My Five Favorite Furniture Flips!

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I’m sharing my five favorite furniture flips with you guys today and I hope that it inspires you!

I’m sharing my five favorite furniture flips with you guys today and I hope that it inspires you! 

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My five favorite furniture flips were harder to choose than I thought they would be. Almost all of the furniture in my home was thrifted, given to me for free, or found at a garage sale and/or Facebook Marketplace. And in most cases, the pieces I find always need a little makeover. 

My hope in writing this post is that it inspires you to look beyond the ugly you see at the thrift store, and see the potential of what it could be. So let’s get started!

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Furniture Flip #1 – Painted Dresser with Wood Drawers

diy painted dresser with raw wood drawers

I love this dresser so much! We got it for free when Mike’s grandmother passed away, and it was a dark cherry color that I tried to work with for so long. Eventually I realized that I just didn’t love it, despite how beautiful the wood finish was. 

A before shot of our painted dresser...come see the after!

Sometimes it might seem scary, but if you have something in your home that bothers you or doesn’t feel right, change it! We take our homes too seriously sometimes. It’s all just stuff, and if you have to live with it, why not turn it into something you truly love to look at each day?

Come see the before and after of our dresser!

You can read the whole tutorial for this dresser here if you’re interested! I shared the step by step process with all the tools and materials I used. 

Furniture Flip #2 – Painted Piano

Our painted piano is one of my favorite furniture flips!

Our piano was another freebie, someone gave it to us free of charge! It was very orange but I loved the shape of it, and I knew right away that I was going to paint it. I had never tackled anything quite like this before, but I recorded the whole process here so that you can watch it all on video! 

The before shot of our piano...come see the after!

I learned some things along the way and so many people have told me that they painted their piano after seeing mine refinished. One of the best things to hear as a blogger – that you are inspiring others! 

Our painted piano is one of my favorite furniture flips!

Furniture Flip #3 – Dining Room Corner Hutch

Cottage Style Corner Cabinet painted a neutral tone

The corner hutch in my dining room was a Facebook Marketplace find. I paid $150 for it, but I sold the corner cabinet that was already here (the previous owners left it) for $165 to pay for the new one!! 

Corner Cabinet Before Pictures!

This hutch was a dark green color when I saw it on marketplace, but I loved the scalloped detail at the top and the gorgeous window panes on the glass door. To learn more about this makeover and the color I painted it, click here

Corner Cabinet painted Kingsport Gray by Benjamin Moore

Furniture Flip #4 – Nursery Changing Table

Favorite furniture flips - our nursery changing table makeover!

Can you believe that this changing table was black when I first got it? My Mom spotted it at the thrift store and she knew I was looking for a new one when I was pregnant with Caleb. It was $40, and while the color didn’t go with the bedroom theme, I knew I could transform it into something special. 

Favorite Furniture Flips - Come see how this changing table turned out!

I made my own chalk paint, grabbed my favorite brush, and painted it the prettiest gray blue color, you can find all of the details here if you’re interested! 

Favorite Furniture Flips - Nursery changing table makeover!

Furniture Flip #5 – Woden Side Table

Favorite Furniture Flips - Wooden side table makeover!

This beautiful wooden side table was actually a dark finish when my Mom gave it to me, but I loved the shape of it. I used a product called Citristrip to give it this beautiful, weathered feel and I just love the way it turned out! It looks like a table from Pottery Barn, but for way less!

How I used Citristrip to create a weathered, Restoration Hardware style finish!
How to create a weathered wood finish using Citristrip Spray!
Favorite Furniture Flips - Wooden Side Table

So there you have it, my five favorite furniture flips! I have so many more that I could share with you guys, I might just have to make this into a series! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! 


I’m sharing my five favorite furniture flips with you guys today and I hope that it inspires you!


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  1. Each flip is prettier than the one before Andrea. I love them all, and the colors you chose. You must be very pleased with them and the nice touch they add to each room.

  2. As someone who has never taken on a furniture flip I love all of them!! I currently have a hunter green hutch in need of a flip as soon as I can convince my husband that ‘I’ve got this!’ Thx for sharing!

  3. Hey Andrea, beautiful inspirational ideas, I just painted an end table turned out Great! In your outdoor sunroom you have a wooden horse on the top shelf. Was that a purchased item or did you find it antiquing?? Love your home! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Susan! Thank you so much! I actually did find it at an antique store, but when I shared it on Instagram I had a lot of messages from people saying they saw the same one at Home Goods! I think you see them more around Christmas time, but I love mine all year long haha! I hope that helps! 🙂

  4. Andrea, you are so talented! It takes a lot of insight to see beyond what a thrifted piece can look like. I especially love how your little side table turned out. I may have to look for a piece just to try that Citristrip! So beautiful. Can’t wait to see your next project!

    1. Thank you so much Sharon!! I hope you have some luck with it! I love how my table turned out, but I know every piece is different. 🙂

  5. Such a fun video. You definitely got me back into stripping furniture.

    I was so very pleased to see you, your little one and your lovely kitchen in my September Country Living Magazine! Beautiful!

    1. Awww thank you Deanna!! That’s what I have been told, but I still haven’t been able to find the magazine haha!! Hopefully I’ll get one this weekend, we’ll see! 🙂

  6. Absolutely love the dresser with the natural drawers!! Would love to find something similar to refinish. Beautiful job

  7. Hi Andrea
    I love the table that you did on your 5 inspirational make overs. After using the citrustrip spray what else did you do? Did you seal it?
    I can’t seem to find that info unless I’m skimming over it or blind as a bat lol
    Thank you for any and all advice, look forward to seeing your next projects

  8. The showcased five impressive furniture flips offer inspiring ideas for transforming home decor. It’s a valuable resource for anyone looking to revitalize their living spaces on a budget. Thanks for sharing these creative projects!

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