English Cottage Influenced Yard and Gardens Tour

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English cottage influenced yard and gardens tour

Beautiful warm weather means enjoying the outdoors as much as we can! I hope you enjoy this English cottage influenced yard and gardens tour of our home!

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The weather here in Michigan has been absolutely gorgeous! Perfect in the evenings with a warm breeze so that you’re neither hot or cold. I love being outside this time of year and decided to take you along on an English cottage influenced yard and gardens tour!

Everything in this tour is linked in the list of projects at the bottom of this post.

English Cottage influenced yard and gardens tour home exterior
DIY back patio area in backyard of english cottage influenced yard and garden tour

My husband and I were walking around our yard and talking about a few of things we needed to tackle this year – some plants that needed to be divided and some stonework that needed repair. 

Flowers blooming in backyard of cottage gardens in DIY rustic flower boxes

But even amidst the projects, I couldn’t help but feel so thankful for all that we’ve been able to accomplish in these 9 years living here. So much hard work and effort has gone into our gardens, shed and property. 

Flowers in window boxes on front of english cottage style home exterior
Perennials blooming in spring inside rustic DIY flower boxes in backyard gardens

Each spring when I see the green leaves budding and flowers blooming from the very perennials that I planted with my own two hands, I can’t help but smile. So I took out my phone on that particular evening and walked around our small yard, trying to capture the simple beauty that surrounded me. I put it all together for you guys in the YouTube video linked above! 

Perennials growing in english cottage influenced flower boxes in back yard

In the video you’ll see damaged stonework, chipping paint and dirty flower boxes. My home isn’t perfect – it’s old and constantly in need of repair. But I hope that this tour of our little yard inspires you in some way. 

Window boxes in front of home exterior of english cottage influenced home
DIY rustic raised flower bed boxes in cottage back yard

Our home isn’t huge and neither is our yard. We aren’t in a historic farmhouse surrounded by wildflowers, we are in a neighborhood surrounded by other homes. You don’t have to live in a majestic place – you can create beauty and magic all on your own, wherever you are. 

Flowers planted behind fence surrounding yard of english cottage influenced home

We still have so many plans for this space, so many more flowers and shrubs we want to plant, and so many more pavers and stones we’d like to lay. But I tell you guys all the time that it’s not about doing it all, all at once. Our homes are a slow progression, maybe one project just one year at a time. 

DIY Flower gardens blooming in flower boxes in backyard of home exterior
Beautiful flowers blooming in DIY flower boxes in front yard of cottage home

But after many years you can look back and see the reward of your labor, and it’s a very special thing. I’m not responsible for the beautiful redbud tree that someone planted years ago, or the lilac tree or the spirea. 

Gorgeous flower bushes in english cottage yard of home exterior

So much of what you see in this tour, though, was planted years ago in hopes that I would one day create an English garden feeling in our backyard. I might not be there yet, but I think we are getting close. 🙂 

DIY flower boxes surrounded by white stone blooming in spring
Gorgeous flower bushes growing around home exterior

I hope you enjoy this English cottage influenced yard and gardens tour sweet friends! You can find it in the YouTube video linked above. If you have any questions about what you see in the video, some of the blog posts below might help –

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DIY back patio area in backyard of english cottage influenced yard and garden tour

Thanks for stopping by sweet friends! Do you love to get your hands dirty and tackle outdoor projects like we do? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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English cottage influenced yard and gardens tour


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