Simple Cozy Home Ideas for Wintertime

Simple Cozy Home Ideas for Wintertime

Taking down decor after the holidays can leave your home feeling empty and cold. Today on the blog, I am sharing 10 simple cozy home ideas for wintertime that I hope can help give some inspiration for these cold months!

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Today I am sharing a few simple cozy winter home ideas that I use each year after all of my Christmas decor is taken down and put away. This is always sad for me of course because I love Christmas so very much, but there is something about the fresh start of a new year in January.

I also love that once my decor is organized and put away I get to “play” with my house. I love switching up decor a bit and moving things around. I also love to thrift and pick up new items that help give my home those cozy vibes that I will be sharing later in this post.

Cozy Home Ideas – Deep Cleaning

The very first thing I like to do right after putting all of my Christmas decor away, is clean. I like to empty every space of all the decor, wipe down surfaces with my enviro-cloths, wash throw pillow covers and slip covers, and vacuum

Spring Living Room Furniture Placement

If you want your home to feel cozy this winter, start by cleaning it! It’s a lot of work to give your home a good deep clean, but I’m always amazed by the sense of peace and calm a clean house brings me! 

Cozy Winter Ideas – Simplify your home

After cleaning your home and emptying each space as you do so, carefully bring items back in and choose only those that bring joy. Declutter, pair down, use less. Allow your home to breathe, and use this as an opportunity to move around furniture for a fresh feel without having to spend more money. 

Glass Storage Containers with daily used kitchen staples

As I said above and I have said in previous posts “play” and “shop” around in your home. Discover new places for items you are already have. Cozy winter homes don’t have to be complicated or expensive!

Warm and Cozy Home Decor – Lamps

These short, grey winter days can be pretty gloomy. Fill your home with the cozy ambiance of lamplight! I added a few new lamps in both my living room and kitchen this winter, which you can see in my recent YouTube video here! Choose soft yellow bulbs instead of harsh led bulbs to give your home a warm glow.

Simple Cozy Home Ideas – Candles

And speaking of cozy lighting, why not incorporate some candles into your decor as well? I’m always hunting for more candle holders at thrift shops and antique stores. The flicker of candlelight will instantly make your home feel cozy. 

Lighting candles for a cozy feel during winter

Adding Warmth to Your Home – Real Plants

One of the biggest struggles for me after taking down Christmas decor, is how cold the house feels. The glow of Christmas and fairy lights are gone, and so is all the GREEN – the Christmas tree, greenery garland, wreaths. 

This year, in order to bring some life into my home during these long winter months, I purchased some indoor plants! Normally, I have faux plants by my front door as pictured below, and there is nothing wrong with that either. I love faux plants and still plan to use them!

Cottage Entryway with thrifted basket decor

I’ve just never had indoor plants before, can you believe that? I have asked for plant suggestions before on Instagram and Facebook more than once, but the thought of having them overwhelmed me.

This year I finally took the plunge though and bought some. I love having them in my house so much that I already want to go purchase more. The natural elements bring fresh life into your home and they are so good for the air in your home, too!

Once again, to see all the beautiful little plants I purchased, be sure to watch my YouTube video!

How to Make Your Home Cozy – Incorporate Artwork

I love using artwork for so many reasons! It adds color and texture to your walls when the outside is so gloomy, and I love the interest that artwork brings to a space.

Vintage Artwork Simple Home Decor

I love to find art when I thrift or go antique shopping, because you can find one of kind pieces that no one else has! Sometimes you have to sort through piles of it thrifting, but it is worth it! Keep in mind artwork can always be reframed as well if you find a piece you love!

Cozy Home Ideas – Blankets

This winter, I decided to put throw blankets and throw pillows everywhere I could! The layers add a cozy feel to my living room, and I truly believe that a knit, warm blanket is so inviting and comforting. The neutral colors are great accents to my couch!

Cozy Warm Blankets for Home in Wintertime

Cozy blankets are perfect to have close for that afternoon coffee or tea to snuggle up and enjoy a good book as well!

Warm, Cozy Home Decor – Book Baskets

We like to read as a family all year round, but wintertime is a perfect excuse to read just a little bit more. 😉 I like to keep a basket in my living room full of children’s books so that my kids can pull them out and curl up with a cup of hot chocolate to read. I love to see books scattered over the coffee table and side tables!

I do the same thing next to my bed! I have a handful of books I’m working through right now, and I love to read just a little longer as I sip my coffee on those dark winter mornings. 

Cozy House Ideas – Essential Oils

One of the best ways to make your home feel cozy is to diffuse scents of the season. I purchase diffusers at thrift stores for so little, and I love to diffuse cassia, cinnamon, sweet orange and lovely blend by Simply Earth called Liquid Luck. 

They fill the home with a heavenly aroma that’s cozy and warm, and I just love to smell them throughout the day. 

Warm and Cozy Winter Ideas – Electric Fireplace

I just love our electric fireplace! These things are so beautiful, we actually have three of them now! They really do warm up a room quickly, and I love the cozy light they put off. Yes, I wish I had a real fireplace more than anything! But this is a great, budget friendly choice for those of us that don’t. 

Electric Fireplace for a cozy and warm home during winter

My boys love turning it on and sitting in front of it to play checkers or read a book, and I love the way they cozy up my mantel. 

Cozy Home Ideas for Winter

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Simplify Your Home
  • Lamps
  • Candles
  • Real Plants
  • Incorporate Artwork
  • Blankets
  • Book Baskets
  • Essential Oils
  • Electric Stove

All of these cozy home ideas truly help our house feel so warm and inviting throughout the winter. Especially after all the winter home decor is put away. I hope they were a help to you friends, and if you have any more ideas for me I’d love to read them in the comments!


Simple Cozy Home Ideas for Wintertime

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  1. I always look forward to your videos and decorating ideas.
    Have you ever considered making a video of you painting or having a class.
    Thanks for sharing all your ideas.

  2. Andrea, the cozy factor is so much something I think of with my small house. About a year and a half ago, I realized no matter what decor items I bought, I felt restless to have something in the home that just felt not quite complete. I felt it did not have something. It was missing plants! I started with one or two real ones, but now I have around 30, and I decorated in a careful way with them NOT to add visual clutter. I donated decor items I had gotten over the years and cheap quality fake plants to a thrift store (I have good quality fakes now, too). Now I feel satisfied with the look in the home.

    I think the difference they make is bringing nature in, which is beautiful, but also the plants never will look “trendy.” They are not of a specific era like orange shag carpet is. They very much suit a cottage or other small home, too, which some decor does not suit a small home. I think of God’s creation with them, too.

    I love them far more than I did the “stuff” I donated. Until I added the real ones, I had no idea what was missing here. The coziness is wonderful with them here. I am so glad you mention them!!!!

    1. Yes! I am learning all of this too and little by little adding to my collection, I am nervous about killing them, but so far love them so much, so true about bringing nature in!

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