name a few.

Summertime Cottage Kitchen

When it came down to it, the final two big projects I have always wanted to tackle in this space are the countertops and the flooring. However, if you know me, you know that it takes me a while to choose the perfect option and make a final decision for my home as I wanted something durable that didn’t show stains or scratched easily while still being an affordable price.

I loved the look of soapstone countertops; however, they were definitely out of our price range and also scratch easily. Thankfully, my friend Sarah at Grace In My Space shared the idea of using honed granite slabs instead of soapstone and I knew that was the style I wanted to go with for my kitchen!

You can watch the process of choosing and installing my new countertops here, but I have included a few photos from our selection process below!

Honed Granite Countertop Slabs
Honed Granite Countertop Options
Choosing new kitchen countertops
Honed Granite to look like soapstone in countertop

What Is Honed Granite?

Honed granite is a natural stone countertop that has a matte appearance, unlike polished granite that has a high shine and glossy finish. A honed finish is achieved by using coarse abrasives to grind the stone but stopping before it becomes polished, and has a much more soft and natural texture than polished granite.

Just run your hands across the counter surfaces and you’ll instantly feel the difference between the smoothness of the polished granite finish and the textured matte finish of honed granite.

Smooth surface of honed granite countertops
Smooth Texture of Countertops in Kitchen

The Pros of Honed Granite Countertops

My home has a very traditional look with plenty of antique home décor, so finding a countertop that would compliment my style and personal preferences was a must. Honed granite is a great choice for homeowners who are seeking to achieve a timeless look because of the granite’s casual vibe and unique look.

This type of countertop is also a more affordable option than soapstone, but still achieves that beautiful, natural stone look. And while honed granite does require some upkeep with a seal, it is far more durable than soapstone which is soft and can be easily scratched.

Soapstone countertops lookalikes
Honed Granite Countertops in Cottage Style Kitchen

Honed granite is durable and also hides imperfections like fingerprints and scratches better than polished granite because of its non-reflective finish. Cleaning spills, dust or grease off of this type of countertop is as simple as using some warm water and a soft cloth, or even Norwex microfiber cloths!

Thankfully, we were blessed to be able to work with a local company here in Michigan, K2 Stoneworks, and if you are local I highly recommend them! If not, I encourage you to visit a local company. They were so wonderful to work with and patient enough to show me as many samples as we wanted to see and walk me through the differences between soapstone and honed granite.

Smooth surface of honed granite kitchen countertop remodel
Kitchen Countertops in Cottage Style Kitchen

Ultimately, as I have mentioned we went with the honed granite countertops. We did end up having to seal them after they were installed, which unfortunately darkened them a bit more than the original lighter grey color that I loved, but I definitely want them protected and as durable as possible.

Beautiful Cottage Style Kitchen Countertop Renovations
Beautiful honed granite countertop finishes in cottage style kitchen

I am so happy with our new honed granite countertops! They achieve the timeless look of stone, while being an affordable and durable option! What do think about my new countertops? Let me know in the comments below!


Honed Granite Countertops in Cottage Style Kitchen

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  1. I really love the new honed granite countertops. They look amazing!! Where did you purchase your rug that you have in the kitchen??

    1. Thank you, the honed granite countertops really turned out so well when I was hoping for something to look similar to soapstone! The photo of our kitchen with the runner is an older on unfortunately, but the rug is from Marshalls.

  2. Hi Andrea, I just watched your video on your new countertops. They are stunning. I would suggest using cork for your flooring. We are going to use it in our kitchen in our 123yr old house on Lake Erie. I enjoy reading through your adventures. Sincerely Colleen

    1. Thank you for this suggestion! I think we are going to try to tie in the red oak from the dining room, I am hoping the warm wood tones help with the cooler tones of the honed granite countertops.

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