Simple & Cozy Cottage Home Tour

Simple & Cozy Cottage Home Tour

Hello friends! Today I am sharing my friend Amy Fritz and her gorgeous simple & cozy cottage home! 

To watch the entire YouTube video, click here.

Hello friends! Today I am sharing my friend Amy Fritz and her beautiful, simple & cozy cottage home! 

White Neutral Cottage style Kitchen
Cozy and simple cottage living and dining space
Simple & cozy cottage home office space
Beautiful cottagecore bedroom design space

Amy’s simple & cozy cottage home tour will be the third home I’ve shared in this year’s Share the Love Series. I hope you were able to catch the last two tours, and I plan to share one more beautiful home next week on YouTube

Amy has a historical, cottage inspired home that she shares all about on her YouTube channel, Amy Fritz. Her description is perfect for her channel – Lover of simple interiors, gardening and all things cozy. 

Home Decor Blogger
Simple & cozy cottage home entryway

The story of how I came across Amy’s channel is kind of a funny one. If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know that I have a YouTube channel, as well. I spend a lot of time editing and sharing my own videos, but I don’t always get the time to watch other channels. 

After having our fourth baby boy, Isaiah, I decided to take the appropriate time to rest and recover. I rushed back into routine with my older three, and I knew it was important to let my body completely heal. 

While resting, I spent a lot of time actually watching others on YouTube, and I came across Amy’s channel. I went to message her on Instagram to compliment her beautiful home and video editing, and I realized we had already messaged back and forth about so many things. 

Amy had been so sweet and encouraging and it was so fun to now follow her YouTube journey. 

Simple and gorgeous cottage details
Beautiful bedroom details in cottage inspired home

Her light truly shines when she shares her home and gives us little snippets of her day to day life. She is genuinely kind and her videos are so calming. Head over to her channel and see for yourself! I would love to meet Amy in person one day. 

Amy’s decor style is simple, cozy and cottage inspired. We have so many similar elements in our homes – from minimal decor to neutral color palettes. Her home just feels so restful, peaceful, and calming to the eye. 

Beautiful Cottage Kitchen

Even though we have such similar styles, there is still so much that I have learned from Amy and watching her channel. They live in a gorgeous historic home that has so many beautiful elements that are just hard to find in newer builds. 

Amy is also making changes constantly and switching things up just like me. She recently has changed her dining room chairs a few different times which I can definitely resonate with!! I feel like she has really landed in such a good spot. Her dining space is just beautiful. 

Cozy Cottage Dining Room

I also love Amy’s cozy living room space. The creamy white furniture is calming, and all of the beautiful layers add texture and color. Her historic staircase and molding is just stunning, and she decorates it beautifully during the holidays. 

Cozy Living Room Spaces in Cottages
Beautiful Cottage Elements of a Home

Amy also does such an amazing job at incorporating newer items with vintage finds. She is always looking for second hand pieces just like me, and she’s truly found some gorgeous treasures both thrifting and on Facebook marketplace!

Amy is a DIYer as well, and she has so many videos of amazing furniture transformations. She is constantly giving new life to pieces that most would pass by.

Gorgeous dresser DIY home decor blogger

Amy’s gardens are breathtaking as well. Her beautiful flower choices include so many pretty shades of pinks, purples and whites. Her garden tour videos are stunning and really showcase her beautiful, historic home. 

Simple touches for a cottagecore home

I also enjoy all of Amy’s “decorate with me” videos and how she takes us along during the decorating process. I don’t have very many of these on my channel, but Amy’s videos definitely encourage me to try sharing a few more with you! 

Amy is such a beautiful homemaker. She loves to cook and share recipes on her channel, and takes you along step by step. 

beautiful kitchen details of cottage inspired home
Simple & Cozy Cottage Home Inspiration

I encourage you to subscribe to her channel on YouTube, Amy Fritz. She is enjoyable to watch and her home is so peaceful and calming. She is a huge inspiration to me, and I know she will be to you, too!

I hope you enjoyed my third Share the Love Series post so far this year – a Simple & Cozy Cottage Home Tour! I am excited to share the last one next week on YouTube, so be on the lookout! Thank you friends!


Simple & Cozy Cottage Home Tour


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  1. I love today’s and last week’s Share the Love posts!! Do these talented, creative women also write blogs? I would rather read, than watch video. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Andrea for this “Share the Love” series. I have really enjoyed them, especially Amy’s videos. I’d rather read a blog than watch a video, but a video is better than nothing. On Instagram, pictures on the reels roll by so fast, you can’t process what you are seeing, so it is nice to have any form that allows one to study the pictures for inspiring ideas.

  3. Wish I could send photos of my newly remodeled/redecorted French Normandy home. ….using my fav pinks, teals and whites. ALL new wallpaper, antiques mix with traditional and modern elements. My handcrafted teal mermaid kitchen]n backsplash is perfect with my mottled brown granite, almond wraparound traditional cabinets, blush stools/chair, oversized teal floral sofa in hearth kitchen. Three new bathrooms, each unique, master berm watercolor floral wallpaper and rose/lace border…boudour feel to it. I get raves and entertain much more now.It ended up maximalist French/English Cottage, GLAM Coastal and is so ME!

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