Recent Thrift Haul and 3 Thrifting Reminders

Recent thrift haul and 3 thrifting reminders

I love thrifting, and my home is made up of so many beautiful thrifted items! Today I want to share my recent thrift haul and 3 thrifting reminders!

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It’s been a while since I shared a good thrift haul with you guys on the blog! This past weekend I scored BIG, and just had to share my recent thrift haul and 3 thrifting reminders with you all!  

My main desire in sharing these hauls is to inspire you and encourage you to keep on thrifting. Do I find treasures every time I thrift? Nope. Do I let that stop me from thrifting? Absolutely not! 

Recent thrift haul and 3 thrifting reminders

For me, the “thrill of the hunt” is so exciting. You just never know what you might find! Be sure to watch the YouTube video linked above to see all of the amazing things that you can score at thrift stores. I love taking you guys along! 

Today I wan to share what I found and how much I paid, and then I also have a few thrifting reminders that I’d like to leave with you all! 

Recent Thrift Haul Finds

Vintage Basket with Leather Handles 

Thrifted basket with leather handles used as a decor piece in English Cottage Style Home

Ahhh isn’t this the sweetest little basket?! I just love it! I don’t know what I’ll use if for just yet, but for 2.99 I had to bring it home with me! I have whole blog post about decorating with thrift store baskets here if you ‘d like to check it out. I’d love to hear your ideas for this basket in the comments below! 

Thrifted vintage basket with leather handles used as cottage home decor

Set of 6 Mini Glass Bowls

Thrifted glass bowls used as decor and for baking

These cute little bowls were only .35 cents each, and guess what? The entire store was half off so I scored all six for just a buck. Is it strange how much I love these? I share recipes and videos every now and then here on the blog and I thought it would be so much fun to use these bowls for ingredients and spices! 

Thrifted glass bowls used as home decor and for ingredients and spices while cooking

Vintage Glass Measuring Cup

Vintage glass measuring cup found at a thrift store that is a gorgeous antique piece

I loved how large this glass measuring cup was, but I was hesitant because it was $10 and set aside in the “antique” section that wasn’t half off. Thankfully I remembered that I had a $5 off coupon in my wallet! Score! I had to bring it home with me. 

Vintage glass measuring cup found at a thrift store that is a gorgeous antique piece

2 Pfaltzgraff Mugs

Pfaltzgraff mug set found in a thrift store used as english cottage inspired home decor

If you’re new here, I love collecting White Heritage Pfaltzgraff. In fact, I wrote a whole blog post about my collection and why I feel like this set is so timeless. I don’t have mugs like these, and even though there were only two, I had to snatch them up. 

Pfaltzgraff mug set found in a thrift store used as english cottage inspired home decor

Brand New Threshold Storage Ottoman from Target

Brand new ottoman purchased at a thrift store to be used as home decor
Inside of thrifted ottoman found brand new at a thrift store

Guys, I scored this adorable ottoman for $8.99!! Can you believe it?! Brand new with the tags still on. I think I’ll use it my boys bedroom

Brand new ottoman found at a thrift store used as home decor

Brand New Hearth and Hand Duvet Cover

Duvet cover thrift haul to be used in boy's bedroom of english cottage style home

This duvet cover retails for $70 at Target. It was brand new but had some blue highlighter on it and was marked down to $8.99! I was over the moon excited because this is exactly what I was looking for for my boys room – bedding with blue stripes. I just couldn’t believe God provided one at that price. He cares about the little things! 

Recent thrift store haul basket and duvet cover

Here’s a little sneak peek of it on the bed, it could not have been more perfect for the space!

Duvet cover thrift haul to be used in boy's bedroom of english cottage style home

Brand New Threshold Basket 

Sturdy thrift store basket that will be repurposed as storage and home decor

This sturdy, beautiful basket was only $15, and at first I thought I would use it in the boys room but I may use it elsewhere, we’ll see. I love the color and the fact that it has a handle! 

Sturdy thrift store basket that will be repurposed as storage and home decor

Vintage Books

Thrifted vintage books used as home decor in english cottage style home

I paid a little more for these than what I usually do, but they were so cute and the perfect colors for the boys’ room! 

Vintage Baseball

Antique and vintage baseball found at a thrift store to be used as home decor

How perfect is this old baseball for the the boys’ sports themed bedroom? It was only $1.50 and I love the cracking and patina it has. 

Drawer with Wheels 

recent thrift haul including thrifted drawer on wheels

We are going to add a twin trundle under the boys’ full size bed in case all 3 boys ever want to bunk together, so there will be extra room underneath for some toy storage. I just love this drawer on wheels! It was only $5 and I am always looking for more ways to store things away. 

3 Thrifting Reminders

Reminder #1

Just because you don’t know how you would use it doesn’t mean you should leave it there. If you LOVE it, you will find a place for it. Maybe you need to move things around or play with your house a bit first, but it will come to you! 

I would so much rather buy something and try it in my home than leave it at the thrift store and regret it later on! Remember, most thrift stores have a pretty good return policy, so if you’re on the fence about something be sure to ask about returns! 

Reminder #2

Larger chain thrift stores (like Goodwill and Salvation Army for example) often have things donated to them from places like Target, Walmart and Kohls. 

Can you believe I found all of those brand new items for a fraction of the price?! Now aways be sure to check the item over before you buy it, oftentimes things are donated and marked “salvage” because the packaging is damaged or the item itself is broken. 

That leads me to my third reminder! 

Reminder #3

Don’t be afraid to ask if prices are negotiable. Like I said earlier, the duvet cover had highlighter on it. Guess what? It was marked at $19.99. 

I brought it up to pay and showed them my discovery, then politely asked if they could take more money off due to the stain. 

They were SO gracious and immediately said yes! Not only that, the manager signed her initials on the receipt and told me that if the stain didn’t come out in the wash that I could still return it! She then marked it down to $8.99. 

Praise the Lord, the stain came out no problem. It never hurts to ask! 

Recent thrift haul and 3 thrifting reminders

I hope this recent recent thrift haul and 3 thrifting reminders were an inspiration to you, friends! Do you enjoy thrifting posts like this? I don’t know about you, but whenever I see thrift store hauls it always makes me want to go thrifting! Let me know if you’re the same way in the comments below! 

And if you enjoyed this post, you might also enjoy reading about my top 5 thrift store finds for under $15, how to decorate with thrift store decor, or check out another thrifting haul here from last summer. 

Thanks for stopping by sweet friends! 


Recent thrift haul and 3 thrifting reminders


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  1. Great finds. I’m going out thrifting today for frames to put artwork in, the 1st time since the pandemic. I have those tiny glass bowls. I like to measure out all my ingredients at the beginning of a recipe and set them in order on the left. Then switch them to the right side after adding them so interruptions don’t throw me off. I use the little bowls mostly for spices. Also for just the right serving size of nuts when I want a snack. The other day God provided the exact fabric I was looking for at a greatly reduced price. 😊

    1. Thank you, yes I have heard these little bowls can serve so many amazing purposes and I am so glad to hear that God provided what you need when you needed it, I LOVE it when that happens, especially thrifting!

    1. Andrea I love seeing reading your blog’. I too enjoy thrifting and antiquing so I look foward to when your next blog is posted.
      I too have areas in the thrift shop and antigue stores that I frequent. I search for …..
      •old pictures are a favorite of mine and I search the
      picture online to check its value I have found a couple that are quite a return on my invrstment, but I chose to keep them for my home
      •litlle containers home made or mass made but every once in a while I find something very interesting (a handmade leather tiny container with lid that I had to have)
      ° baskets (i found a lazy susan basket), furniture for items in my sewing room (have purchased two quilting rack for a total of $10, a small table that I am going to attached a seat onto it etc), old large jewellery as I decorate my hand sewn bags and put pins or earrings etc onto the front as a statement piece and old dishes especially candy dishes and serving trays and crystal etc etc.
      I love that people are into recycling and reusing and even repurposing items now. I could go on telling you about the over 20 baskets I have purchased or the unique doll cradle for my granddaughter but suffice it to say thrifting and antiquing is one of my favourite pasttimes also! It is almost like a scavenger hunt in a way! Happy shopping!

  2. Love your thrift shop hauls. Can you a hard the shops in/near Southport. Im 1.5 hers away and go down that way often for beach

  3. I was so frustrated for a long time that Goodwill will price some stuff so high it’s almost the price at the store. Always grumbled to myself “this was GIVEN to you!!” But I learned that Goodwill actually BUYS pallets from places like Target. So that’s why you see a ton of target stuff at goodwill… and sometimes it’s not as much of a bargain.

    I found a crock that was wallpapered!! I couldn’t Believe someone would do that to a crock! But the wallpaper was so ugly that no one was picking it up!! Lucky me!

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