Minimal Cottage Springtime Entryway

Today I'm sharing my minimal cottage springtime entryway in our 1930's fixer upper!

Our minimal cottage springtime entryway definitely makes me smile. It’s bright and airy, clean and simple, and just the right touch of spring. 

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Today I’m sharing our minimal cottage springtime entryway and I couldn’t be more excited. It sounds silly, but the moment I pull out the winter greens and add florals to my baskets in the entry, I immediately feel so much anticipation for warmer weather. 

Some simple stems instantly add a feeling of spring!
I love using faux florals when I decorate my cottage entryway for spring!

I call this entry minimal because it really is just that. I love the simplicity of using just a few items that you truly love and letting them shine. When you add too much to a space, sometimes it’s hard to know where to focus your eye. In my opinion, less is so much more. I am still learning and my style continues to evolve, but for now I love the way our springtime entry looks.

Our spring entryway is minimal yet warm and welcoming

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Steps to creating a Minimal Cottage Springtime Entryway

The first thing I did to bring spring into our entryway was to add lighter jackets and straw hats to our number hooks. There is just something about straw hats that just makes you feel warm. We love using jean jackets in the spring here in Michigan and I love the pop of blue mine adds to our entry. 

Straw hats and light jackets are perfect additions to our cottage entryway

What makes simple items like these even better? They were thrifted! I literally spent less than five dollars and now I have a relaxed, spring vibe that feels warm and invites you to step outside. 

Light jackets and straw hats instantly create a feeling of spring

The next thing I added to our entry was faux florals. I scored these beautiful Skimmia and Fig leaf stems at Target and I just love how they look in my thrift store basket.

One of my favorite combinations is the texture of baskets mixed with the softness of stems and flowers.
I love the way that these stems look flowing from my thrift store basket!

I also added some greens to the thrifted basket hanging on our closet door that you see right when you enter the home. 

Instead of a wreath, consider using a hanging basket instead!
Baskets are a wonderful way to bring spring into my minimal cottage entryway
To see how we added bead board to our entry, click here!

A fun new find that I just recently added to our entry is the old mailbox next to the door. I shared this with you earlier this week when I showed you guys my antique store haul.

Our new vintage mailbox is perfect in our minimal cottage springtime entryway!
This vintage mailbox was a recent antique store find!

I love how this little box looks right inside the door and I have to share the sweetest story with you guys…

Yesterday after church Ethan (my oldest – he is 6) asked me what the mailbox was for. I told him it would hold all of Daddy’s mail and he said, “and special letters for us?” I smiled and said “yes, maybe!”

After school today he came home, took off his shoes, set down his backpack and pointed to the mailbox. “Can you check and see if I got any special letters Mom?” My heart just about melted!! 

I quickly ran in the kitchen while he did his homework and pulled out my stationary. I wrote both him and Gabriel a little letter and slipped it in while he was busy doing math. 

When he finished I told him to go check the box, and you wouldn’t believe the smile on his face when he saw the red envelope peeking through the holes in the mailbox. 

Sometimes it’s the little things like this that kids remember from their childhood, and these are the types of memories I want to make for them. All that to say, I think this might become a tradition!! Hehe. We’ll see 😉

The last thing I wanted to share with you all was the little door knob on our closet door! I was so thrilled to find new glass door knobs made to look vintage! All of the knobs throughout my home are glass, but this closet door was added by the previous owners and it always bothered me that the knob didn’t match. Finally, 8 years later we have a glass knob!

Simple touches like glass door knobs can really give your home a vintage feel

I know this entry is very simple, but to me it’s beautiful. I have been looking for a vintage umbrella to lean in the corner there under the light, maybe one day I will find one. 🙂 I would also love an entry rug in front of the door, but I’m still looking for the right one. 

I'm so excited to be sharing our minimal cottage springtime entryway with you all!!
Our minimal entryway is all decorated for spring!
Our minimal cottage entryway if finally decorated for spring!
Vintage decor in our spring entryway

Thanks for stopping by today friends!

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Today I'm sharing my minimal cottage spring entryway in our 1930's fixer upper!


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  1. Love your entrance and the sweet story of your son. I raised two sons and now have four grandsons. Love my boys. Keep up the good work. I love finding a treasure.

    1. Aww thank you Darlene! There is something so special about little boys. I love how observant mine are 🙂 Thank you for all the love!!

  2. I have long admired a gourgeous cottage just like yours! I have always begged my husband to stop and let me take a picture of your a house that looks just like this! He doesn’t understand my beautiful house obsession! 😉 That round door and the little tiny roof just off the front door is too darling for words! I think I might be a nearby neighbor, I live in an old farmhouse nearby (I think!).

    1. Thanks so much Joni!!! That is so sweet of you! You’ll have to send me an email and tell me where you live! 🙂 How neat that you live in an old farmhouse! It sounds beautiful!! 🙂

  3. Hello, I know you found your standing basket at a thrift store. But do you have any resources for one similar? I love you house!

    1. Hi Lisa!! Oh my goodness I wish I did! I have looked and looked and continue to look because I’m asked that all the time. If I ever find one similar I will be sure to let you all know! 🙂

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    1. Hello! This was there when we moved in, isn’t it so pretty? I am not sure where it is from though, I apologize! Original to the home!

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