Cedar Christmas Porch and Entry Inspiration

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We are so close to Christmas, and before my favorite holiday season passes us by, I want to share some cedar Christmas porch decor and entry inspiration with you guys!

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money on beautiful front porch Christmas decorations. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you and get your creative wheels turning! 

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Exterior Cedar Christmas Porch Decor

Let’s start with my outdoor Christmas decorations this year. Real cedar garland can be pretty pricey if you need a lot of it, and faux greenery can be even more expensive than real. I decided to use some thrifted pine garland that I found for just a couple of bucks, and I draped it on the front of my porch using small cup hooks. 

Cedar garland hung on porch for Christmas
Cedar Garland

I love the classic and timeless feel of cedar, so I cut a bunch of fresh cedar branches from outside and simply stuck them into my pine garland, spacing them every 6-8 inches. I wrapped each cedar stem around the faux pine garland and string lights to keep them secure, and ta-dah! Now you have what looks like a full, simple garland hanging on your porch. 

Cedar Garland using cup hooks on porch

When you back up to the road, you can hardly tell that I used any faux garland at all on my Christmas front porch! 

Road view of cedar garland on porch
Garland from afar

I loved the look of the cedar so much that I decided to continue with the same method around our arch top front door. I absolutely love the way it looks and the beautiful emphasis it adds to our unique doorway entrance. I added some Christmas wreaths to my door and the peak of my A-frame.

Arched door exterior with cedar
Arched door lined with cedar Christmas garland

I added a mixture of pine and cedar branches to our window box planters as well. I simply stuck each stem down in the dirt that was left over from summer planting. 

Window box cedar garland decor

To complete the porch, I added some vintage elements. A beautiful vintage sled leans on one side of the door with a bundle of cedar tied to the top of it. On the other side of the door, I added a pair of antique ice skates next to one of my lanterns and rocking chairs. 

Antique sled with cedar Christmas garland
Vintage Ice Skates and Lantern on Cedar Christmas Porch and Entryway

The snow adds a magical touch of holiday cheer, doesn’t it? I love a winter wonderland!

Magic snowy cedar christmas porch decor

I even added some DIY door wreaths with pinecones to our shed doors. The shed looks so festive covered in snow, with Christmas trees in the background! My neighborhood is so beautiful this time of year, I just love to be outdoors to take it all in.

Shed wreath decor

As you walk into our entryway, the first thing you see is our stairs and closet door. I decided to hang some antique snow shoes on the door with a bundle of mixed greens and some beautiful icy blue ribbon for a pop of color. I prefer using blue and neutral hues over the more traditional red in my holiday decor.

Snow shoes on door right when you walk into home
Snowshoes in entryway

For our stair railing, I kept it really simple. I hung a faux cedar garland with white holly berries that I got at Joann’s with some string lights and tied it off a bow of lovely ribbon. I couldn’t seem to find the same garland online, but maybe you can check your local store!

Railing cedar Christmas garland

I didn’t add a whole lot more decor in this space, simply because it’s a busy area. With three little kids in the wintertime, it can quickly become a dump zone for boots, coats, gloves and scarves. 

Arched door in entry
Full view of Decor

I kept the number hooks free from decor for a guest to hang their coat, and decided to focus on the three tiered basket in our entry instead. Some simple cedar branches in the top tier contrast so beautifully against the white bead board

Hooks and other decor in entry

In the bottom tier I added a pair of white ice skates that I got for a few dollars at a thrift store. 

Basket with ribbon and ice skates

To finish it all off, I tied more ribbon around the basket which I absolutely love. I talked about this in my thrifty Christmas ideas post, but it’s amazing how some simple ribbon can make everyday items in your home feel festive. 

Entry way decor

Well, that’s about it! I hope you enjoyed our cedar Christmas porch and entry! Do you decorate your porch for Christmas? Is it snowing where you live? I’d love to know in the comments below! 


Pin it Image for Cedar Christmas Porch and Entryway Inspiration


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  1. Always beautiful and always inspiring. You have a special touch. Thank you for sharing your sweet talent and home decor. Lovely. Merry Christmas and best to you and your family throughout 2021 from our heart to yours.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, as always. I follow you from the U.K and your home is everything I imagine when I think of classic American homes. My husband and I usually visit America every year and have missed it so much this year. We look forward to a brighter healthier future for everyone soon. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    1. Wow, that is such a compliment. Thank you so much Stephanie! I am sorry you didn’t get to travel this year, but I hope you and your husband still have a very Merry Christmas together!

  3. Thank you Andrea for a look into your home this Christmas! It is lovely! As well as serene and tastefully decorated! I wanted to also thank you for this year! I as well as many others have looked forward to your posts, photos and videos throughout this year. You have a unique way of sharing and have guided many of us through this crazy year of 2020. May the new year bring hope and happiness to each and everyone of us in this world. God Bless you and your family!
    PS. Can you share with me the type of camera and equipment you use for your photo shoots? Thank you.

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