Cottage Christmas Inspiration

Cottage Christmas Inspiration
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I love looking at cottage Christmas inspiration each year before I begin decorating my home for the season. I found so many beautiful inspirational homes this year, and I am excited share them in hopes they can be an inspiration to you as well!

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I LOVE Christmas, and I look forward to sharing all of my decor and ideas with you here on the blog every year. I have slowly been decorating little by little – and with four young boys as I homeschool, it’s definitely been a process! I need all the cottage Christmas inspiration I can get!

For inspiration each year, I always begin by looking at what I did in previous years. I love to look through older blog posts and videos on my YouTube channel, which make it easy for me to reference past years quickly.

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We made so many big changes in our home last year, from refinishing our floors to painting all the trim work, and then rearranging the furniture in our living room. We also added beams in the entryway and gave our bedroom a complete makeover. Goodness! Needless to say, our home looks a lot different this year and I’m excited to decorate each space.

Whenever I’m looking for decor inspiration, I always turn to Pinterest. I also love to visit some of my favorite blogs for beautiful cottage Christmas decor inspiration. This year I am really leaning towards an old world Christmas feel. It is so timeless and absolutely beautiful!

Today over on my YouTube channel I’m sharing a fun Christmas thrift haul, and explaining why I purchased some of items as well as the blogs that have inspired me for Christmas this year.

The beautiful photos below are from my friend Kristen over on Ella Claire & Co. Blog. I absolutely love how she uses mirrors in her Christmas decor, which inspired me to purchase a few of my own.

Cozy Cottage Christmas Decorating using Vintage Mirrors
Photo Credit: Ella Claire & Co. Blog

Kristen is so talented, and I have so enjoyed seeing her beautiful Christmas decor year after year. Her style is timeless and effortless, and her home is constantly inspiring me.

Cozy Cottage Christmas Decor Inspiration
Photo Credit: Ella Claire & Co. Blog

Like I said before, I actually purchased a few mirrors at a local thrift store recently so that I could incorporate more reflective surfaces like Kristen did in her family room last year. What a simple way to add even more twinkle!

Beautiful Christmas Tree with Mirror accent behind
Photo Credit: Ella Claire & Co. Blog

My next set of cottage Christmas inspiration photos come from my friend Amanda over at Sincerely Marie Designs. I love Amanda’s home so much, and she has become the sweetest friend.

There are so many reasons why I’m drawn to Amanda’s home at Christmastime, but today I wanted to focus on her wonderful use of baskets. I am always shopping for baskets whenever I visit thrift stores or antique shops, and I love how Amanda uses beautiful baskets throughout her decor during the holiday season.

From holding pretty wrapping papers, to ornaments under the tree, baskets can be such a beautiful statement in your Christmas decor.

If you’re new to Amanda’s blog, be sure to check it out! Her home is absolutely stunning at Christmas time.

If you watched today’s YouTube video, you know that I found a gorgeous set of sleigh bells this year at a thrift store. They aren’t super old, but they are worn and full of character. I love incorporating vintage items throughout my home at Christmastime, especially since I’m going for an old fashioned feel this year.

Vintage sleigh bells are usually pretty pricey at antique stores, and if you haven’t had any luck finding a set of your own, do not fear! My sweet friend Annie over at Zevy Joy actually has a tutorial on her blog so that you can make your own set of your very own!

Aren’t these absolutely beautiful? I really can’t even believe that she made them. You can find the whole tutorial here!

Gorgeous Christmas Sleigh Bell Decor
Photo Credit: Zevy Joy
Sleigh Bells Details against Cottage Greenery
Photo Credit: Zevy Joy

Another item that I found recently while thrifting was an assortment ribbon. I love incorporating ribbon throughout my Christmas decor every year!

My friend Cami from Tidbits Blog has such a beautiful home, and her Christmas decor is always absolutely stunning. I just love how she uses ribbon throughout all her holiday decorating! In fact, if you are looking for linen ribbon, and she actually sells it along with linen tea towels (which I own and LOVE). I encourage you to take a look at her shop!

Isn’t the ribbon on her Christmas tree so beautiful? Such an Old World Christmas look that really inspired me this year.

Ribbon used in Christmas Decor
Photo Credit: Tidbits Blog
Gorgeous Old World Christmas Decor with Ribbon
Photo Credit: Tidbits Blog

My final set of cottage Christmas inspiration photos are from my friend Marian’s home and blog, Miss Mustard Seed. I have always loved Marian’s attention to detail when it comes to holiday decorating.

I recently scored a vintage cake mold while thrifting, and I immediately thought about Marian’s home and how I could totally see something similar incorporated into her Christmas decor. I love to study her photos and take note of each beautiful detail!

Using pretty molds for Christmas Decor
Photo Caption: Miss Mustard Seed

All of her handmade ornaments give her Christmas decor an old-fashioned feel, which I absolutely love.

Cottage Christmas Inspiration
Photo Caption: Miss Mustard Seed

Well friends, I hope you enjoyed this beautiful cottage Christmas inspiration as much as I did. It actually started snowing this week where I live, which is so magical and inspirational as well! Little by little my decorating is coming together and I am so excited for another year to be able to share it with all of you.



Cottage Christmas Inspiration

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  1. Thank you, thank you for sharing! You inspire me every time! The attention to detail, the coziness & creativity. I appreciate you passing on your inspiration as well. I am going to make the “ bell belt” for sure. The use of ribbon through out, molds & vintage prints are on my list!
    I was wondering if your Mom would be willing to share some of her home? You talk about her antiques as well. I would enjoy how she displays her items too.
    You are such a good MomMa! Enjoy another week of this beautiful season.

    1. Aww, thank you so much for your sweet words Jan. My mom has an Instagram account, @goodygoforthstitchery that has so many photos of her Christmas decor, I hope you are able to give her a follow!

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