Cottage Home Decor Garage Sale Haul

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Cottage Style garage sale haul

I love thrifty, affordable decor and I am excited to share my recent cottage home decor garage sale haul with you!

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Every year on Memorial Day weekend, our town has something called “Trash and Treasure Days”. The Chamber of Commerce puts out a map for people to use with all of the local sales listed on it. Unless I’m having my own sale, I try to hit as many as I can and see what goodies I can find! Today I am sharing those finds in this cottage home decor garage sale haul!

Collection of antique found in cottage style home decor garage sale haul

My mom came along with me this year as well as a few friends, and boy did I score big! I found so many awesome treasures and I can’t wait to find places for all of these neat finds. 

Why take the time to garage sale?

I know I just shared a thrifting haul last week with you guys, but a lot of you seemed to enjoy it so I figured I’d put together a garage sale haul as well! I’m all about affordable decor and apart from thrift stores, garage sales are my favorite place to look for budget friendly home goods. 

Vintage rakes and ladders found in garage sale haul to be used as cottage home decor pieces

Another reason I love garage sales so much is because you can find unique items that nobody else has! Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping at Target and Marshall’s, but there’s something pretty amazing about finding an old antique at a yard sale. That’s what makes a home’s decor unique and special!

So let me share with you what I found!

My Cottage Home Decor Garage Sale Haul:

Galvanized Watering and Oil Can

Okay, I know the oil can is a bit odd – but for $5, how could I leave it behind?! It has a beautiful wooden handle and the patina was so pretty. Maybe my husband can use it for the lawn mower instead of his ugly plastic red one?? What do you guys think?!

Vintage cottage style antique oil can found cottage home decor garage sale haul used as garden decor

The watering can was only $2, and I love having these around my garden area, they are just as beautiful inside the house, as well! 

Beautiful antique watering can used as indoor or outdoor cottage home decor
Antique wooden butcher block decor in english cottage style kitchen decorated for spring
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Terrarium Planter

I loved the rustic feel of this $3 terrarium planter. I don’t know yet if I’ll use it inside as spring decor on my table, or outside on my patio!

Glass Terrarium Planter Garage Sale Haul Item

Blue Vintage Enamelware

Do you guys remember when I was considering buying that blue enamelware pot in Southport this spring? I passed because it was $30 and I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much. Well…I found all THREE of these pieces for just a buck each! I was elated! I love the pop of blue in my kitchen and I think they will be so pretty sitting on my stove. 

beautiful Vintage antique blue enamelware found at garage sale

Vintage Drawing Board

So…my first thought when I picked up this board was that it was a beautiful massive cutting board. The owner informed me that it was actually a drawing board, but for $4 I didn’t care what it was! I might clean it up and use it as a cutting board, after all. 

Garage sale find antique drawing board rustic wood piece cottage style decor

Wooden Door Molding 

This piece of wood was just $2, and it came off the top of an old door. My plan is to add hooks to it and use it as towel or coat rack in one of my bathrooms or entryway!

Vintage door molding antique treasure repurposed coat or towel rack

Blue Ticking Stripe Blanket

Another two dollar find, this blanket just looks like it belongs in my boys’ bedroom! We are waiting on a few more things to arrive, but I can’t wait to share that space with you all! 

Blue and white ticking stripe blanket vintage antique cottage style home decor

Vintage Mirrors

Wouldn’t these be so beautiful hanging in a collection on the wall of a bedroom or bathroom? I don’t know yet where I’ll hang them, but I paid $4 for all of them and I’m in love!

Vintage antique handheld mirrors bathroom english cottage decor details

Ironstone Pitcher

If you’ve been following me for a while you know how much I love ironstone! I actually have this exact pitcher already, but there’s always room for more – and this one was only two bucks!

Small vintage antique ironstone pitcher home decor smaller details found in garage sale

Antique Rakes

These antique rakes might be my favorite finds! I only paid $15 for both and my plan is to hang them in our mudroom once we repaint that space. It’s so funny because I was JUST telling my mom how much I would love to find some vintage rakes or garden tools to hang as decor in that space, and God already provided. I love them!

Antique rakes and yard tools found in garage sale mudroom home decor

Rustic Vintage Ladder

Isn’t the patina on this ladder stunning? It’s the perfect warm wood tone and I only paid $8 for it. Again, I’m not sure yet where I’ll use it but it’s perfect for hanging blankets or towels. I was so happy with this find! 

Rustic vintage antique ladder cottage home decor garage sale haul

Well there you have it – I hope you enjoyed this cottage home decor garage sale haul! Isn’t amazing what you can find?! I hope this inspires you to give yard sales a chance – you never know what treasures are waiting for you! 

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Cottage Style garage sale haul


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    1. I know! I passed by so many beautiful items, maybe they will still be there next year during the sales.

  1. Andrea, Thank you for sharing your excitement over your yard sale finds. Though I’m much (much) older than you, I always enjoy your thoughts, videos, and decorating ideas. I don’t feel so silly for bringing home oil cans, wood pieces, and too many old hand mirrors. Your reply, earlier this year, to my question regarding how you attached your faux beams was very kind and helpful. It worked!

  2. My goodness! You must have an angel sitting on your shoulder when you hunt. I never find treasures like these.

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