Antique Store Haul & Vintage inspired Pieces

I'm so excited to share my recent antique store haul with you guys!

Today I’m sharing my recent antique store haul & vintage inspired pieces I was able to purchase! I love using antiques throughout my home – unique items that no one else has. But I also think it’s neat that you can find new items that look very authentic!

I am so excited about this recent antique store haul!! I found some great items that I can’t wait to share with you guys. 🙂

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Every year on Valentine’s Day my husband I stay home with the kids and enjoy the evening together as a family. We rely on family members to babysit, and since my mom and sisters enjoy spending that day with their own husbands, we wait a few weeks and have our “Valentine’s Day” at the end of February. 

We have been doing this for the past 4 years and it’s something I always look forward to. Dinner, an overnight stay at a hotel, and then some shopping the next day – usually at thrift shops or antique stores. 

Today I'm sharing my recent antique store haul an d some fun vintage inspired finds as well!

My sweet husband hates to admit it, but he has actually come to enjoy antique shopping. He always finds an interesting old book, some random tool, or a toy collection he used to have as a kid. I’m usually finished before he is, which is so funny to me. 

I never used to like antique stores because I thought they were way too expensive. But my Mom has shown me some tips and tricks over the years which you can read about here. You really can find some awesome treasures at antique shops! 

Be sure to watch the video linked above to see all my fun finds, what I paid and why I bought them! 🙂

Recent Antique Store Haul Finds

Small crock – I have been looking for smaller crocks and pottery to add to my corner hutch! I was so excited to find this piece!

This small crock was one of the first items I found antiquing!

Collection of vintage glass jars with lids – I was actually looking for these, so I was so happy when I found them! The metal near the opening has a beautiful, aged patina and the bubbles in the glass are so lovely! I can’t wait to put flowers in these jars!

These vintage jars are also apart of my recent antique store haul. I love how aged they are!

Basket – the tones in this basket just spoke to me. Warm, but weathered. I will probably use it for books or magazines near my sofa!

Recent Antique Store haul - This vintage basket was such a great find!

Vintage Mailbox – ahh my favorite find! I have no idea where I’m going to put this, but the scallops just lured me in, haha! I have a love for scallops and at just 15 bucks, this mailbox was too cute to leave there!

This vintage mailbox was another item in my recent antique store haul - I am in love with the scalloped lid!

New Vintage Inspired Pieces

Dish brush – sometimes it’s the little things that make me smile. Something silly like a brush to wash dishes. I thought this one was so beautiful and I can’t wait to use it daily!

Vintage inspired items add so much character!

Striped kitchen towels – I loved the simplicity of these towels. The stripe is soft and neutral and these will look lovely  in my kitchen and dining room! 

Vintage inspired grain sack apron – This apron looked so vintage to me! I love grain sack fabric and the the stonewashed look of this apron was just so beautiful. 

Large Cutting Board – this board looks exactly like the ones I see at Antique stores that are over 150 dollars. I only paid $14.99 for this one! I know it doesn’t look super old, but for that price I had to buy it. I can’t wait to use it every day!

Today I'm sharing my recent antique store haul!

The last thing I found on our trip was actually on Facebook marketplace. We stopped by to took at it and I fell in love. We ended up coming home with a 100 year old barn beam! I am so excited about this find! My dream is to replace the current mantel with this beam, but this project probably won’t happen for a while because we need to let the beam dry out. 

My favorite find of the day - this 100 year old beam for our fireplace!
The color and texture of this beam will be so beautiful against the stone!

Well, there’s my haul! I have so much fun sharing vintage finds with you guys, and I hope you enjoy it, too! Have you found anything fun at an antique store lately? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


I'm so excited to share my recent antique store haul with you guys!


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  1. Hi,
    I love the real vintage pieces to have in my home.
    I don’t buy dupes. The don’t look authentic at best. Your home is beautiful.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your channel 🌹

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  3. Andrea –I love the look of your layered rugs in your living room!

    What size of each did you use?
    Where did you find the natural looking (maybe jute?) rug underneath the Ruggable rug?

    I have one big open room (without divided walls) where my kitchen, dining room, and living room space are all shared. I am planning to put layered rugs in the living room and was also considering a rug underneath our dining room table. Do you think this would look okay? If so, would recommend that I place a patterned rug underneath the dining table (similar to the rug on top of the natural fiber/jute rug in the living room) or would you recommend I place a matching natural fiber/jute rug underneath the dining table? If you feel that it would be best to put a patterned rug underneath the dining table, would It be strange to do the exact same rug as the patterned rug in the living room (since all one open room) or do you think this would work?

    Any advice you have is greatly appreciated! I love your style!

    1. Hi Jessie!! So the jute rug is huge…like a 9×12 I think? I got in on ebay for super cheap bc the one corner under the couch is damaged!! And I would for sure do a rug in the dining room! Personally I don’t think I would match them, I would either do a different pattern or I would do another jute style. Either would work! Truth be told, I would be an awful designer haha…I can barely make up my mind in my own home let alone give other people advice haha! Anyway I hope that helps in some way. I’m considering a jute/natural fiber rug for my dining space at the moment. They are so pretty and rustic. 🙂

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  5. Keep the end on the mantle piece beam! I immediately picture a candle in that hole…..then an antique pulley with rope and maybe two little buckets that have a thousand different possibilities with the change of seasons and holidays! I would keep that piece as intact as possible. The more you look at it the more ideas you’ll come up with! It’s charming and unique. Great selection!

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