Cottage Decor Steals from Ikea

Today I’m sharing my own cottage decor steals from Ikea and how I’ve incorporated them into my home!

Today I’m sharing my own cottage decor steals from Ikea and how I’ve incorporated them into my home!

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I entitled this post “cottage decor steals from Ikea” because that’s truly what they are – steals! I had heard from friends just how great Ikea’s pricing was, but since the closest store was nearly  three hours away, I had never seen for myself.

About four years ago I finally had the opportunity to visit for the first time, and I was blown away by all of the beautiful, budget friendly decor I found. 

Today I’d like to share some of my favorite cottage decor steals from Ikea and how I’ve incorporated these items into my home. 

Cottage Decor Steals from Ikea

1. Flowers and Stems

Ikea has an array of faux florals and plants that are CHEAP. On my last Ikea trip I picked up this beautiful potted plant and it looks so real. I also grabbed some pretty life-like carnations that were only 99 cents each, watch the video I linked above to see how I styled them!

I say it time and time again, but flowers and stems are such an important part of cottage style decor, and Ikea has some really amazing options!

Coloring is so important when shopping for baskets

2. Pillows and Pillow Covers

Cottage style Ikea finds!

I love down pillow inserts, and the cheapest place I have ever found them brand new is from Ikea!! 20×20 pillow inserts are around $6 which is crazy. And the 26×26 inch inserts are only ten bucks! 

Come see where I find a lot of my cottage style pillows!

Ikea also has so many gorgeous throw pillow covers! I have white throw pillow covers all over my home that are Ikea, and I also have this cover on the larger euro size pillows on my bed. I love how the stripe gives a relaxed cottage vibe.

These Ikea pillow covers create a relaxed cottage feel!

3. Baskets 

You guys know how much I love baskets, in fact I have an entire post about baskets here if you’re interested! Ikea has some beautiful options, but I especially love their Byholma baskets. The weave is this gorgeous weathered finish and I can’t wait to find a place for mine!

4. Linens

I love grabbing dish towels from Ikea every time I visit! This Elly set is my absolute favorite, the stripes are a classic and I love how versatile they are! 

Cottage decor doesn't have to cost a lot!

5. Ikea Farlov Chairs

Of course I had to include my white chairs in my living room that I’m asked about all the time! You guessed it, they are from Ikea!! I have seen so many memes and jokes about how Ikea furniture is only for poor college students, but honestly I think the lines of these chairs look so high end.

Our Ikea Farlov chairs fit in beautifully in our cottage style home!

I have a whole post about how I clean the slipcovers here if you’re interested!

6. Glassware

Oh I could get lost in this section at Ikea!! There are so many beautiful options that fit so well in a cottage style home! I especially love these bottles with stoppers, one day I would love to make water kefir soda and these look so pretty and vintage sitting right on the counter top!

My favorite Ikea finds for our cottage style home!

I also recently scored these beautiful glass cloches that are so versatile. I can picture fudge underneath them at Christmas time and plants under them in the spring!

Cottage decorating that is budget friendly

7. Art and Frames

I love vintage artwork, but sometimes it’s hard to find. Ikea has so many beautiful vintage inspired prints! I recently got this very large, beautiful bird print that came in a three pack with two other prints and it was only $10! 

Ikea decorating ideas!

8. Dinnerware

There are so many cottage inspired dishes and plates at Ikea. I love to display their scalloped bowls and dishes in my dining room (similar here), and these are just some of the many beautiful varieties they offer!

Cottage decor steals from Ikea

Of course there is so much more beautiful decor at Ikea that I could talk about today, but like I said, these are just the items I personally own and love.

Ikea Shopping Tips

If you are planning a trip to Ikea but you have never been before, I would highly recommend that you browse their website or catalog first and compile a list of things that you’d like to look at.

Ikea is such a large store that you can easily become overwhelmed and distracted, forgetting why you came in the first place. Some of these items that I mentioned are small and can easily be overlooked, so it’s important to have that list handy!

I would also recommend taking measurements of your home before you go. For a lot of us, Ikea is a once in a while type trip. The last thing you want to do is drive all the way there, find a piece of furniture you love and not know if it will actually fit in your space at home.

I hope you enjoyed my cottage decor steals from Ikea! What types of things do you like to shop for when you visit Ikea? Is there an Ikea close by to where you live? I’d love to know in the comments below!


Today I’m sharing my own cottage decor steals from Ikea and how I’ve incorporated them into my home!


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  1. Today the post was a breath of fresh air. I have a few bowls for cereal and ice cream and they are by far better than the set of whitewear I bought from PB. The white is really white, not gray white. Cannot wait to replace the gray white when they get finished chipping!

    Stay safe and keep all of us calm and content with our homes.

  2. Hi Andrea,
    I love your post on IKEA 🥰
    As I walked around our home picking up toys this morning, I noticed all the goodies I have purchased from IKEA. Our EKTROP sofa, with down throw pillows and covers, the faux plants, candle holders and white candles, wine glasses, picture frames, the list goes on and on. I’ve never felt the stigma of IKEA being poor college student furniture mainly because it’s how one styles their items that gives it the flair of good design. Your home is an excellent example of this.
    I really appreciate you sharing your insight, videos and your beautiful home with us. The passion you have for faith, family and your home shines through in everything you do. Thank you.
    BTW, I live 9 miles from the IKEA store in Kansas City. I wish you could visit KC. We could have a great day roaming the inside of this huge store and of course stopping for coffee in their cafe.😉

    1. Annie that was the sweetest comment!! Thank you so so much!! 🙂 Yes, I wish I could have coffee and shop with you, too! That sounds like so much fun haha. 🙂 It sounds like we have very similar styles! Thank you again for all the love, it really means more than you know 🙂

  3. Andrea, thank you for sharing such creativity and inspiration with us. I have read every post and watched every video. You inspire us to take the gift of a house and truly make it our home. You can tell you put a lot of love in your home, and I have always wanted to do the same. Thank you for teaching wise stewardship when purchasing home decor. Your spirit is contagious. Enjoy your beautiful Michigan spring. (I know they are because I lived there for three years.) Have a wonderful, productive, and safe week. God bless you and your precious family.

    1. Sherry that was SUCH a sweet comment!! Thank you for taking the time to tell me all of that, your words made me smile SO big 🙂 Spring has been wonderful up until these past few days…we have had SNOW in May!! Goodness gracious!! It’s supposed to warm up later this week, though, and I can’t wait! Thanks again for being so kind!! I appreciate you following along more than you even realize 🙂

  4. I love this post! Thank you for the tips! I also love IKEA, but we are about 4 hours from the closest one. (Atlanta, Ga) If I could offer a tip (only half-joking here, but my hubby brought it up) but bring a trailer or a truck!! See, my problem is, that I go with intent to buy this or that, but fall in love with some other this or that, and can’t squeeze it in our SUV along with 4 kids! LOL! I’m rather new to your blog/YouTube channel, but you capture all the cottage vibes that I love and use in my own home. One small difference would be that I also like darker wood elements as well as the light neutral ones! But, that’s why cottage style is so beautiful: nothing is boring or matchy-matchy! Blessings to you and your family!!

    1. Hello! YES to everything you said haha!! I remember when my husband and I picked up our white chairs from Ikea and we could BARELY fit all the boxes in our minivan…it was a close call haha! My poor husband…oh my word. And isn’t that what’s so wonderful about cottage decorating? There aren’t a whole lot of rules 🙂 Thank you so much for following along, I appreciate it more than you know! 🙂

  5. Love your style and your home is amazing! I’m using your dining room as an inspiration photo for my dining room. Ijust bought a sample of your paint color and LOVE IT!! By chance would you be able to tell me where you found your round mirror?

    1. Ohh Lori that was the sweetest thing to say to me! I’m smiling so big right now haha 🙂 I scored the mirror at Goodwill but it actually had Target tags! I’m not sure if they still sell it at Target?

  6. WOW, thank you so much for this video. I could spend hours investigating every isle at Ikea. In defense of their furniture my son and daughter-in-law have a living room set from there that is about 10 years old and it still looks and feels good. They have great designs.

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